I, PINCHIT PATCHAK, of legal age, Thai national, and a resident Chef of ABC THAI Restaurant with address at ___________________, Davao City, Philippines, after first being duly sworn to an oath in accordance with law, hereby depose and say: 1. That I have been the resident Chef of ABC Thai Restaurant located at ________________, Davao City since its opening in January 2006; 2. That I know Juan B. dela Cruz who is the assistant bartender of ABC Thai restaurant and Juan delos Santos, captain waiter of the restaurant. This two persons had been employees of ABC Thai since the start of the restaurant’s operation in January 2006; 3. That last January 23, 2008, I saw Juan B. dela Cruz make the usual preparation of buko pandan at the kitchen of ABC Thai restaurant good for forty (40) individual orders. After its preparation, the buko pandan preparation was transferred by Juan delos Santos to the bar in preparation of customer’s orders; 4. That in the evening of January 23, 2008, when the two (2) Juan B. dela Cruz and Jaun delos Santos were about to timeout from duty, I saw both dela Cruz and delos Santos fill two (2) Tom Yam Cups with prepared Buko Pandan for take-out purposes. That the two took out the said buko pandan when they left the restaurant that evening without paying for the same; 5. That each Tom Yum Cap can fill ten (10) orders of buko pandan. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this ____ day of February 2010 in Davao City, Philippines. PINCHIT PATCHAK Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ____ day of February 2010 at Davao City, Philippines, affiant exhibited to me his CTC No. _______________ issued on ___________ at Davao City and Passport No. _____________ valid until ______________. Doc. No. ____; Page No. ____; Book No. ____; Series of 2010.

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