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"A woman never quite feels desired and appreciated enough.

She wants attention,

but a man is often distracted and unresponsive. The Rake is a great female fantasy
figure – when he desires a woman, brief though that moment may be, he will go to
the ends of the earth for her. He may be disloyal, dishonest, and amoral, but that
only adds to his appeal. Unlike the normal, cautious male, the Rake is
delightfully unrestrained, a slave to his love of women. There is the added lure
of his reputation: so many women have succumbed to him, there has to be a reason.
Words are a woman’s weakness, and the Rake is a master of seductive language. Stir
a woman’s repressed longings by adapting the Rakes mix of danger and pleasure."
The Art of Seduction By Robert Greene

The effect that striking physical beauty has on men is replicated on women by
‘intense desire’. A woman loves attention (of which compliments are a subset). In
fact, she can’t get enough attention. She always wants more. So if a man gives her
his complete attention, with strong desire in his eyes, she will be attracted to
him…almost always. She may repress that desire, or the man may say something that
turns her off, but the attraction will exist.

A man who will overcome intense obstacles just to be with one woman while other
women crave to be with him, is a big turn on to women. This is the power of the
rake. He is smart, funny sarcastic and able to communicate well in fact in his
language he can charm a woman with sensual or sexual undertone, without ever being
explicit. Most women notices slight changes in body language and facial
expression. So, subtle flattery and sexual suggestion is more appropriate to most
women’s sensibilities.

One great rake of history was Duke De Richelieu, who smuggled letters and dug a
tunnel to get to a young woman being intentionally protected from him by her
uncle. For another woman he crawled across a thin plank to get from his window to
hers. So having obstacles lights a flame of desire to overcome in the heart of a
rake. His perseverance to get to the woman to whom he professes his uncontrollable
love for is almost irresistible to a woman.

The fact that he could be with any woman and his steadfastly pursuing her, adding
excitement to a boring day-to-day life is one of the greatest powers of the rake
that makes a woman fall for him.

A woman is often deeply repressed by the social roles she is expected to play. The
rake with his sarcasm and amoral attitude allows a woman to experience excitement
and to feel a little danger, which is a big relief from her daily life.

Qualities needed; superb confidence, witty sarcastic sense of humor, artful

conversational skills, combined with a complete indifference of others’
expectations of you. In other words, a cocky, devil may care attitude.