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Published by: jimmyfung40 on May 26, 2013
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The US stock market witnessed massive manipulation and very artificial rises just before it spectacularly collapsed in 1929

bringing untold pain and plunging nearly countless families into the depths of stark poverty. Today, the very same set of conditions exists in the US. Stocks are being inflated to record highs as massive manipulation roils markets dealing in precious metals. US debt has simply grown to uncontrollable levels. A huge collapse is now very much certain. Will the US go to war ? After the big collapse of 1929, US cities and municipalities were legally allowed to file for bankruptcy protection to avoid paying huge bills. The US recovered as the federal government very firmly stepped in while also helped by changing conditions taking place in Europe after 1933. But today, the US federal government is living like a lame duck itself needing to borrow billions every month just to keep functioning. It can provide no help at all to the US cities and municipalities struggling with abysmally huge deficits and tiny incomes. City councils and local town authorities are very desperate and all hell is threatening to break loose. With no help available from the White House and the federal bodies, US cities and municipalities are forced to up fees / taxes and haul defaulters to prison. Many city authorities are using debt collectors to get money from citizens found owing large sums of money to them in the form of fines, penalties, bills and taxes. The city mayors, local police chiefs and municipal court judges are now saying: ‘Pay up or get inside the clink’. Now, when the expected collapse arrives what will the US do. The US will search for a scapegoat and then declare itself ready for war. Ready to fight to the death for “justice”, “freedom”, and “democracy”. Hypocrites.

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