Teacher attitudes are one of the major factors affecting student learning, additional teacher training may improve not only teacher attitudes, but also student performance. • • • • • • • The teacher conveys his/her attitude towards deaf/hard-of-hearing students on the first day of class. The textbook usually doesn’t make sense until after the lecture. Teacher attitude! If it’s great, WOW; if it’s lousy students can’t learn. Teachers new to deaf/hard-of-hearing students can be nervous; but give us time and we’ll earn your respect. Deaf/hard-of-hearing students have learned persistence will pay off later in life. Don’t use words like “this” and “that” as referents in the class or lab. Treat all students equally. Whenever a teachers mobile or a student mobile ring.



Teacher expectations are, of course, a component of school wide expectations. In addition, researchers have conducted numerous detailed examinations of the ways teacher expectations are communicated to students in classroom settings and how these messages influence student outcomes. Q. • • • • • • How do teacher expectations affect student outcomes? Early in the school year, teachers form differential expectations for student behavior and achievement. Consistent with these differential expectations, teachers behave differently toward various students. This treatment tells students something about how they are expected to behave in the classroom and perform on academic tasks. If the teacher treatment is consistent over time and if students do not actively resist or change it, it will likely affect their self-concepts, achievement motivation, levels of aspiration, classroom conduct, and interactions with the teacher. These effects generally will complement and reinforce the teacher's expectations, so that students will come to conform to these expectations more than they might have otherwise. Ultimately, this will affect student achievement and other outcomes. Highexpectation students will be led to achieve at or near their potential, but low expectation students will not gain as much as they could have gained if taught differently

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