Sheet1 Career Information Job Title

Business Analyst Data Analyst; Market Analyst; Financial Analyst; Supply Chain Analyst; Business Planner; Business Strategist

Alternate Titles Description

Sources Skills Analytics Statistics Decision Making Machine Learning Strategy Organizational Design and Implementation Systems Design/Implementation Information Systems

Careers PowerPoint;; &utm_source=Booz_Allen_Feeds; .cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID=29627 &CurrentPage=22&sid=900

Critical and analytical methods/tools; Predictive analytics; Risk analytics Statistical analytics techniques Analytics-driven decision making Data driven business strategy

Data Science/Big Data Quality Management Modeling Prediction Problem Solving Operations Research/Management Science Computing/Computational Analysis Imaging Page 1 Project management; Supply chain management

Problem solving

Sheet1 Security Optimization/Simulation/Algorithms Probability Linear Algebra/Calculus/Mathematics Technology/Internet/Networks Experimental Design Accounting/Finance Econometrics Economics Business Consulting Design/Manufacturing Marketing Social Media/Social Networks Energy Distributed Systems

Financial analytics

Data driven business strategy; Applied business intelligence


Programming/Software Digital Transformation Performance Measurement Communication Soft Skills Language Processing Ethics/Law/Standards Psychology Leadership Research/Work Experience Other Communicating analytical findings – reports, presentations

Understanding of legal and ethical implications of data analysis Industry specific experience

Page 2


Data Scientist Decision Scientist; Analytics Specialist; Predictive Modeler; Machine Learning Engineer; Computational Scientist Careers PowerPoint; penJobId=27543586#&openJobId=27543586,;; ;; s/vertical-vs-horizontal-data-scientists

Data Steward Data Curator; Data Governance Specialist; Data Privacy Manager; Compliance Manager – Data Management; Master Data Management Architect

Careers PowerPoint; deed&utm_campaign=PPC_OPS_SMSGR_m ebart_SMSGcampaign, optlink-view=view5716&ERFormID=newjoblist&ERFormCode= any&eresc=Indeed

Recognize and understand patterns/trends in data; Data analysis Statistics and statistical methods; Statistical software skills Judgement and decision making Machine Learning

Data Visualization; Data Mining; Database Engineering; Relational database skills (SQL); Big Data Techniques Data quality; Six Sigma

Data architecture; Master data management; Understanding of metadata Data quality and quality improvement; Six sigma Master data management; Project management

Data modeling Predictive analytics

Computational complexity Page 3

Sheet1 Data privacy and security Data mining algorithms; Search algorithms

Web analytics; integrating data from the web Design of experiments

Business knowledge

Business knowledge

Social media analytics; Integrating data from social networks

Computer Programming; Programming language skills (R, scripting, SQL, etc.)

Documentation writing Soft skills Understanding of business rules, laws, and regulations; Data standards Vision, intuition, big picture, etc.

Page 4


Data Architect Data Warehouse Architect; Business Intelligence Architect; Data Engineer; Information Architect; Information Strategist; Director of Data Management

Visual Analyst Visualization Developer; Data Visualizer; Visualization Engineer; Visualization Data Specialist; Visual Designer; Director of Visual Analysis; Visual Analytics Researcher

Careers PowerPoint;; ail.ftl?job=13127; 29wqr/aadj; =odT2cGE2KBfpQpYkM%2fS47ef%2bBr00Q Q%3d%3d&id=100122570244237&src=Indeed &

Careers PowerPoint; ail.ftl?job=299117&src=JB-10422; n-technology/jobid3596311-data-visualizationengineer-paypal?apstr=%2526codes%253DIND; ?job=559773&src=JB-10324

Data analysis

Analytical reasoning; Data analysis Statistical modeling; Working knowledge of tools such as R

Enterprise IT architecture; Information integration Visual information systems Database Engineering; Data governance; Data warehousing; Data science; Ability to use SQL, No-SQL, Oracle, etc.; Data integration; Data Data management; Experience with SQL and visualization Excel; Data mining; Data visualization Data quality

Data modeling

Statistical modeling; Data modeling

Page 5

Sheet1 Information privacy

Fluent with visualization tools (WebGL, etc.)

Ability to recommend hardware, tools, technology, and applications Database design; Data warehouse design Design skills; Knowledge of design tools such as Photoshop, Flash, etc.

Programming experience (JavaScript, HTML, etc)

Presentation skills

Understand and set data standards and policies Human cognition Strong leadership skills Research skills

Page 6


Big Data Developer Software Engineer; Machine Learning Software Engineer; Algorithms Engineer; Business Intelligence Developer

Careers PowerPoint; tware-engineer-big-datarentrak?a=EqCwTw4&searchTerm=%22big%20 data%22; %22; tware-development-engineer-machine-learningamazon?a=E8wK9t6&searchTerm=%22big%20 data%22;

Computational analytics; Data analysis

Machine learning

Systems engineering and architecture Database engineering; Ability to utilize SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, etc.; Ability to work with Big Data using various tools (hadoop, hive, etc.)

Data modeling

Computer science; Computational analytics; Cloud computing skills Page 7


Design of tools and software

Distributed systems and platform infrastructure design + implementation Coding skills (C++, Java, etc.); Scripting skills (Python, Perl, etc.); Software development

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