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An Open Letter to Mr. Imran Khan by a Die-hard Pml-n Worker !

An Open Letter to Mr. Imran Khan by a Die-hard Pml-n Worker !

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An open letter to Mr. Imran Khan
An open letter to Mr. Imran Khan

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Published by: Muhammad Sarmad Hafeez on May 26, 2013
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To Mr.

Imran Khan Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Sub : Get Well Soon


As I was returning after winding up MIAN Sahab's Jalsa in ABBOTTABAD I heard the tragic news, that u fell from a lifter. Sir this letter is not to clear my name from the hideous lie floating by my name on twitter : "that I said something like u fell from morality blah blah blah" and yes I didn't say that. And I negated when a party official called and asked me that whether this fall was similar to the attack on Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the day he was contesting against Shakeel Awan. But instead I only wish you to be al right right now. More than I wish that you may ever read this. Dear Sir, From the day I met you (long before PTI, the day you gave my father an IMRAN's TIGER shield for his fund raising efforts from Shaukat Khanum, I was clinging to his trousers.) to the day I write this letter. I have admired you as a National Hero. It is true that you are not an angel and I have highlighted your flaws in ways I shouldn't have. And I criticize your party and your policies every chance I get. But Sir this true is a fact that you were a national hero now you are a national leader. From the establishment of Shaukat Khanum to the massive public gathering in Quetta, from aman march's to NAMAL University and from your role in World Cup to your role in fall of Gen. Musharaf you have given this nation a lot.

I believe in spite of the fact that what you (PTI) and MianSahab (PML-N) have said to each other makes us all look like arched nemesis. But sir the truth is PTI and PML-N are two efforts of superlative patriotism trying to serve Pakistan in their own way.

If a genie asks me a wish right now I would wish for :"you to be al right and then contest the elections....", and then I truly wish for us (PML-N) to stand victorious. But I wouldn't ask the last part from the genie because I want the best to win.

I wish you all the luck in the world (not for elections, of course) for your health.


GET WELL SOON (after a long time elections are starting to become interesting) Sincere Regards, An ordinary but diehard PML-N worker. Muhammad Sarmad Hafeez

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