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Origins of the Cold War Presentation

Origins of the Cold War Presentation

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Lesson for KS3 on Cold War
Lesson for KS3 on Cold War

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Published by: Dafydd Robert Humphreys on May 25, 2013
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Origins of the Cold War
Lesson Objectives: To identify and examine causes of the cold war To assess who was to blame


What’s happening here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtm-F7MjuZo Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

What’s happening here? Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

25 May 2013 .• What is happening in this cartoon? • What do you think the term ‘cold war’ means and how was it different to the two world wars? • What can we infer about the cold war from this cartoon? Saturday.

25 May 2013 . • The USA and the USSR in 1945 were two very different countries with very different beliefs: The USA was capitalist The USSR was communist Saturday. but tensions were very high.The Cold War • The Cold War was a ‘war’ involving the USA and the USSR in which no direct fighting actually occurred between the two countries.

Saturday. business and agriculture) are owned by the state for the good of everyone.How are these beliefs different? Capitalism = Where all factors of production (industry. . 25 May 2013 Communism = Where all factors of production (industry. business and agriculture) are owned by private individuals or firms who run them for their own profit.

Leadership Capitalist • One leader.Run by a committee – so no voting •Oversees day to day business •Only one political party . 25 May 2013 Communist •Ideally no need for a leader . voted for by the people • Works with Parliament to pass laws • Could be from a variety of political parties Saturday.

25 May 2013 Communist •No need for an owner – factory owned by the Government •Only makes what is needed by the state •Not for profit .Factories Capitalist •Owned by individuals or companies •Develops/ mass produces •Sells as much as possible for profit Saturday.

Saturday.for profit •Personally buys equipment and tools to make work more efficient. 25 May 2013 Communist •Farmers produce for the state •All produce is taken and given out to the people – not for profit •Machinery/ equipment is provided by the state .Farmers Capitalist •Farmers produce for own gain •Sells food for as much as possible .

Capitalism vs Communism • Separate the statements you have been given into two categories: Capitalist beliefs or Communist beliefs Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

• People should be free to start their own businesses and make a profit. • We will enforce strict censorship – no-one should criticise the state. • Freedom and opportunity for all! Saturday. not for private businesses.Communism • There should only be one political party that represents the working class. • We believe in people having freedom of speech on political matters. • We should only make as many products as we need. The economy must be planned. • Everyone must work for the state. • Fairness and equality for all! Capitalism • There should be a variety of political parties for people to choose between. 25 May 2013 . • We should make as many products as we can and sell them for increasing profits. The ones with the most money will do best. even if working people are exploited.

World War Two • Why did the relationship between the USSR and the USA change during the war? Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

• As a group you will need to use the information to work out the answers to the following: 1.What happened to ruin relations? • On each table is an event sheet. the USSR or both? • • Fill in your table as you go. You will have a short amount of time to complete each section. 2. 25 May 2013 . 3. What happened? How did this raise tensions between the USSR and the USA? Who was at fault – the USA. Your teacher will use this link to keep time! Saturday.

25 May 2013 .One of Truman’s advisors who thinks the USSR is to blame. .A member of the government from a neutral country who thinks both countries are partly to blame. • You are about to enter another conference in which you will debate who caused the cold war to begin.One of Stalin’s advisors who thinks the USA is to blame. • Use the information you just collected to form an argument for your side – be ready to tackle counter-arguments! Saturday. .Debate! – Who caused the Cold War? • It is 1946 and you are one of the following: .

.For every piece of evidence you use your team will be awarded a point. .Debate Point System .For every different argument you make your team will be awarded a point.If any member of your team shouts out while the other team is speaking you will lose a point. Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

Vote! • Who caused the Cold War? Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

Challenge Question! Consider the following question before your next lesson: • Was the Cold War inevitable? Saturday. 25 May 2013 .

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