People vs. Pineda, 20 SCRA 748 (1967) Nature: Original Action in the SC. Certiorari with preliminary injunction.

Facts: Teofilo Mendoza and Valeriana Bontilao de Mendoza and their 3 children were killed by respondents. Tomas Narbasa Tambac Alindo Rufino Borres Respondent judge denied motion for recon by city fiscal and insisted that there should only be one case filed rather than five. • Court held that fiscal’s five information were valid. • When various victims expire from separate shots, such acts constitute separate and distinct crimes. • A prosecution attorney shall file a particular information if he is convinced that he has evidence to prop up the averments thereof. When prosecution may be enjoined: 1. for the orderly administration of justice 2. to prevent the use of the strong arm of the law in an oppressive and vindictive manner 3. to avoid multiplicity of actions 4. to afford adequate protection to constitutional rights 5. in proper cases, because the statue relied upon is unconstitutional or was held invalid

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