First Responder wins Approval in Oracle SSHR AME

First Responder wins Approval in Oracle SSHR AME:

Requirement - My client requirement is once personal details are updated through selfservice page, it should go to HR for approval. As of now I am able to send notification to one person in HR dept. Now I want notification should go to many HR people and one first person approves it, request should get approved. If no one is taking action within three working days then it should get rejected. Please let me know how this can be achieved. Steps: 1. Login by SYSADMIN 2. Go to Approval Manager Administrator -> Configuration Variables -> Select Transaction Type - Oracle Self Service Human Resources -> Allow All Approver Type Set to Yes Both Default and Transaction Type 3. Go to Approver Type Quick Link and Add PQH_ROLE there i.e. Position Control Roles

4. Define Roles: Using HRMS Manager Responsibility define roles and assign the Person names to the roles that are part of an approver group. For each approver group for which parallel notification is required, define a corresponding role in the Maintain Roles form with the same members assigned to the role as in the approver group. Navigation: HRMS Manager responsibility -> Transaction Maintenance ->Roles -> Maintain Roles -> Users 5. Approver Group set up: Using Approvals Management Business Analyst responsibility within AME, select the Transaction Type and define attributes/conditions as required for the business case. Define the Approver group with Voting regime ‘first-responder-wins and add the Roles defined in Step 1 6. Approver group members with Approver Type ‘Position Control Roles’. Add those roles to which the corresponding group members were assigned whom we want to be the members of the approver group. Give order number for the roles so that if we are using multiple roles/groups for approval, the members of each of role will be notified based on the order number assigned to the roles. Define Approval Rule with action type set to require approval from the approver groups. Navigation: Approvals Management Business Analyst responsibility -> Business Analyst Dashboard -> Select Transaction Type -> Define Attributes -> Conditions ->Define Approver Groups -> Add Group Members (Roles) ->Define Rule 7. In Action Type – Ordering Mode – Parallel and Voting Method -> First Responder Wins Reference -

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