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MEMBERSHIP – 12.09.07

Name MIF area Address

Grahame Maxwell Policing Chief Constable
North Yorkshire Police

Neil Carberry Business Head of Pensions & Employment


John Thornhill Criminal Deputy Chairman

Justice Magistrates Association

Janet Tomlinson Education & Director of Children’s Services

Children’s Oxfordshire County Council
Donna Covey Refugee Group Chief Executive
Refugee Council

John Ransford Local Gov. Deputy Chief Executive

Local Government Association

Rodney Green Local Gov. Chief Executive

Leicester City Council

Mike Farrar Health care Chief Executive

North West Strategic Health Authority

Joanne Roney Housing Executive Director,

Neighbourhoods & Community Care Directorate,
Sheffield City Council
Shaks Ghosh Learning & Board Member
skills Sector Skills Development Agency

Owen Tudor Trade unions Head of European Union and International

Relations Department
Trade Union Congress (TUC)
Rory Mair Scottish/local Chief Executive
government COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities)
Brian Hackland East of Regional Director
England Government Office for the East of England

Iain Walsh Employment Director Economy and Labour Market Division

(replaced Bill Wells Department for Work & Pensions
from 30th July)
Naomi Alleyne Wales Director of Equalities and Social Justice
Welsh Local Government Association

GLA member &

NI member to be