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resolution 5

resolution 5

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Published by Larry Leach
City of Pelican Bay Texas Resolutions
City of Pelican Bay Texas Resolutions

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Published by: Larry Leach on Apr 18, 2009
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FR A IlIiSOI,[JT .tL ]N I,]X ]1I,]P 'I]J:h]G OM A S S E S S E D E V A LU A TION S OF L IOI\{ IIS' II- ;AD S $9, OOO . OO P OR 'IIIOS E P E R S ON S S TX TY I? r VE ( 6 5 ) V.llAR S OF A G11 OR OLD Ij R : P R OV ID f N G FOR ' l' llE tr fL fNG OF nN A L,'Ii ID A V IT B Y TH OS E t\rH O Li OU LD S O IN TH E B V ]]N T NND I)R OV ]D ].hIG ITOR P E N A LTIE S QI]AL IF Y OI- A F AI,SE A!' FID A V IT.

tr'Jlrereas, an arnendnent bo lhe Constitution approved lry the gualifiecl granting of residential voters

of the State

of Texas was the

on Novenrber 7, 1972, which authorized for persons sixty-flve

homestead exemptions


of age or older by the local

of $3,000.00 assessed evaluation and Oouncil. of the City

or more as may be detenlined

Citlz Council,

I{hereas, the City t}'le need-for granting I'lhereas, exenrption citizens i, it

of Pelican

Bay have rer:ognized and to grant the

the senior


homestead exerrption, desire

is the expressed

of the CiQr Council

ln such a nelrner and sum as to eljnrinate who gualify for the exenqrtion.

an undue tax burden on senior

NC[^lTHm.EFOREBE IT RESOL\IH) that Pelican Bay does hereby grant an exenption

t]re City

Council to Article



CiQz of Section l-b year



of the Texas Constitution of residential

of $9,000.00 of the assessed value of ttre current years of age or older, requiranents for

homestead of persons sixty-five

BE fT FUR'IHffi' RESOLVED that coml i:nn4 Shalt be met: (A)

the following


AII beneficial owners of the resident homestead shall be years of age or older as of ,January first sixty-five of this tax year. The owners of the Tarrart Appraisal rlr o=al-rt,a=r an of tJ.e property in or ol-der. resident homestead shall subnr-i-t to t-]:e j-n a rnanner as prescriJred by District that all beneficial affidavit owners question are sixty-five years of age


That exenption of taxes, shal] and all arry,pr:rson be stil:ject

afficlavit ivhich exj,st in for clair':ing lack of the honrest(-ad pa1+nerrt

who m.rkes a false to.rll L)ellaltles crirnir)al

ol-Jrer approprizrte


Each tax year shall anrDunt, if require a sq-parate resoLution deLennitling the

any, of said exenption.

T\/ TTiAI' l-hls rts pasrjc-tge. rcsolutio.n shall l-ake effeclinrmedi.ate=Iy fn:rn and afL.er

PASSED ArilD A-rDpl'ED uri-s 3n{

dav of-_-. 7lz*.--7j

, 1983.




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