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Civil Engineering UTHM All 1

Civil Engineering UTHM All 1

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Published by Shida Shidot
proffesional talk
proffesional talk

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Published by: Shida Shidot on May 26, 2013
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by Ir. Sreedaran Raman
Sr. Assistant Director Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia






Time Financial/Budget Personnel

2. Knowledge/Latest Technology
Code of Ethics Design Code Code of Practice Acts of Parliament/By Laws etc. Standards Code of Conduct


Liabilities Public Safety Publication Occurrence Value For Money BIG RESPONSIBILITY ! 3 . Staffs/Employees/Peers/Colleagues Human Relations (Internal & External) Knowledge & Experience Attitude Communication 4. Clients/Contractors/Suppliers High Demand.24/5/2013 3. Low Cost Late Payment Low Fees Ethics Specification Adherence Coordination 5.


24/5/2013 BUT ! 5 .

24/5/2013 ENGINEERING FAILURES Example of Engineering Failures Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Sports Stadium OTHER EXAMPLES OF ENGINEERING FAILURES Highland Towers – Geotech & Drainage 6 .

24/5/2013 Jaya Supermarket KL Sentral 7 .

24/5/2013 Kuala Dipang Suspension Bridge Building at Jertih 8 .

Kertih 9 .24/5/2013 Building at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Masjid Batu Puteh.

24/5/2013 Road Cave In at Jalan Kuantan – Sg. Lembing Bukit Lanjan Slope Failure 10 .

China. 11 .24/5/2013 PLUS Expressway Slope Failure Shanghai.

12 . China.24/5/2013 Shanghai.

24/5/2013 13 .

24/5/2013 HALL OF FAME ! SMALL MISTAKE ? Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia / Board of Engineers Malaysia (LJM / BEM) http://www.org.bem.my 14 .

For example. streamline the Scale of Fees and amend the Engineers Act to reflect the pragmatic needs of the engineers and engineering industry. the latest amendments of The Registration of Engineers Act 1967 was made on 1st April 2007 to meet the challenges of globalization and companion trade liberalisation.org. Scale of Fees Quarterly Publication .THE INGENIEUR INTRODUCTION . It was formed in 23rd August 1972. BEM has taken upon itself to reclassify the engineering works.myiem. Vested with wide powers. BEM falls within the ambit of responsibility of the Minister of Works. The appointment of the Board Members and the Registrar is made by the Minister.my/ 15 . which may sue and be sued.24/5/2013       The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is a statutory body constituted under the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 with perpetual succession and a common seal. the Minister may suspend the operation of the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (REA 1967) in any part of Malaysia by notification in the gazette. Its primary role is to facilitate the registration of engineers and regulate the professional conduct and practice of registered engineers in order to safeguard the safety and interest of the public. Through its mechanism of control.* Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) http://www.

500 members represents all disciplines of the profession five (5) official representatives on the BEM Conducts courses and Professional Interview Monthly Publication .24/5/2013 INTRODUCTION          also known as the IEM formed in 1959 admitted as a member of the Commonwealth Engineers Council in 1962 professional learned society serving > 24.JURUTERA Civil Engineering – Career Path 16 .

24/5/2013 Civil Eng. – Career Path Graduated…what’s next step ????? 17 .

to perform professional engineering services" Warganegara Malaysia yang ingin memohon untuk Pendaftaran Jurutera Siswazah di bawah Seksyen 10(1) Akta Pendaftaran Jurutera 1967 hendaklah menggunakan BORANG A atau : 1st Step – Most Important 18 . Akta Pendaftaran Jurutera 1967 “No person shall employ a person.24/5/2013 1st Step – Most Important PENDAFTARAN JURUTERA SISWAZAH/ GRADUATE ENGINEER Seksyen 24A (1). sole proprietorship. other than a registered Engineer or an Engineering consultancy practice. partnership or body corporate.

00 is compulsory for each and every candidate who wish to apply. a certificate of Graduate Engineer registration (Form C) will be issued . • Upon approval. Registration fee of RM50.  Certified True Copy of Diploma\Matriculation and Full Transcript (if related) • • Every document submitted must be certified as a true copy by a Professional Engineer who is registered with BEM only.  Copy of Identification Card (NRIC)/MyKad. SPM STPM (A Level) Local Universities (Diploma) Colleges/Private Colleges [ Diploma/ Pre-Unit (Twining Programme) Degree Local Universities Degree Overseas Universities Non Accredited Programme (BSc/B App Sc) Accredited Programme (BEng) B.24/5/2013 REGISTRATION PROCEDURE GRADUATE ENGINEER / JURUTERA SISWAZAH • • • All application shall be made through MyBEM Online Registration System or manually using Form A.Sc in Engineering Accredited Programme (BEng/Bsc/BTech/ B App Sc in Engineering Non Accredited Programme (BEng/Bsc/BTech/ B App Sc in Engineering Pass Part I & II IEM/BEM Graduate Examinations OR Engineering Council Examinations UK Master in Engineering from accredited Universities Pass Part I & II IEM/BEM Graduate Examinations OR Engineering Council Examinations UK Registration as Graduate Engineer with BEM Civil Mechanical Electrical Mining Others 19 .  Certified True Copy of Full Official Transcript or Details of Course and Subject Taken (from first year to final year). Only complete application with all the supporting documentation will be processed and submitted to the Board for approval.  Certified True Copy of Degree. All applicant need to submit the following supporting documents.

Insurance.) • Consultant (Must be PE) • Supplier • Other business MAINTENANCE •Building •Complex •Road OTHERS -Bank . E..24/5/2013 2nd Step – Choose Field GOVERNMENT •Management •Design •Approval •Supervision CONTRACTOR •Supervision •Implementation •Project Management •Resource Management CONSULTANCY • Design • Supervision • Value Engineering • Tender preparation and evaluation OIL & GAS •Consultant •Project Managers •Contractors •Operation EDUCATION •Lecturer •Tutor •Teacher (KPLI.) •Research (NAHRIM. Tech. management trainee -Continue Studies 20 . Nuklear) SUPPLIER • Design • Marketing (Sales Engineer) OWN • Contractor (Class F.

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