The Wandering Damage System Matrix Roll Result 1 Your character has fallen down a flight of stairs; roll

his dexterity or l ess on percentile dice, or else consult Limb Loss Subtable. 2 The monster your character just killed gets up and attacks him, doing 8-80 points of damage. 3 Your character smells smoke; his right arm is on fire. Take 14 points of d amage and save vs. gangrene. 4 Your character cuts himself while shaving; consult Limb Loss Subtable. 5 Your character's nose hairs catch fire and he dies of smoke inhalation. 6 Your character stumbles backward into a yawning chasm and disappears from view. 7 The next time your character says something, he eats his words, chokes on them, and dies. 8 Something cuts your character's nose off, doing 2-12 points damage and rea lly messing up his charisma. 9 Your character steps on a piece of glass; consult Limb Loss Subtable. 10 Your character suddenly catches a severe case of brain death. 11 Something invisible chews on your character, doing 6-36 points damage. 12 Your character develops an incredibly severe case of arthritis and can gr asp nothing with his hands; he drops anything he's holding - and if that happene d to be a sword or an axe, consult the Limb Loss Subtable. 13-20 Consult the Random Damage Subtable for no reason whatsoever. Limb Loss Subtable (roll d6) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Left leg gone Right leg gone Left arm gone Right arm gone Head gone Torso cut in half

Random Damage Subtable Dice roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-25 e roll by 26-30 trix. 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 Take Take Take Take +5. Take Result 10 hit 15 hit 30 hit 10 hit points points points points damage. damage. damage. damage and consult Limb Loss Subtable, modifying di

10 hit points damage and roll again on Wandering Damage System Ma

Take 15 hit points damage and then take 30 more. Roll every die you own for damage. Take 17 hit points damage. Take 42 hit points damage. Multiply your character's age by 5. Take three times that much damage.

56-60 Take 24 hit points damage and then take 31 more. 61-65 Take 1,000 hit points damage and roll again. 66-70 Roll every die within 30 feet for damage. 71-73 Add up the total hit points of everyone in the party. Take that much d amage. 74-75 Take 3 hit points damage and consider yourself very lucky - for the ti me being. 76-00 What? You didn't get hurt? That's impossible - this system is foolproo f. Roll again.

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