25 April 2011 Noor Lane Phoenix

Dear Brother, Assalamoualiakoum Wa Rahmutullah, I hope by Allah (SWT) grace that you and your family are in good health. I have started received invitation for your program which have started on the 4th May 2011. In this letter, Nazar niyaz in draft-money order, for the 454 URS Kandhory festivals is attached. I would be grateful to you make doah for my family and me. In addition, my family and I would like to have the blessing of the great Grand father of Kader Oli. By having his blessing, I am convinced that the pain in my leg an dthe economic situation of my family will improve. In the on coming years. I shall come to Cheney for praying at the Roze of our Great grand Father Kader Oli. Yours truly,

Eraff Moedeen.

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