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To Walter Granger at Romany Marie’s Tavern in Greenwich Village (NYC),

Wednesday, March 10, 1937:

Delver in dusty bones, linker of fossil vertebrae,

Assembling fossil mammals on a family tree,
Uncoverer of sauri and their ova,
Mid trackless deserts and in terra nova;
Who, reading of your record as a ranger,
Could know you as we know you, Walter Granger?
Your keen and kindly wit, your lack of vanity,
Your sage and friendly contacts with humanity!
From dead diluvians and the Old World plan
You have evolved a Fellowship of Man!
Whate'er you do, wherever you may go,
You always strive pro bono publico.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson S.D. Stein
Joseph Robinson E.W. Deming
Huburt Wilkins Herbert F. Schwartz
Bob Bartlett Roy Waldo Miner
Peter Freuchen Dr. Wm. H. Holden
Geo. H. Sherwood Franklin Pierce Lynch
S. Bayard Colgate E. Irving Huntington
Wm. M. Newsom Louis J. de Milhau
J. Allan Dunn
George Gaylord Simpson Wm. H. Jackson
Clyde Fisher Jim Allis H.E. Winship
H.C. Raven William K. Gregory M.W. Williams
H.R. Forbes Fenley Hunter Clannfhearghuis of Stra-chur
S.M. Riis [C.M. Rice?] [A.J. “Jimmy”] Durlacher
John H. Greaves Don [Upham]