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Dear Sir/Madam My names CHY SOKNA. I am a teacher of English at Charitable Humanitarian Organisation in Cambodia by Expats (CHOICE).

I have experienced in teaching English four years. I volunteer teaching English at CHOICE reasoning that I see the uneducated poor villagers in my local community those who live under condition of difficulties, unemployment, homelessness, and unhealthiness. To promote the standard of livings and social welfares, we need to instill the potential human resources towards skills and knowledge of foreign language opening the priority in globalization nowadays and closer communication connected to the world. Now because of our donations and supports from German, I need to attend the German course and bring back my knowledge to my villagers to be aware of, or it is easy to communicate with Germany abroad. Through the German Course, the needy can compete with the freemarket environment in Cambodia and have an upcoming bright future. My commitment is long-life to respond to the needs of my local community. Even if it takes long times to do, I must do it. A giant step starts from a small step so hopefully Im very happy to study the German Course. Not only it is important in my life but also is my community. Finally, I highly appreciate to my boss gives me a special chance and German Course as well. We all help Cambodia emerging the darkness of Khmer Rouge and build our community to be stronger, vibrant, glorious, and prosperous as unseen before. Happy to the coming German Course! Best regards