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Hair Care Regime

Hair Care Regime

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Published by Sylvia Okoma
Important information on hair care routines
Important information on hair care routines

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Published by: Sylvia Okoma on May 27, 2013
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Hair strengthing regime after texturizer/perm wet/shampoo or condition (regular or straightening depending on amount of curl a t root

or amount of moisterizer needed ) combout wet and dry under hood while still damp put detangler (right on) continue to dry (total time is 15 min) use low heat Put cholesterol creme and ion protecter spray Blow dry out put detanler and blow dry again put perm repair and a moisterizing holding creme (ie. taliah waajid lock it up) straighten and comb spray with sheen and leave in condtioner Put hairdress focusing on scalp bring to ends Best Answer - Chosen by Voters The time to brush curly hair is never! The only time I would say to use a brush on curly hair would be if you are blowdrying it straight. Otherwise, you should use a comb on wet hair. After you shampoo and condition, comb the hair with a wi de tooth comb. If you feel like that didn't get rid of all the tangles, follow t hat with a comb with smaller teeth to remove the rest of the tangles. If you com b it out starting at the ends and working your way up, you shouldn't pull the ha ir too much. If you're really dead set on using a brush, you should brush the hair when it is dry, but then you will be big and bushy, so you will want to spray a leave in c onditioner or a little water on your hair afterward to calm it back down. Good Luck! Source(s): Me, I'm a hairstylist :)

Repeat in between relaxers can skip straighten step for a natural look, can skip the blow dry step for a curly look Use other products for moisture and strength inbetween straighting and styling i n liberal amounts hot comb for straightening close to roots and ends Cool above but not relaxing anymore! Here is my new natural blog. My natural hair journey (2 months transitioning -June 23, 2012) I hope to make my natural hair journey a lifetime experience that exists by tryi ng to stick to two major rules 1) embracing my own unique curl pattern in its sh runken form 2) developing management of the shrunken form so that it does not ta ngle excessively, collect dirts or dandruff(largest challenge for dandruff) and stays healthy! First blog entry: Hi everyone, I was about one and a half years natural and actually am now about two months of transitional hair. Though once worried about the bigness of my hair because I r

I am also against headbands mad e to make hair look confined because I feel it is not natural and it gives me a headache! I like transitioning because it give me an opportunity to get used onc e again to complexly curly hair without loosing all my hair growth at once. . I have also found that protein treatments are nec essary to the strength of my hair. Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme. I think that may have been the caus e of why my hair came out when I as totally natural. Kaemesia! Th at means bye in Igbo! Mkpukpku na ogologo ishi m bu na iri abu na ise na ife m saa muwa. all is well on my crown of glory. for a dded weight and moisture. Yay! I am focusing on keeping my hair as curly but large-knot free as possible. I would like to take the time to say that I am embra cing my uniquely curly head of hair! I am also against excessive stretching that will cause hair to conform to a more straight hair style. to keep the frizz and fuzzy hairlines away. Actually. I currently h ave it in braids I did myself. I used the neem shampoo on my hair and I can say I am two days itch free! yay! I am just feeling real good today and my natural hair journey is going great. Aubrey Organics 100% Jojoba Oil. confid ent of myself. for detangling and further conditioning. Smooth Transitioning It Saturday afternoon and I am trying to figure out how I will do on this organi c chmistry synthesis exam while feeling my soft transitional hair. Wild Woozle Pomade. I am feeling. My goal is to conti nue with the transitional hair for as long as it will take me! Currently. Click image to enlarge. and Blended Beauty Kick For Curls. for moisture fro m the roots to the tips of your curls. Na m saa ishi na m ife ga buturu ife bu nke ishi. Our Curlarita for Hair Type 3c is a heady elixir containing Kinky-Curly Knot Toda y. Will also be looiking into som e coconut oil for my hair because it is said to help with dandruff. to reduce frizz and p oofing. O bu "Calm that Frizz na Aussie." O di mma! Curlarita (For Hair Type 3c) Brand: NaturallyCurly. once again. If it is going to be styled it will be to mesh with my natural curls. My hair has about one inch of natural growth.com Image 1 of 1.eally want to be hidden or fit in in the crowd.

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