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Answering an Essay Question

Answering an Essay Question

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For history class
For history class

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Published by: Dafydd Robert Humphreys on May 25, 2013
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Answering an essay question

Learning Objectives Identify best practice for the exam.

. • On your desk is an example question and answer. • Your own knowledge is vital but so is essay structure.The last question • An area where you can pick up a lot of marks is the final question. • Highlight what you think has been well and what needs to be improved.


Your turn • You have three different questions on your desk. • All are worth 16 marks... • You have to pick one and write an answer to it... . • You have ... minutes.

Marking • Swap your answer with the person next to you. • Now use the mark scheme to grade their work. • Give them a target for improvement. • Now give yourself a target for improvement. .

Now improve your answer • Choose another question to have a go at. • Again mark it and give feedback. .. • You have ... minutes. • Thinking about your target write an answer to this question.

• Think about all the feedback that you have been given from the previous 2 questions. .Plenary • Plan an answer to the third question that you have not answered.

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