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3 Table of contents Welcome RWTH Aachen University – past and future Graduate studies – your way to excellence English-taught courses: expertise and intercultural skills How to apply for English-taught courses Admission requirements and documents Experience the German language German-taught courses: expertise and German culture Admission requirements and documents fees Your life at Aachen – Enjoy the European flair The International Office – Your partner at RWTH Aachen University Necessary documents: visa and residence permit How to enjoy your free time 4 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 13 14 16 17 18 19 .

Dr.4 Prof. Ernst Schmachtenberg Rector of RWTH Aachen University .

Due to its outstanding performance in the excellence initiative of the German federal and state governments. It will be a pleasure to welcome you as a member of RWTH Aachen University´s academic community in the near future. RWTH Aachen University is one of Germany´s most renowned technical universities. As you will know. Africa. . it has gained even more in reputation. Numerous partnerships between RWTH Aachen and international companies offer you great professional and personal perspectives. America and Europe already benefit from RWTH Aachen University´s very high standard of education and research. Top-level students from Asia. Natural Sciences and other fields as well as important connections to German companies. This brochure provides you with detailed information on the content and structure of our graduate studies programmes as well as on formal and language requirements. In return we offer you top-level study and research opportunities in Engineering. the beautiful city of Charlemagne. Since our technical university is constantly aiming to improve its research and teaching performance. Some general information on Aachen. we want to attract the best students from all over the world.5 Welcome Dear student. will give you a first impression of the city of your future studies. I am pleased that you are interested in graduate studies at RWTH Aachen University.

RWTH Aachen University’s long-standing reputation for research and educational distinction attracts students from all over the world: Currently over 5.e. RWTH Aachen University is one of the most renowned technical universities in Europe. Present – international expertise Today. . i. the NorthRhine-Westphalian Institute of Technology.000 students and an academic staff of 2. Partnerships – sharing innovation and technology Close cooperations in research and development between the faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences and numerous important companies contribute decisively to RWTH Aachen University’s competitiveness at a national and international level. It has about 30. 420 of whom are full-time professors. The establishment of international research centres by major companies such as Microsoft.420. in 1948. Originally a polytechnic institute.000 international students from more than 130 different countries are part of our academic community. United Technologies and Philips as well as a large number of start-up companies in the Aachen region demonstrate the university’s strength in innovation. it subsequently became the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH). Ford.6 RWTH Aachen University – past and future Tradition – the basis of excellence RWTH Aachen University was founded in 1870 with considerable support from local companies.

interdisciplinary research with external partners 4. international atmosphere and cooperation 8. IT and the Natural Sciences 3. excellent career prospects 9. cultural variety 10. academic excellence 2.” Your benefit form choosing RWTH Aachen University We can offer you a: 1. a supportive and stimulating environment . state-of-the-art facilities 7.7 Olga Osetska from Ukraine: “RWTH Aachen University gave me the opportunity to perform high-level research during my doctoral studies by providing an exceptionally good infrastructure. research-oriented education 6. Modern equipment as well as great team spirit were crucial factors for innovative and successful research. long-standing tradition of research and teaching in Engineering. close cooperation with international companies 5.

Metallurgical Engineering. Tuition fees for these programmes are Euro 500 per semester. Communications Engineering.5 in the German system) in a related or equal field of study. Please contact the International Office in order to find out which grade is equivalent to yours in the German grade system. English-taught courses: expertise and intercultural skills Due to the language of instruction. All Master’s programmes require a good Bachelor's degree (at least 2. Therefore you can benefit from the high quality of teaching.Graduate studies – your way to excellence Standardisation of degrees: the Bologna Process Since 2000. Within the restructuring of the European Higher Education Area RWTH Aachen University has adopted the two-cycle study system consisting of Bachelor's and Master's degrees as comparable qualifications throughout Europe. Media Informatics. we offer our students six courses that are taught entirely in English (Biomedical Engineering. Please find more detailed information on each course in the leaflets inserted in this brochure. Software Systems Engine-ering) and take about two years to complete. Electrical Power Engi-neering. Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes replace the former Diplom and Magister Artium programmes. RWTH Aachen University´s English-taught Master´s programmes particularly attract international students. Currently. . the close collaboration with national and international industrial partners and the intercultural exchange with your fellow students from all over the world. On completing the course successfully you will obtain the final degree “Master of Science”. Within the next years the number of courses offered in English will steadily increase. RWTH Aachen University has been offering advanced study opportunities to its international and German students in all fields of studies.

rwth-aachen. Application address RWTH Aachen University International Office Templergraben 57 52062 How to apply for English-taught courses The early bird catches the worm Many international students from all over the world are eager to be accepted for one of RWTH Aachen University´s graduate courses. please send out your application as early as possible. For detailed information please visit: www.9 English-taught courses at RWTH International Academy RWTH International Academy. The tuition fee for these programmes amounts to Euro 3. Combustion Engines. offers four English-taught Master’s courses in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Engineering. Computer Aided Conception and Production of Machines Simulation) and a programme in dentistry (Lasers in Dentistry). a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University. Germany per semester. Therefore we advise you to submit your application as early as possible. .master-mechanical-engineering. Application deadline: 1 March Please consider that sending your application by regular airmail can take up to four weeks or even longer. It is also the safest way to send your application to us. Production Systems Engineering. To ensure timely receipt at our International Apply online In order to save time and money please use our online application form at www.

industrial internships and to take the relevant examinations. Enclose a copy of your Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Science or Engineering) or an equivalent. Add a copy of your English language certificate You must have an excellent command of English (spoken and written) in order to fully understand the course lectures.10 Admission requirements and documents Please undertake the following steps: 1.5) in the German grading system. Application form Please print and sign the application form (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) that you find at: www.0) or your TOEFL certificate (score 550 paper-based/213 computer-based/80 internet-based).de/ioam 2. English or French by an officially recognised translator (a copy of an official University transcript originally written in English is sufficient). 4. Enclose a copy of official or certified transcripts of your academic record to give evidence of your undergraduate studies including credits and grades obtained in every single subject and a translation into German. and to participate in lab projects. . Please note: In order to be admitted to RTWH Aachen University. it is imperative that you have an undergraduate degree with a minimum grade equivalent to a “good” (2. 3. textbooks and manuals.rwth-aachen. internationally recognised degree awarded by an accredited university or equivalent degree-awarding institution. Therefore you are obliged to add a copy of either your IELTS certificate (score 6.

so please check the inserted course-leaflets. the original TOEFL Score report must be received by RWTH Aachen University directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). the ETS/TOEFL code for RWTH is 8504. a For Chinese students only: Enclose your certificate of authenticity from the Academic Acknowledgement Bureau (APS) in Beijing for the Chinese certificateslisted under points 1 and 2. Add you CV (Curriculum Vitae) and your letter of motivation. Nationals and/or first-degree-holders of USA. 5. applicants are advised to take a GRE test. 6.11 Please note that the TOEFL qualification must be obtained no more than two years prior to the commencement of the course you are applying for. Irland. Kanada. Australia and New-Zealand do not have to submit their language certificates. one month prior to the beginning of your studies. paper-application form: item 11). Add your GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) certificate. Please find the questions to be answered in your letter of motivation within the application form (online-application: at the end of the form. You do not have to prove German language proficiency in order to apply for an English-taught course since you will take an obligatory German course in September. . Great Britain. For some programmes. 5.

Therefore. all English language Master’s programmes have German courses as part of their core curriculum.12 Experience the German language Although your academic life in Aachen will be structured around English. from beginners to advanced students. German courses are available at all levels. thus making sure that you can enjoy and take a full part in the non-academic life in Aachen. we advise you to gain at least a basic knowledge of the German language. .

Admission requirements and documents Except for the proof of your German language skills. It is also possible to sit the DSH test or the TestDaF at a German or at the Goethe Institutes (www. which is 15 July. the admission German-taught courses: expertise and German culture RWTH Aachen University offers Master’s programmes taught in German in all subject areas. . The number of these programmes is steadily increasing.und Dolmetscher-Institut München You can obtain these certificates at the worldwide TestDaF centres (www. Please note: If you apply for a restricted course a copy of the required language certificate has to be submitted within the application deadline. deadlines and documents to be enclosed are the same as those for the Englishtaught courses. Individual leaflets for each Master’s programme are available at the Students Affairs Office. Please prove your German language proficency by submitting one of the following language certificates: Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH 2 or 3) Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF): Level 4 in all four test sections Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz Zweite Stufe (KMK II) Goethe-Institut: Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom (KDS).goethe. Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS) or Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOP) Deutsche Sprachprüfung II of the Sprachen. You can find a complete list of all courses offered in German at:

this is the only way to make sure that you really fulfil all requirements for your studies in Germany. This fee cannot be refunded. Methods of payment You may pay this fee by cheque or by bank transfer. we advise you to gain basic language skills already in your home country. you will have to pay an application fee of Euro 50.14 Where and when you should learn German Good German language skills are a prerequisite for successful studies in Germany. If you want to apply again at a later stage.goethe. and add the respective amount to your Please note contact your local bank and inquire about charges for international transfers. fees Application Fee In order for your application to be considered in our admissions procedure. More information on methods of payment can be found at www. . and Deutsch-Uni-Online (DUO) provides online-language courses A residence permit allowing you to study the language in Germany is usually valid for only up to 12 months. Please find information on language schools on the internet and consider the duration and prices of such preparation courses. irrespective of the decision on your application. Thus. We can process your application only after we have received your fee in full. In most cases this should be less expensive. the fee becomes due again. The several international Goethe Institutes offer German language courses on every level (www.

Pursuing a doctoral degree In case that you are interested in pursuing an doctoral degree after having finished your Graduate Studies at RWTH Aachen University. Studentbody and social contribution fee There is an additional studentbody and social contribution fee of Euro 194. The duration of the entire process is three to five years. The ticket is valid for the entire semester.15 Tuition fee The regular tuition fee amounts to Euro 500 per semester (Please note. This fee includes a ticket for public transport in the city of Aachen and from Aachen to the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf. Please note that you have to pay both fees. however.rwth-aachen.700 per semester).80 per semester. you have to undertake your own research project under the supervision of and in cooperation with your . Typically the total sum of Euro 650 has to be paid to the account mentioned above. As a rule the prerequisites for the admission of international graduates to a doctoral programme of RWTH Aachen University´s are as follows: a Master’s degree from RWTH Aachen University or any other internationally recognised university above average performance in your graduate studies written confirmation from a RWTH Aachen University professor that he or she is willing to admit you to his or her research team. that the tuition fee for the International Academy is Euro 3. Please find more detailed information on this topic at: www.

Belgium and the Netherlands can be easily reached within just a few minutes. which became the first German building to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage. the “father of Europe”. Its historical importance dates back to the days of emperor Charlemagne. Aachen is a medium-sized. Aachen cathedral.000 residents. Cologne and Düsseldorf are just a short trip away. Other major cities such as Brussels. whose life is perceptibly influenced by its geographical location: Being Germany´s most western city. To this day Aachen is famous for the curative effects of its thermal waters. international city of 250.16 Your life at Aachen – Enjoy the European flair Aachen is an ancient city which was already greatly appreciated by the Romans for its thermal springs. the gothic city hall and the cathedral treasury give testimony to the city’s rich cultural heritage and beauty. .

fluent in several languages and including international students. The initial impulse for a structural change in the region from its focus on the mining industry to a more general one on technology was given by a cooperation agreement between RWTH Aachen University and the Aachen Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Aachen is also famous for its annual events such as the CHIO. friendly staff. . This cooperation was the first German cooperation between a university and a regional board of trade. the World Equestrian Festival. The International Office – Your partner at RWTH AachenUniversity The International Office is the main contact point for you as a prospective foreign student prior to your studies and also after having registered at our university. You can also subscribe to a monthly newsletter which is edited especially for international students and researchers. Belgium and the Netherlands. which is awarded in recognition of services promoting European peace and unity. The International Office’s InfoServiceCentre (ISC) offers you information and services concerning the following issues: visa and residence permit admission and enrolment accommodation registering your address at the local authorities opening a bank account insurance locating pertinent university and city offices tips for finding a job in Aachen We offer you these services during the orientation phase at the beginning of each semester. is happy to assist you in all aspects of studying and living in Germany. Our well-informed. Since 1981 RWTH Aachen University has been contributing considerably to the economic growth of the border region between Germany. and the awarding ceremony of the International Charlemagne Prize. You have also the opportunity to take part in a social programme called “Leisure and Pleasure” that helps you to get to know other students as well as the city of Aachen and its surroundings.17 The narrow winding streets in the city centre and its numerous fountains render Aachen a very romantic and idyllic place.

Norway and Switzerland do not need a visa to travel to Germany. Health insurance All students in Germany must have a health insurance policy. as the processing time for visas usually takes at least eight weeks and can take up to four months. For detailed information on entry clearance. and an additional liability insurance policy is strongly recommended. New Zealand. South Korea. and the United States do not need a visa to enter the country. but they will have to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studying at the foreigners’ registration office within three months of arrival. Iceland. Japan.rwth-aachen. . personal and social expenses as well as study-related costs are estimated to be Euro 700 per month. Foreign citizens of all other countries need a special student visa which allows them to enter the Federal Republic of Germany for the purpose of studying. Citizens of Australia. Living and other expenses The averagecost for living and studying. Your home is your castle – your accommodation There are different options for finding a room or a flat in Aachen.18 Necessary documents: visa and residence permit Applicants from member states of the European Union. They must apply for this visa at a German Consulate or Embassy in their home country as early as for detailed information relating to accommodation in Aachen. please contact the InfoServiceCentre for further information. accommodation. Liechtenstein. Israel. Canada. Please check the website at www. Since insurance and legal matters are quite complex and important. The InfoServiceCentre is happy to provide you with further information prior to or on your arrival. including food. visa and other immigration issues please contact the InfoServiceCentre of the International Office.

etc. RWTH Aachen University´s student organisations There are various student groups and associations which address both your academic and social interests. The University Sports Centre (HSZ) covers a total of 70 sports disciplines.html" for the entire programme. How to enjoy your free time Sports Sport plays an important role for your integration into university life. Please check http://hochschulsport.rwth-aachen.rwth-aachen. Please find further information at: You are also welcome to contact the International Office directly for advice and assistance.rwth-aachen.html we offer you detailed information on exchange programmes and scholarships. It hosts various events and activities such as events organised by international and German student organisations and societies as well as courses. open talks and . For further information please visit: http://www.19 How to finance your studies You are advised fully to explore possible funding opportunities before you apply for one of RWTH Aachen University´s study programmes. All students are invited to take part in the various intercultural activities at RTWH Aachen Humboldt-Haus Over the past years the Humboldt-Haus has become a lively meeting point for international and German students and thus an integral part of student life at RWTH Aachen University. At HYPERLINK "http://www-zhv.

de .www.rwth-aachen.

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