Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’

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Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION
Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries in the world. It is also considered as one of the most profitable industries having the third most profitable economic activity after the tourism and the finance industry. It was said that pharmaceutical industry will expect to gain more than double of accounting to $1.3 trillion by 2014 with an annual growth rate of 8% annually. In countries namely China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and Russia have one fifth of global share in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical industry like any other industries needs to have a strong and unique marketing strategy in order to succeed or stay in the business. The needs of their customer changes as the season, the climate, the weather and the preference change. The innovation and technology as well as organizational change of a certain business that are involved in the pharmaceutical company changes as the needs, demands, taste and preferences of the world change. Another factor that can affect the industry is the existence or appearance of new diseases for example, headache, migraine, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, as well as the bird flu. The said businesses need to discover medicine that will help cure or prevent these diseases to help save the life of the people as well as to gain profit and build their name. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries that are in great need of focus in development and production as well as supply to help save lives, prevent diseases as well as to assist in maintaining the quality of life. Medicines and drugs have a huge contribution to the health of the world. The discovery and the development as well as the effective use of drugs had helped to improved the quality of life of many people by helping to reduce the needs for surgical involvement and the span of time that they will be spending in the hospital and therefore help many people to save money. The consumption of drugs or medicine of the world is increasing every year due to the fact that there are still many people in the world that are living an unhealthy life. In the case of England, their citizens are spending £7 billion every year where in 80% of the said amount are all spent on branded or patented products than those generics. United States is considered as the largest market and the site of the most of the research and development in the field of drug and medicine occupying 48% of share globally while UK is the center of the world class science that handles the 10% of the global pharmaceutical R&D expenditure and estimated to support 65% of all R&D related to health in UK.
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Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ ABOUT COMPANY
Abbott Pakistan is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. Their products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products and laboratory diagnostics, through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. With over 70,000 employees worldwide and a global presence in more than 130 countries, Abbott is committed to improving people's lives by providing cost effective health care products and services that consistently meet the needs of our customers. Abbott Pakistan is part of the global healthcare corporation of Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, USA. Abbott started operations in Pakistan as a marketing affiliate in 1948; the company has steadily expanded to comprise a work force of over 1500 employees. Currently two manufacturing facilities located at Landhi and Korangi in Karachi continue to use innovative technology to produce top quality pharmaceutical products. Abbott Pakistan has leadership in the field of Pain Management, Anesthesia, Medical Nutrition and Anti-Infectives. Their wide range of products is managed and marketed through three marketing arms. On June 29, 2005 Abbott Pakistan Achieved Class 'A' accreditation against the Oliver Wight ABCD Check list. This was an outstanding achievement, which puts Abbott Pakistan amongst some of the best global companies in terms of operational excellence. A continuous process of innovation, research and development at Abbott's worldwide facilities enables Abbott Pakistan to offer effective solutions for various healthcare challenges, with products and services that are well focused, within the customer's reach and contribute to improved health care of the people of Pakistan. Abbott believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to earning and deepening the trust of the people it serves, an integral part of its commitment to improve lives has contributed to a number of humanitarian causes and supported various institutions in various fields including health and education.

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Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’
Abbott offers the following products in the market:

                   

Abbutol,Abocain, Abocal, Abozole, Abrifam, Acyclovir, Arinac, Artifen, Atrelax Becefol, Bejectal, Bevidox, Brufen, Burnol Calcijex, Cecon, Cofco, Citro Soda, Cremaffin Dayalets, Daycor, Dijex, Dobutamine, Dopamine Enoxabid, Entamizole, Epival, Erybron, Erythrocin, Eryderm Flexin, Forane, Froben Ganaton, Gopten Hytrin Iberet, Isoptin Klaricid Lucrin, Lincomycin, Loftyl Mammo, Moculator, Mospel Neophage, Nicor Optilets-M Pentothal, Pramet - FA, Prothaiden, Protium Rambuzid, Rashni, Reducti, Rondec Savourane, Selsun, Silliver, Somogel, Sparaxin, Survanta, Surbex Tarka, Trividox, Tronolane Urixin Vancomycin, Vi-Daylin

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Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ PRODUCT
Now a day in adults, tension and other different headaches are the most common problem. It is observed in people who are usually busy in their work, home and social lives. This will lead to tension headaches which tend to feel like a band across the forehead which are often coupled with sensitivity in the muscles at the back of the head and the neck. Tension headaches are generally more common in women than men, and it is estimated that around half of all women suffer from at least one tension headache every two weeks. Flexin (Naproxen) is an advanced tablet which is specially formulated to provide instant cooling relief from the pain of migraine and severe headache at the point of pain and to help relaxing tense head and neck muscles. The main triggers which help in causing this pain are due to stress or anxiety about anything which ultimately leads to depression and then headache. The other triggers can be poor posture of neck and depression. These headaches last from thirty minutes to seven days which feel like pressing or tightening around the head which brings on mild to moderate pain which brings in resulting pain on both sides of the head. Tension headaches can be relieved by avoiding those situations that lead to tension in the first place by finding out what is stressing and how we can we manage out and put an end to it. By keeping in view of the problems and current era stress in the youngsters this product is also designed in such a way that this can also be used by the people of age group from 12 years and above. According to some studies medicine related to headache and migraine are not good for those women who are pregnant or breast feed their child. So this product is modified in a way that it can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding. Sometimes for everyday stress, that nothing can be about, Flexin offers quick, natural relief of tension headaches. The active ingredient of Flexin is Neproxen, which is 100% natural. Flexin works by causing local sensations of coldness, or cutting of pain followed by a reliving effect. This action of Naproxen is thought to relax local blood vessels and reduce sensitivity to pain signals.

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Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ PAKISTAN’S HEALTH SECTOR OVERVIEW Health is priority area of the Government activities.530 dentists and 46. high child mortality rate under 5 year age (105/1000) and high population growth rate at 2. the coverage of health facilities has improved over the years. The high correlation between the expenditures on health and productivity in developing countries like Pakistan is enough to emphasize the importance of increasing health services as an aid to growth. 5. The Government has attached high priority to improving health facilities because of the high cost of health and its socio-economic consequences. The new health strategy focused on health sector investment in order to translate economic success into social benefits. The Government in recent years has started giving due priority to health planning by increasing the health allocation and trying out prioritized programmers with special focus on particular diseases. Arif Vaseer 7 . The existing network of medical services consists of 906 hospitals. The figures available about the medical facilities clearly indicate the need for a further expansion in health facilities. Submitted To: Mr.554 dispensaries.843 doctors.331 nurses in the country. Although medical facilities in the country have improved significantly over the years and is comparable with other countries of the region with similar socio-economic conditions but there still remains a very large gap between the availability and requirements. Besides.2 percent points out to increasing needs for better health care and preventive services in the country. 552 rural health centers (RHC’s) and the availability of 98. The low level of life expectancy (64 Years). 5.290 basic health units (BHU’s).684 hospital beds. The above scenario clearly indicates the need for further expansion in health facilities and more investments in health sector. there are 93. 4. In Pakistan.

predominantly generic drugs. Pharma Bureau of Information & Statistics Pakistan. Imported retail medicaments account for the remainder of the market. The increasing export of Pharmaceuticals from Pakistan is speaking for the quality which is being maintained for manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals.000 Source: Drug Control Organization.5 Million US Dollar 292.64 Billion US$ 34. although manufacturers rely heavily on imported raw materials for production. India. and State Bank of Pakistan. The pharmaceutical market in Pakistan is dominated by locally manufactured pharmaceuticals. which meet around 80% of country’s needs in 2011.6 % 1. PAKISTAN’S PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR OVERVIEW Pakistan’s pharmaceutical market is small and equally split between multinational and domestic companies. The export market is expanding to almost all the Submitted To: Mr.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ PAKISTAN’S HEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR (2011) Growth Rate of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Sector Share in GDP Total No. Arif Vaseer 8 . Self sufficiency is the hall mark of pharmaceutical oriented policies. Pakistan is a promising country making advancement to different areas of production. being imported from countries like China.786 Million US Dollar 47.85 % 600 386 GlaxoSmithKline (Pak) Ltd. North America and Switzerland. 1. Pharmaceutical market in Pakistan has shown tremendous space in the recent times. Companies active in the Field Operating Units out of Total Market Leader Total Investment Total Volume of Pharmaceutical Market Health & Pharmaceutical Sector Exports Total Drugs registered with Ministry of Health 11. Ministry of Health.

64 Billion approximately. anti-cancer drugs. certain anti-diabetics. antidotes and products manufactured from biotechnology. About a hundred million strong populations of the Central Asian States.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ continents of the world covering almost 40 major countries. Submitted To: Mr. Pakistan’s large population of more than 150 million people. Surplus drugs are being exported to a large number of countries particularly to the Asian and African regions with an expanding trade in the newly emerged central Asian States. and the rules framed there under. with almost no local manufacture of medicines. This Sector also give challenge to explore and avail the opportunities.g. general awareness regarding use of new molecules of drugs. This is a fairly comprehensive law. Source: Ministry of Health & Drugs control Organization & Ministry of Health. The market for pharmaceuticals in Pakistan has been expanding at a rate of around 10-15% since last few years. Immunological. etc. expanding economy including health services. offers an attractive market for pharmaceutical companies located in Pakistan. The Pharmaceutical manufacture and trade in Pakistan is regulated through the Drug Act 1976. Only few bulk pharmaceutical raw materials are being manufactured locally and most of the Pharmaceutical raw materials are being imported in large quantities from different counters of the world. which are still being imported. The total volume of pharmaceutical market size is US $ 1. At Present 30 multinational Pharmaceutical units are producing their products in Pakistan. individual rise in purchasing power. Similarly. Arif Vaseer 9 . Presently the Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is producing all the major pharmaceutical dosage forms. Registrations are granted by the Central Licensing and Registration Board. in the finished form. Pakistan was the first amongst the developing countries in the world to have introduced Good Manufacturing Practices as a mandatory requirement. there are some special products e. provides an ideal environment for investment in this field. Pakistan meets around 80% of its domestic demand of medicines from local production and 20% through imports. 334 national/ local units are involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These specific areas provide excellent opportunities for investment.

Arif Vaseer 10 . 8.59% market share and a growth rate of 8. IMS Drug Monitor According to the data of 2008-09. 2. 10. 3. behind the Philipines with market of US$ 2. Bristol-Myers Squibb Glaxo SmithKline Johnson & Johnson Sanofi Aventis Pfizer Schering – Plough Abbott Laboratories Millennium Pharmaceuticals Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Daiichi Sankyo Source: IMS Health. which is far below the regional average of US$ 142. 6. 5. Annual Per Capita spending on medicine is US$ 10 in Pakistan. 7.76%. Among national companies. Submitted To: Mr. Sami Pharmaceuticals also tops the list with a market share of 2.9% annually. 4. 9.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ TOP 10 GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY LEADERS 1.58 Billion.79%. Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical market is the 10th largest in the Asia Pacific. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) tops the list of best pharmaceutical brand in Pakistan with an average of 11. Getz Pharmaceuticals tops the list with a growth rate of whopping 70% for the last 3 years with a market share of 3.

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Shaheen Chemist. W. Flexin is a Tangible thing that one can Touch. Feel and See and in Services it has Dual Effect toward Headache and Migraine that is relaxing and cooling. GLOBAL MARKETS: A company enters into the global market when it goes internationally and involves in foreign trade and accordingly Flexin has entered in the global market as has already launched in different America States and European countries and now they have a plan to enter in the other continents market to compete globally. Khattak’s. ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER NEEDS AND WANTS Learning about customer needs and wants is an important part of competitive analysis as well. In the early ages. the number of patient’s decreases slightly.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ KEY CUSTOMER MARKETS: CONSUMER MARKETS: Flexin targets both segment of Market because in Product Category. In the graph below. D. Arif Vaseer 12 . Men have more Migraine problem as compared to Women but after 50. After the age of 30. In both ways. A customer priority has become our business priority. Wilson and many other places. so it gives very valuable services to the consumer. In addition the businesses should take care that they must not limit their study to priorities that are already manifested in the marketplace. Flexin plays a vital role in consumer marketing. an estimate of the number of patients of migraine and their percentage in Pakistan among different Genders is drawn. Medi-Plus. new product development and new innovations in service are essential to business success in any industry. Patient from 10 years to 30 Years have more Migraine problem in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is available on big Retailers and Medial Stores like Metro. women have more Migraine Problems. Indeed. Watson. Submitted To: Mr.

People at early age suffer less Tension Type Headache as compare to those people who belong to the age group of 40 to 70 years old. Arif Vaseer 13 . The graph above shows the Problem of Tension Type Headache and Migraine people suffer in a Month.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ The Percentage of Patients belongs to different age groups and Gender faces two types of headaches mostly. The people suffer from TTH and Migraine 5 times or less than 5 times in a month have a percentage of 4 to 48 Percent respectively. The rate of people suffer from Migraine is more in the people belong to the age of 50 to 30 Years. One is Migraine and the second one is Tension Type Headache. People who suffer TTH and Migraine in Submitted To: Mr.

It shows that Flexin has a huge market in Pakistan. In the above graph. Arif Vaseer 14 . In the above Graph percentage of Patients of Migraine and Headache are shown.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ 6 – 14 times in a month having percentage of 11 to 25 percent respectively and the people having TTH and Migraine problem more than 14 % in a month have a number of 85 and 35 Percent respectively. Submitted To: Mr. a complete Industry Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan as well as it exhibits the complete picture of Pakistan Health Sector.

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pricing strategies are convoluted by the fact that a firm can convey or permit programmed experiences to other firms (2006). The first and foremost is the pricing strategy of any pharmaceutical company. the pharmaceutical industry is facing a massive amount of new challenges. It also shows that those businesses are entering in the said field because it offers a profitable future for their businesses.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ BASIS OF COMPETITION IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Pharmaceutical industry is considered as one of the highly competitive industry in the world. The liking has been for firms in industrial countries to force down their government for a more strengthened patents regulation in foreign. On the side of the demand. There are many factors that can affect the competition in the pharmaceutical industry. Pricing strategy is important to the pharmaceutical companies because most of the consumers. Arif Vaseer 16 . That is the reason why there are many companies that are spending much for their development and enhancement planning as well as other activities that will help them to innovate and improve. the competition in the said industry is also high. Pricing and other competitive strategies have been altered by the development of information technology and other related forces. drugs are prescribed by the physicians but due to the lacking of the necessary information about the comparative prices. Like any other industries and businesses. On the other side which is the supply side. It can affect the supply and demand side of the pharmaceutical industry. The number of the companies that are emerging in the said industry is the most obvious evidence that shows the growth and improvement as well as the development of the said industry. consumers will attempt to gather or aggregate decentralized information by getting information from another patient that have been into that situation or experience or what so called the herd behavior effect (2006). Because of the growing demand for the medicine as well as drugs and the growing numbers of pharmaceutical businesses and companies in the world. Submitted To: Mr. particularly less developed countries. Domestic manufacturer’s claim that they can sell abroad at higher prices if patent laws are strengthened (2006). There are many factors that affect the overall competition in the said industry and there are many factors that can add to the competitive advantage of one particular pharmaceutical company in order for them to be one of the biggest players in the said industry.

That is the reason why many pharmaceutical companies more specifically the GlaxoSmithKline are spending most much in their development and research planning and supporting their studies and theory in order for them to create a revolutionary medical product that will cater the needs. Patenting of medication or pharmaceutical products has a great affect to the competition in the said industry. according to (1995) differential pricing is the result of the increased opportunities for price discrimination or the result of the presence of quality or cost differences in diverse sections of prescription drug markets. Another factor that can affect the overall performance of pharmaceutical businesses is the presence of the generic drugs. The main reason why pharmaceutical companies are spending millions of dollars for their research planning and development is because each and every company is candidate for a marathon for innovation. Competition depends on the pricing process of a specific industry. These are the drugs or medicines that are offering the same effective power of a particular substance or chemical but in a low price. Patents have made the prices of a specific medical product to increase because it gives way to monopoly of the drugs in the market. This is the main competition of the companies that are offering branded medicine most of the consumers are settling for the cheap but effective medicines (2006). This two said aspects are very important to any company or industry because innovation is considered as one of the key to have a competitive advantage. Arif Vaseer 17 . Another important factor is the research and development. Submitted To: Mr. Therefore the price discrimination and differentiation are driven not just by the exposure of a certain segment of the population which can afford it but by the cost.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ especially those who belong to the lower class C. The first one to get to the finish line will get an ultimate gift of competitive advantage. because it is believe that the price of the pharmaceutical products will decrease or will be maintained if the competition will be encouraged. the product amenities (2006). always settle for the low price of medicine or drug. preferences and taste of their consumers. The research development teams as well as the laboratories have been part of a wide competition of who will first discover the antidote for a specific disease or who will first develop and medicine that will handle or prevent specific dilemma. demands.

Their standing in the market can be viewed from the following graph: The competitors of Flexin in the market are many offering a number of treatments for migraine headaches. Third way is that these companies give you competition which is helpful to compete for making your product as a bench mark. First. we can learn much about developing our product its improvements and innovation. The main competitors of Abbott Pakistan are GSK. it is critical to discover whether a competitor is trespassing on your proposed pharmaceutical industry or market franchise or it is whether a competitor renders your company idea which is not required. Arif Vaseer 18 . By studying your competitors.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Bruce Sheiman provided an outline of the importance of competitive analysis to the pharmaceutical industry that is fairly representative. and Novartis. brand name. company name and dosages is as following: Submitted To: Mr. Secondly competition helps to define a pharmaceutical industry market position. A list of them along with their special attributes. Every product has competition if not then it needs competition to stay in market.

Adults: 1–2 tabs every 4 hours. Adults: 2 caplets with a glass of water. Children: not recommended. Arif Vaseer 19 . max 6/day. acetaminophen butalbital PHRENILIN (Valeant) 325mg 50mg Rx tabs ANALGESIC + BARBITURATE + OPIOID acetaminophen butalbital caffeine codeine phosphate ANALGESIC + SALICYLATE acetaminophen Aspirin caffeine BAYER MIGRAINE FORMULA (Bayer Consumer) 250mg 250mg 65mg OTC caplets Children: not recommended. Children: not recommended. ≥18yrs: 2 tabs FIORICET w. Adults: 1 tab every 4 hrs. Adults: 1 cap or tab every 4 hours as needed. acetaminophen Aspirin caffeine EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE (Novartis Consumer Health) 250mg 250mg 65mg OTC tabs Submitted To: Mr. max 5 tabs/day. Adults: 1–2 tabs or caps every 4 hours as needed. Children: not recommended.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ MIGRAINE TREATMENTS Generic & Class Brand & Company Strength Formulations† Usual Dose ANALGESIC + BARBITURATE acetaminophen butalbital caffeine acetaminophen butalbital caffeine acetaminophen butalbital caffeine FIORICET (Watson) ESGIC PLUS (Mikart) DOLGIC PLUS (Victory Pharma) 750mg 50mg 40mg 500mg 50mg 40mg 325mg 50mg 40mg Rx tabs Rx scored tabs. Max 2 caplets/24 hours. Adults: 1–2 tabs or caps every 4 hours as needed. Adults: Take with full glass of water. max 6 tabs daily. CODEINE 325mg (Watson) 50mg 40mg 30mg CIII caps Children: not recommended. caps Rx tabs Children: not recommended. Children: not recommended. max 6/day.

max 8 caps/day. Submitted To: Mr. caps Children: not recommended. Adults: Tension: 1–2 caps every 4 hours. BARBITURATE + SALICYLATE Aspirin butalbital caffeine FIORINAL (Watson) 325mg 50mg 40mg CIII tabs.E. Adults: 1–2 tabs or caps every 4 hours as needed. IV.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ every 6 hours as needed. or SC inj Children: not recommended. CODEINE 325mg (Watson) 50mg 40mg 30mg CIII caps Children: not recommended. Adults: Tension: 1–2 caps every 4 hours. 45 mesylate (Valeant) 1mg/mL Rx IM. max 5 caps/12 hours. ANALGESIC + SEDATIVE + SYMPATHOMIMETIC acetaminophen dichloralphenazone isometheptene mucate MIDRIN (Women First Healthcare) 325mg 100mg 65mg CIV caps Children: not recommended. Migraine: 2 caps at once. max 8 caps/day. Arif Vaseer 20 .H. Adults: 1–2 tabs or caps every 4 hours as needed. max 5 caps/12 hours. max 8 tabs/day for 2 days. then 1 cap every hour until relieved. max 6/day. BARBITURATE + SALICYLATE + OPIOID Aspirin butalbital caffeine codeine phosphate ERGOT ALKALOID dihydroergotamine D. Migraine: 2 caps once then 1 cap every 1 hour. ANALGESIC + SYMPATHOMIMETIC acetaminophen caffeine isometheptene mucate MIGRATEN (Azur Pharma) 325mg 100mg 65mg Rx caps Children: not recommended. FIORINAL w. max 6/day.

Submitted To: Mr. 10 tabs/week. Adults: 2 tablets at onset of attack. max 2 doses/day. Adults: ≥18yrs: mix 1 packet (50mg) with 30– 60mL of water only and drink immediately. MIGRANAL** (Valeant) 4mg/mL Rx nasal spray Children: not recommended. Children: not recommended. repeat 15 minutes later. ergotamine tartrate (various) caffeine 1mg 100mg Rx tabs ergotamine tartrate (various) caffeine 2mg 100mg Rx rectal supp NON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (NSAID) diclofenac potassium CAMBIA (Nautilus) 50mg Rx Buffered pwd for oral soln Children: <18yrs: not recommended. 1mL IM or SC at 1-hour intervals. For all: max 6 doses/week. Arif Vaseer 21 . Or. max 6 tabs/attack. max 3 doses/day. then 1 tablet every ½ hour if needed. then 1 supp after 1 hour if needed.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Adults: 1mL IV at 1 hour intervals. Adults: 1 spray in each nostril. 5 supps/week. Children: not recommended. max 6 sprays/24 hrs and 8 sprays/wk. Adults: 1 supp rectally at onset of attack. max 2 supps/attack. Do not use chronically.

may repeat once after 2 hours. ≥12yrs: 6.5mg/24 hours. Adults: ≥18yrs: 20mg or 40mg once. 12. ketoconazole): initially 6. Adults: ≥18yrs: Usually 200mg– 400mg once daily.25mg or 12. Children: <18yrs: not recommended. Children: <18yrs: not recommended. max 80mg/day.25mg once. Adults: ≥18yrs: Usually 400mg once daily.5mg single dose. The safety of treating an average of eletriptan HBr RELPAX (Pfizer) 20mg. Arif Vaseer 22 . May repeat once after 2 hours.5mg Rx tabs Adults and Children: <12yrs: not recommended. max 25mg/24hrs. max 12. 40mg Rx tabs Submitted To: Mr. The safety of treating an average of more than 4 headaches over 30 days is not established.25mg. Reevaluate if no response.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ ibuprofen ADVIL MIGRAINE (Wyeth Consumer Healthcare) 200mg OTC liquid-filled caps Children: <18yrs: not recommended. MOTRIN MIGRAINE PAIN (McNeil Consumer & Specialty) 200mg OTC caplets SELECTIVE 5-HT1B/1D RECEPTOR AGONIST almotriptan (malate) AXERT (Janssen) 6. Hepatic or severe renal impairment (CrCl 10– 30mL/minute) or concomitant potent CYP3A4 inhibitors (eg.

The safety of treating an average of more than 4 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established.5mg Rx tabs rizatriptan (as benzoate) MAXALT (Merck) MAXALT-MLT* (Merck) 5mg. Arif Vaseer 23 . may repeat once after 4 hours. more than 4 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established. Adults: ≥18yrs: 2. The safety of treating. 2. may repeat once after 2 hours. Children: <18yrs: not recommended. max 2. naratriptan HCl AMERGE (GlaxoSmithKline) 1mg.5mg/24 hours. frovatriptan (as succinate) FROVA (Endo) 2. Adults: ≥18yrs: Initially 5 or 10mg.5mg with fluids. on average. may repeat after 2 hrs. 10mg 5mg. Reevaluate if no response after 1st dose. max 7. max 30mg/day. Children: <18yrs: not recommended. Mildto-moderate renal or hepatic impairment: consider lower initial dose. Adults: ≥18yrs: 1mg or 2.5mg with fluids.5mg Rx tabs Children: <18yrs: not recommended. 10mg Rx Rx tabs ODT Submitted To: Mr.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ more than 3 headaches in a 30day period has not been established.5mg/24 hours. max 5mg/24 hours.

sumatriptan (as succinate) ALSUMA (Meridian Med Tech) 6mg/0. SC inj Children: <18yrs: not recommended.5mL Rx soln for SC inj Children: <18yrs: not recommended. max 40mg/day. Reevaluate if no response.5mL. Children: <18yrs: not recommended. Reevaluate if no response.5mL IMITREX NASAL SPRAY (GlaxoSmithKline) 5mg per Rx spray. max two 6mg doses in 24 hours. 20mg per spray nasal spray Submitted To: Mr. more than 4 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established. Adults: ≥18yrs: one (6mg) dose SC to the lateral thigh or upper arm only. The safety of treating. May repeat after 1 hour. Adults: ≥18yrs: 5mg. May repeat after 1 hour. Reevaluate if no response. on average. max two (6mg) doses in 24 hours. The safety of treating an average of more than 4 IMITREX INJECTION (GlaxoSmithKline) 4mg/0.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Concomitant propranolol: use 5mg dose. or 20mg once. Arif Vaseer 24 . 10mg. max 3 doses/day. May repeat once after 2hrs. Adults: ≥18yrs: 6mg SC (may start at lower dose if 6mg not tolerated). Rx 6mg/0.

Adults: ≥18yrs: Initially 2.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ headaches in a 30day period has not been established. max two DosePro (6mg) doses in 24 hours. or single-dose tablets up to 100mg/day if injection has been used.5mL Rx soln for SC inj Children: <18yrs: not recommended. tabs Children: <18yrs: not recommended.5mg or lower once. If headache returns. IMITREX TABLETS (GlaxoSmithKline) 25mg. may repeat after 2 hrs.5mg+. max 200mg/day. Arif Vaseer 25 . Hepatic dysfunction: max 50mg/dose. 100mg Rx tabs Children: <18yrs: not recommended. max zolmitriptan ZOMIG (Impax) 2. The safety of treating an average of more than 4 headaches in a 30day period has not been established. Adults: ≥18yrs: 25–100mg once. Reevaluate if no response. May repeat after 1 hour. SUMAVEL DOSEPRO (Zogenix) 6mg/0. swallow whole with fluids as soon as possible after migraine onset. Adults: ≥18yrs: one DosePro (6mg) SC to the abdomen or thigh only. may repeat dose at intervals of at least 2hrs. 50mg. 5mg Rx Submitted To: Mr.

5mg Rx ODT Submitted To: Mr. The safety of treating an average of more than 3 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established. Children: <18yrs: not recommended. max 10mg/day. Arif Vaseer 26 . Hepatic impairment: use low dose oral form. Reevaluate if no response after 1st dose. Reevaluate if no response after 1st dose.5mg or lower once. ZOMIG NASAL SPRAY (Impax) 5mg per spray Rx nasal spray Children: <18yrs: not recommended.5mg. may repeat once after 2 hrs. Adults: ≥18yrs: 5mg once. Hepatic impairment: use low dose. max 10mg/day. Reevaluate if no ZOMIG-ZMT* (Impax) 2. The safety of treating an average of more than 4 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established. If headache returns.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ 10mg/day. Adults: ≥18yrs: Initially 2. If headache returns. ZMT: dissolve on tongue and swallow without water. may repeat after 2 hrs.

IV = intravenous. SELECTIVE 5-HT1B/1D RECEPTOR AGONIST + NON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (NSAID) sumatriptan (as succinate) naproxen sodium TREXIMET (GlaxoSmithKline) 85mg 500mg Rx tabs Children: not recommended. NOTES * = contains phenylalanine ** = contains caffeine + = scored tablets † tabs = tablets. ZMT: dissolve on tongue and swallow without water. 9/2012) Submitted To: Mr. The safety of treating an average of more than 3 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established. max 2 tabs/day. 1 tab once. may repeat once after 2 hours.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ response after 1st dose. Arif Vaseer 27 . soln = solution. caps = capsules. inj = injection. IM = intramuscular. ODT = orally disintegrating tablets. supp = suppositories. Adults: Swallow whole. The safety of treating an average of more than 5 migraines in a 30day period has not been established. SC = subcutaneous (Rev. Hepatic impairment: use low dose.

A as with diverse management and when taking this brand in Pakistan.S. Michel Porter has identified two basic types of competitive advantage:   Cost advantage Differentiation advantage So in Flexin Naproxen strategy focusing on Cost Advantage and also being the effective pain relieving agent.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Superiority gained by a firm when it can provide the same value as its competitors but at a lower price. The goal of much of business strategy is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. either by means of lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justifies higher prices. Submitted To: Mr. 2001) In other words as we understand it. Flexin has a strong brand name in U. Arif Vaseer 28 . it keeps its unique effective way to get relief from the pain. or can charge higher prices by providing greater value through differentiation. the competitive advantage is an advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value. Competitive advantage results from matching core competencies to the opportunities (Brady and Robertson.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr. Arif Vaseer 29 .

Vector borne Disease and Animal as well. The health expenditures are almost 3. So we have a huge market in Pakistan.indexmundi. Ref: http://www. Degree of Risk in Diseases in Pakistan is very high because of Unhealthy Food and Water. Death and Birth Rate: The Birth rate in Pakistan is 24 Births in 1000 Families per day but the Death Rate in Pakistan is just 7 people in 1000 Families per day.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ DEMOGRAPHICS: Age: The total Population of Pakistan is almost 187. The Age Structure is 35. our product is targeting Male and female both Genders belong to age 5 to 70 Years.4% people belong to 15 year to 64 years old and the number of people 65 years old and above are just 4. Income: The product targets every customer especially from lower medium Family to Upper Class Family. It is little bit costly as compare to Tablets but Flexin has no side effects and formulated to provide instant cooling relief from the pain of migraine and severe headache at the point of pain.0% of our GDP.342721 approximately. The ratio of male and female in Pakistan is 48 % and 52% in Pakistan. It means we are targeting almost 92% population of the whole country. The usage of Flexin is from 5 year old child to 70 years old person. Arif Vaseer 30 . 60. Gender: Up till now.html Submitted To: Mr.573% per year. The growth rate of population is % of the total Population of Pakistan. Almost 60% people suffering from Migraine and Headache. and to help relax tense head and neck muscles.4% are children’s belong to 0-14 Years old.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ SOCIAL CLASSES IN PAKISTAN In Pakistan these are the some Social Classes are exist: 1) Upper Social Class 2) Middle Social Class 3) Working Social Class 1. Middle Social Class Middle Social Classes represents those entire people having their own well established small businesses. Upper Social Class The upper social class which generally have high level of income and belong to be most high paying profession and they live in most cleanest place of the country and money will be no problem for them and their size is 8% of the total society and approximately 3.  Middle management  Low ranking Govt. Arif Vaseer 31 . officer Submitted To: Mr. They are actually  High status leadership  Big business man  Top management of the company 2. They are actually  They are small to medium size business man. The children of these society study in Local Universities or in Private sector institutes.7 million they have 60% to 65% of money of the country. The contribution of these classes population in the society is 35% out of the total population their population is 53 to 54 million of the total population. Manager in any organization. or they work as a Manager or Asst.

The size is 57% out total population of Pakistan.answers. Working Social Class The populations we count in Working Social Class are not much more educated they are not in very good profession their income is low and they build one two room small houses. staff ( Peons.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ 3. water and Gas problem as well. semi skill & unskilled  Low grade Govt. So it can be said that it targets almost 60% of the total population of Pakistan. Submitted To: Mr. Ref : http://wiki. Because Upper Social Class and Middle Social Class can get the product easily from the market and as per the Pricing Strategy the Price of Flexin is little bit high as compared to the all the those product people use for Headache problem. Arif Vaseer 32 . Driver)  Poor former  Political worker The Population targeted for Flexin is basically Upper Social Class and Middle Social Class and somehow Working Social Class of Pakistan. They are actually  They are very small size shop owner. In Pakistan these people faces the electricity.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr. Arif Vaseer 33 .

Pharmaceutical industry also faces threat of substitute methods of processing. threat of competitors is still an important factor that govern the operations of this industry.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ PORTER’S FIVE COMPETITIVE FORCES EVALUATION RIVALRY AMONG COMPETING FIRMS: Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan has gain higher growth in the market form last decade in Pain Management. Moreover. worldwide inflation and changes in customer’s perceptions and attitudes is also a driving force toward increased competitive rivalry. Arif Vaseer 34 . This is because the barrier to enter this market is quite low because little bit previous experience is required to start doing business in apparel. THREAT OF SUBSTITUTE PRODUCTS: In a Pharmaceutical industry. But if we talk about specific Entrants of Competitors in Migraine Strips that is medium because in this regard we are pioneer and if we succeed we can drive the other forces. In Pakistani market people are also Price Conscious so if a customer gets a better option elsewhere and that too. However. Competitive rivalry in the case of Flexin so high because people are use to of Tablets and ordinary Methods of treatment. the government itself not promotes to any Pharmaceutical company to setting up of new businesses particularly in Pharmaceutical industry. especially in a developing country like Pakistan as well as literate population of Pakistan can easily get the new ideas of Substitute Product and aware from the Modern Technology and have vast knowledge of Medicine available in Submitted To: Mr. there is no substitute for Medicine because one has to have a medicine to get rid of his or her pain but there may be a substitute on the procedure of processing them as well as in comparison of prices. People. THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS: Threat of new entrants in Pharmaceutical industry is high. It has moved ahead from being developing stage but hasn’t got a perfect development. Every company in the industry is striving to develop a competitive edge and nationally expand as large as possible. they mostly get addict of the product they use often and become habitual of that product. Whereas. particularly the rivalry between Pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. he can switch to that option. for a lower price. customers have low brand preference and loyalty.

This is because they have to have sold their products in the market. So we have to place the order and supplier has to deliver the order on time because both of us have same purpose to target more customers and gain more market share. This is because there many choices to select from and secondly people are use to the Tablet already in the market. In the case of Flexin. but they are use to that tablets. Arif Vaseer 35 . The purpose of product is homogenous and the prices may either be uniform or else a buyer has to trade-off with quality of the product. BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS: Bargaining power of suppliers is neither so low nor so high in Pharmaceutical Industry. a buyer cannot easily switch to other options because it is observed in Pakistan that customers are loyal to their brands in fact we can say that they are use to that particular brand and it’s not easy to switch on other brand and they feel comfortable by buying the products they are use to buy from. BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERS: Bargaining power of customers is very high in Pakistan. Hence. There are few medicines in Pakistan and although they cannot be negotiated upon. if we failed to target to each area then for Flexin the threat of substitute is very high. they have a complete their own Supply Chain Management System.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ the Market. If talked about competing brands like Paracetamol or Disperin. On the other hand people in Pakistan can find it comfortable to go and buy the Product from Drug and Medicine Store nearest market from where they can also by other necessary house hold items. Submitted To: Mr.

Arif Vaseer 36 .Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr.

coordinate and improve all the sequentially related activities and set of operations with the idea of satisfying the entire chain of suppliers’ suppliers and customers’ customers by providing right product. in the right quantity and becoming highly recognized by our employees. Arif Vaseer 37 . Submitted To: Mr. customers and shareholders and abiding by Government regulations by adhering to strict ethical and moral standards”.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ FLEXIN SUPPLY CHAIN Flexin’s SCM mission is to configure. at the right time.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ FLEXIN SUPPLY CHAIN STRUCTURE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER CAPAPCITY PLANNER MASTER SCHEDULER MASTER SCHEDULER PRODUCTION PLANNER PRODUCTION PLANNER MATERIALS MANAGER WAREHOUSE MANAGER LOCAL/ IMPORTED PURCHASE MANAGER EXPORTS MANAGER Main Distributors of Abbott: Pharmanet – Karachi Qarni Cooperation – Hyderabad DS Pharma – Islamabad Premier Agency – Karachi Baber Medicine Co – Lahore Nadeem Traders .Peshawar Submitted To: Mr. Arif Vaseer 38 .

Arif Vaseer 39 .Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr.

High rate of population increase in Pakistan. Excellent professional management team Weaknesses    Comparatively high price. Increasing healthcare awareness Threats:      High Inflation Rate Foreign Exchange Rates Political conditions of Pakistan. restriction on price Low price local pharma product Submitted To: Mr. Strong brand positioning.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ SWOT ANALYSIS OF FLEXIN Strengths:      Good company reputation. Arif Vaseer 40 . Strong distribution network. Employee rededication . Govt. Lacking of deep rural penetration.High Field Force turnover Opportunities:     Increase per capita income. Have deep roots in the Pharma business. Promotion intensive market.

R. The neat and handy packing is convenient for use whenever a headache creeps up. Quality. Submitted To: Mr. Design. Arif Vaseer 41 . Product includes Variety. The location where the product is available approachable  Available at all Medical Stores PROMOTION: Promotion means the activities that communicate all the ways to promote the product and persuade target customers and viewers. Prices are adjusted by Product Value. Payment Period and Credit Terms.   Flexin 250 mg Flexin 500 mg 2x10 (Pack Size) 2x10 (Pack Size) 110.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ 4P’s OF FLEXIN PRODUCT: By Product we mean the good and services combination the company offer to the target customers. Sales Promotion and Public Relation. Discounts. Allowances.P PLACE/DISTRIBUTION: Place include the availability of products.P 196. home or on the move. Personal Selling. The commonly ways of communication are Advertising. Price includes List Prices.99 M. Usage. PRICE: Price is amount of money which customer pays to obtain these products.R.33 M. Competitor situation and current policies also matter to set the prices.   Helps to avoid the side effects that can be associated with taking painkillers orally. Features and Services. Convenient and portable. whether at work. In Flexin the product mean all the Flexin 250 and 500 mg Tablets.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr. Arif Vaseer 42 .

Typically. are the major pharmaceutical marketing strategy for marketing drugs directly to the physicians. the marketing strategies (as well as advertising strategies) are different from other businesses because wrong use of Flexin may negatively affect both the end consumers or the patients and the health care profession.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ EFFECTIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES AND RECOMMENDATIONS FLEXIN Marketing Plan: For Flexin. with changing times and new developments. So in Flexin. and 4) Sponsoring continuing medical education. For promotion. Submitted To: Mr. doctors and ultimately to the end users of Flexin. Traditional Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies adopted by Abbott Pakistan: The pharmaceutical companies traditionally adopt four major marketing strategies for promoting their products as have Abbott Pakistan:1) Giving free samples to doctors. the expense of this sales force of any pharmaceutical company comprises anything ranging from 15-20% of annual product revenues. the pharmaceutical industry faces some very serious strategic issues. Pharmaceutical representatives. Sales Staff should be active and efficient so that it can capture the huge market for their product. also popularly known as medical representatives. As in other industries. However. 3) Gifts that hold the company logo or details of one or multiple drugs. marketing plan for advertising or promoting products is crucial to pharmaceutical industry too. promoting the products in Pakistan is also an issue because the drugs cannot be promoted to the end users. Marketing Strategies adopt all these necessary strategies to promote the product in health sector. Arif Vaseer 43 . However. 2) Providing details of their products through journal articles or opinion leaders. Drugs are promoted to the doctors and in return these doctors prescribe those drugs to the patients for the end use.

The focus should be on the high value customer segment for pharmaceutical products. Arif Vaseer 44 . To formulate a marketing strategy. PROACTIVE STRATEGY FLEXIN strategy is typically a blend of Proactive Actions on the part of managers to capture and improve the company market position and financial performance and as needed reactions to unanticipated developments and fresh market conditions.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ The Right Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy: The right marketing strategy for any pharmaceutical company would be to build on proven strategic marketing principles. However. it is also crucial to know the existing markets as well as emerging markets of pharmaceutical drugs. Every digital media used for all people cannot be called the right marketing strategy. It should be a multi channel marketing strategy but should identify the target audience. along with a focus on changing customer behavior. In Flexin strategy the management’s game plan is market analysis and market situation and its conclusions about how to position the company in the market place and tackle the task of competing for buyer patronage. there should be some planning for using digital media for marketing too. Use of digital media through Internet marketing plan is the best marketing strategy that can provide the basis for a changed business model. Submitted To: Mr. The biggest portion of company’s strategy flows from initiated action and business approaches that are working well enough to merit continuation and newly launched managerial initiatives to strengthen the company’s well overall position and performance.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr. Arif Vaseer 45 .

Arif Vaseer 46 . Restores Smiles Following are the some elements which is necessary for any product to become a brand. Our product must have some meaning. So our product is very important in this regard that the Product name gives the meaning of the product and its usage. Memorability Most important element of branding is memorability.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ BRAND ELEMENTS  Name: The name of our product is Flexin  Logo:  Shapes: It’s just a tablet in oval shape  Color: Its packaging have Purple and White color and tablet have white color. The memorability factor of our brand is the name of the product. 2.  Slogan: Relieves Pain. 1. Submitted To: Mr. because there is a huge brand Abbot in the Name and Flexin is easy to remember and pronounced. Meaningfulness Second step of branding element is meaningful.

Actually there is no side effect of Flexin so that people easily accept it because it’s external usages. Our product is simply a tablet it’s could not damage by pressing or damaging its packing. 4. Likability Likeability means your product must be likeable. 6.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ 3. The usage of the product is so easy and just like a routine work because it’s just a tablet you have to take at the time of pain with water. In our society mostly people are become hesitate and in doubt to use such medicine that have Internal use and may have some side effect as well. The size of our product and according to its packaging it’s very easy to transfer from one place to another place. The Distributor will not face any difficulty to import the product form one county to another. Arif Vaseer 47 . Adoptability Our product is flexible and update by technology. Submitted To: Mr. 5. Protect ability It is a product formed and tested for and hence fulfills all criterion for a valid and legal drug. Flexin is just a new development in pharmaceutical industry and easy solution of headache problem especially for those people who have Migraine problem. Our product will be very popular in customer and patient of headache. So those people can use it and it is easily adoptable in our culture. It is portable so that it is so easy to move across the boundaries. Transferability Also transferability of our product is very easy.

Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ Submitted To: Mr. Arif Vaseer 48 .

No evidence of associated side-effects has been demonstrated during use in pregnancy or lactation.    People are sensitive to Naproxen are advised not to use it. cannot keep the tablet in mouth for long duration.  Intensive research and development is also an obstacle to existing drugs. leading to a risk of distortion or spillage. the failing law and order situation.  It is for internal use only Submitted To: Mr. Do not attempt to use Flexin if the tablet appears to be distorted.  The Naproxen in Flexin may cause hypersensitivity reactions including contact dermatitis.  Market access is challenging and operational risks are high. no safety data for such use is available.g. Arif Vaseer 49 . however. due to which the profit margins are shrinking  Increasing cost of manpower and energy  Political instability is another major factor which is emerging as the major challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. softened or fragmented. For safety. in a car or in the sun on a hot day). BEFORE USING FLEXIN HEADACHE TABLET The Flexin Naproxen may soften or even melt at high temperatures (e.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ LIMITATIONS AND OBSTACLES  Increase in the Tax rate at the time passes by the Govt.  The major challenge which company faces is the total government control on the prices of all the enlisted products  Import of product which costs a lot of precious foreign exchange  Rapid devaluation of the rupee against the major currencies. because of discontinuation of the policies  Last but not the least. due to which most of companies have suffered in terms of sales and also lack of reach to the customers in the affected areas.  Counterfeit medicines are a major problem in Pakistan.

People at early age suffer less Tension Type Headache as compare to those people who belong to the age group of 40 to 70 years old. The first step is to define your universe of competitors that some businesses may offer products or services that largely mirror those offered by your own company. The discovery and the development as well as the effective use of drugs had helped to improved the quality of life of many people by helping to reduce the needs for surgical involvement and the span of time that they will be spending in the hospital and therefore help many people to save money. Pharmaceutical industry is considered as one of the highly competitive industry in the world. It is also considered as one of the most profitable industries having the third more profitable economic activity after the tourism and the finance industry. Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries in the world. One is Migraine and the second one is Tension Type Headache. In Competitor Analysis we do the SWOT analysis of Competitors. The other triggers can be poor posture of neck and depression. This is product which is much easier to be used by the patients at the point of severe pain. Arif Vaseer 50 . The main triggers which help in causing this pain are due to stress or anxiety about anything which ultimately leads to depression and then headache. By keeping in view of the problems and current era stress in the youngsters this product is also designed in such a way that this can also be used by the people of age group from 12 years and above. Flexin Naproxen is formulated to provide instant cooling relief from the pain of migraine and severe headache at the point of pain and to help relaxing tense head and neck muscles. For identifying the competitors of Flexin we will find that this company is having a lot of competitors these the products are in tablets. while others may only dispense one or two products & services that compete with your company's offerings. Different age groups and Gender faces two types of headaches mostly.Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ CONCLUSION Medicines and drugs have a huge contribution to the health of the world. Submitted To: Mr. The rate of people suffer from Migraine is more in the people belong to the age of 50 to 30 Years. sticks and etc.

Arif Vaseer 51 .Strategic Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ In Demographic we analysis of different age groups of Pakistan and Social Classes of Pakistan. Core competency and Brand Elements of the product is also described in depth. Financial Analysis describes all the key ratios that are essential to analyze the profitability and value of the product in the possible market. Submitted To: Mr. To analyze the Market SWOT analysis the most important thing to get the detail reviewed of all these strategies. We also get the detail analysis of Porter’s Five Forces for Flexin.

co. Pharma Bureau of Information & Statistics Accessed at: 21 Dec 2012 Generic Pharmaceutical Association Accessed at: 15 Dec 2012 http://www. Ministry of Health.espicom.html Accessed at: 17 Dec 2012 Arif Vaseer 52 .indexmundi.aspx Accessed at: 17 Dec 2012 http://www.1371/ 2007 Accessed at: 19 Dec 2012 Submitted To: Accessed at: 20 Dec 2012 http://www. Sultan Marketing Report on ‘Flexin’ REFERENCES Accessed at: 19 Dec 2012 Accessed at: 16 Dec 2012 http://www.medpk.Territory Manager Abbott Pakistan Islamabad http://www.php Accessed at: 15 Dec 2012 Drug Control Organization.gphaonline.dcomoh.badgerhillpharmacy.ppma.nsf/Product_ID_Lookup/00000314?OpenDocument Accessed at: 21 Dec 2012 http://google.

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