NUSANTARA DIESEL Jln. MT. Hariyono No. 117 SEMARANG May, 10th 2012 Attention to: Director CV. RAJAWALI Jl. Pemuda Selatan No.

15 Surakarta Dear Sir/Madam, As your offering letter 97/PPh/12 on April, 27th 2012 about diesel machine price, we will offer you unbendingly such as: 1. Type of good : Diesel machine 2. Condition : Freshly new 3. Brand : Kubota 4. Made in : Japan 5. Capacity : 15.00 KVA 6. Type of machine : DD 2575 B 7. Passive price : Rp 3.000.000 (Three million rupiahs) 8. Guarantee : A year 9. Payment : Cash 10. Transferring : Buyers warehouse stamps a. b. c. Those price are included PPn and MPQ Delivery order can be applied after 50% of payment We are opening credit with a year of bank assurance

If you’re agree with those of requirements, we are pleased to inform you to come to our office in everyday at 08.00 a.m. until 04.00 p.m. or send your letter of booking. We are always ready to serve you. For clear information, we are also attaching the brochure. We are waiting for your booking, thank you. Sincerely yours, Drs. PAMBUDI director

we will directly take it from your payment and send it by BRI after we have got the good. Therefore. Suherman The owner . Veteran No. TOKO MUSTIKA Mrs. After we had already try the example. we want to order it. We received your offering soaps price with the good as an example on February. As your offering letter. Hayam Wuruk No. JAYA ABADI Jl. 27th 2012 number 205/Pn/12 well. About 10% of Rabat. 271 BANDUNG May. 107 Jakarta Dear Sir/Madam. The price is cheaper than another brands soap.TOKO MUSTIKA Jl. Thanks Sincerely yours. we hope you could send 10 toilet soaps and 15 laundry soaps. 12th 2012 Attention to: Director CV. For the experiment of ordering. payments of all ordering are on your insurance. the quality of laundry and toilet soaps with SONA brand are good enough. We hope that the good can be accepted in this week.

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