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Nama : Devi Mayasari NPM : 150610120131 Agribusiness D

Abstract Development of superior commodity in decentralization system is based on diversity of local potential and discussion with local government. The purpose of this research is to get superior commodity identification in West Java views from the potential in every district, determine the boundary delineation and development constraints. The research is carried out with descriptive method. The results of this research showed the existence of 20 commodities in West Java. Meanwhile, there are 4 commodities that have high uniqueness so they deserve to be special local commodities. Because of the agricultural potential in West Java, there are 41 another commodities could be a superior commodity. Delineation of existing commodity producers have formed a visible occurrence of agglomeration and specialization. The results of the study also showed that in general the relationship between subsystems is still weak and the vulnerable among the subsystems should be a serious concern when planning and implementing the development of commodity production centers.