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Small Publishers' Catalogue 2013

Small Publishers' Catalogue 2013


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Published by LittleWhiteBakkie
The 2013 Small Publishers' Catalogue for African publishers.
Published by Modjaji Books.
The 2013 Small Publishers' Catalogue for African publishers.
Published by Modjaji Books.

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Published by: LittleWhiteBakkie on May 26, 2013
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’ 121 Every book within walking distance of every home 125 Resources for Writers 131 South African Literary Magazines 137 Places of Legal Deposit 142 6 introduction Introduction Here is the 2013 edition of the Small Publishers’ Catalogue for African publishers. larger publishers. My wish is that the range and number will keep on growing. please contact modjaji. South Africa modjaji. It is still too South African focused.com contents PUBLISHERS | 9 20yearsentence 11 Aerial Publishing 12 African Sun Press 13 ‘amaBooks Publishers 14 Amalion Publishing 15 Ayebia Clarke Publishing Limited 16 Aztar Press 19 Basler Afrika Bibliographien 20 Black Letter Media (Pty) Ltd 21 Bookcraft Ltd 22 Botsotso 24 Burnet Media 25 CAN-DO! Company 27 Cassava Republic Press 28 Chakida Publishers 29 Chimurenga 31 Cover2Cover Books 32 Deep South 33 Dye Hard Press 34 FEMRITE Publications Limited 36 FunDza 37 Groenheide Boeke 38 Hands-On Books 41 Ihilihili Press 42 Junkets Publisher 43 Kachifo Limited 45 Knowledge Thirst Media 46 Kwani Trust 47 Lalitamba 48 Les Classiques Africains 51 Mathoko’s Books 52 Modjaji Books 55 Ndakatulo Butterfy 56 New Voices Publishing Services 57 Paperworth Books 58 Poets Printery 59 Pole Pole Press 60 Porcupine Press 62 Publishing Print Matters 63 Quivertree Publications 64 Sedia 66 Shama Books 68 Storymoja Africa 70 StoryTime 71 Tearoom Books 72 Techmate Publishers LTD 73 WordWeaver 74 Yoza Cellphone Stories 75 CLASSIFIEDS 76 ARTICLES | 79 Advice to writers on how to get your poetry published 80 Airing our dirty laundry 84 Addictive township tales for teens 87 Dear Lovely Author . as well as building relationships with different parts of the “book chain” both locally and internationally. Charles Siboto Printed and bound by Mega Digital. with players coming and going. Athlone.. and books page editors are not aware of the extent and fertility of this part of the book world in Africa. it offers an idea of who is doing what and how they are doing it.modjajibooks. Publication © Modjaji Books 2013 First published in 2013 by Modjaji Books PTY Ltd PO Box 385. Many people. Varsha Lalla. 91 Getting young South Africans hooked on reading 99 The Frankfurt Book Fair Invitation Programme . We have publishers from Algeria.co. The Resource Section at the back is also biased towards South African resources. A way in for Small Publishers 103 The literary scene in Accra: A Review 109 ‘There wants no Junkets at the feast.com www. The Frankfurt Invitation Programme for publishers from developing countries is largely responsible for the increased networking amongst the African publishers featured. the first one came out in 2010. Colleen Higgs. The Catalogue offers some insight into the extent of small publishing.. We have publishers from all over the continent. doing extraordinary.za ISBN 978-1-920590-05-5 Compiled and edited by Colleen Higgs Cover artwork: Toni Olivier Book design: Natascha Mostert Assistants: Na’eemah Masoet. cultural work. but not only. such as librarians. It is useful as a resource for new small publishers or those who want to venture into self-publishing. Cape Town Disclaimer: We acknowledge that not all small publishers are included in this edition. creative. We have attempted to be as thorough as possible in both attempting to contact publishers and in the process of sourcing of information contained in this catalogue. Anjuli Daya. even those in the book world. We hope that publishers will develop connections and learn from each other about new technologies. booksellers. increasing readership and new customers. This 7 small publishers' catalogue 2013 Small Publishers’ Catalogue is a way of uncovering and bringing this important work to light. and now three years later we have this edition. If you wish to included be in future editions. But this edition does include many more publishers from a wider range of countries. The catalogue aims to showcase the variety and extent of small publishing in Africa. Mauritius and Senegal listed. The 2013 Catalogue shows that there are many committed writers and small publishers toiling away.books@gmail. it does however point the way forward and indicates some of what publishers can look out for in their own contexts. We would like to congratulate them for their imagination and dedication. We wish to stress that every efort was made to contact as many small publishers for inclusion in this catalogue as possible. mostly from Anglophone Africa.books@gmail. Comparing this new edition to the previous one highlights what has changed in this particular publishing landscape and demonstrates how this kind of publishing is a shifting affair. 7760

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