1. Which diagram shows the correct electric field pattern ?

2. Which graph shows the relationship between potential difference , V , and current , I , for a resistor that obeys Ohm ‘ s law ?


Calculate the cost in RM of using a 1.00 90.00 135.00 2 .00 118. The table shows the electrical energy consumption tariff.3.80 129.5 kW refrigerator for 360 hours. Which circuit can be used to determine the resistance of a bulb ? 4. A B C D E 84.

50 x 1027 6.35 x 1018 4. Which of the following statements is true ? A B C D Reading of A1 > A2 > A3 Reading of A1 > A3 > A2 Reading of A2 > A1 > A3 Reading of A3 > A1 > A2 3 .2004 5. Which bulb. the current that flows in an electronic advertisement board is 3. What is the number of electrons flowing in the advertisement board when it is switched on for 2 hours ? [ Charge of an electron = 1. All the bulbs in the circuit below are identical. which are lit at normal brightness. when faulty will cause all the other bulbs not to light up ? 7.17 x 1023 1. B .67 x 1014 1.6 x 10 -19 C] A B C D E 3.C and D.84 x 1011 1.0 x 10 -5 A. When the switch is current will flow through it. The diagram shows a circuit containing four bulbs A. When a bulb is faulty .

The electromotive force and internal resistance of the dry cell in the circuit below is 1.8.5 V 4 .5 Ω respectively. What is the reading of the voltmeter when the switch is closed? A B C D 0V 1.5 V Less than 1. The bulb in the circuit is lit at normal brightness when switches S1 and S2 are closed.5 V More than 1. What happens to the brightness of the bulb if only S 1 or S2 is closed ? Only S1 is closed A B C D Increases Increases Decreases Decreases Only S2 is closed Decreases Increases Increases Decreases 9.5 V and 0.

0 x 10-5 C 3. Which circuit can be used to determine the electromotive force of a battery ? 12. What is the quantity of charge that flows in 2 hours ? A B C D E 2. 5 .0 x 10 -5 A. The diagram shows a bird perched on a high voltage cable. The electric current supplied by a battery in a digital watch is 3.6 x 10-3 C 2.2 x 10-1 C 11. The bird does not experience an electric shock because A B C D the potential difference across X and Y is high the resistance of the cable across X and Y is very high the body of the bird has a low resistance the current flowing through its body is very small.2005 10.5 x 10 -7 C 1.5 x 10 -5 C 6.

Which conductor has the highest resistance? A P B Q C R D S 6 .13. A milliammeter with full scale deflection of 10 mA and internal resistance 5 Ω is to be modified to become an ammeter with full scale deflection of 0.01 0.00 2006 14. R and S. What type of arrangement of resistors and value of resistance should be connected to modify the milliammeter? A B C D Arrangement of the resistor Parallel Series Parallel Series Value of resistance/Ω 0.5 A.00 10. Q.01 10. Diagram 23 is a graph shows the relationship between the potential difference and the current of four different conductors P.

Diagram 25 shows three similar bulbs connected in the series to a battery and an ammeter What will happen to ammeter reading and the brightness of the bulbs when another similar bulb is added to the circuit? 7 . Which circuit produces the brightness light? 16.15.

Which of the following readings is correct? A B C D A1 = A2 A1 > A2 V1 = V2 V1 > V2 18.A B C D Ammeter reading Increase Increase Decrease Decrease Brightness of the bulbs Increase Decrease Increase Decrease 17. Diagram 27 shows an electric circuit that contains three similar resistors.8 V.00 J 8 . Calculate the electrical energy released by the bulb in 2 minutes? A B C D E 0.56 J 1. The reading of the ammeter is 0.12 J 28. Diagram 26 shows an electric circuit.20 J 1680.2 A and the reading of the voltmeter is 2.00 J 67.

2007 19. Calculate the quantity of electric charge passing through the circuit in this time if the current is 2 A. A B C D 4C 120 C 240 C 14400 C 20. Diagram 21 shows a parallel circuit. Diagram 22 shows an electric circuit. An electric appliance has been switched on for 2 hours. Which physical quantity must be the same for both R 1 and R 2 ? A B C D Power Current Voltage Energy 22. Which of the following factors does not influence the resistance of a wire ? A B C D Length of the wire Material of the wire Cross-sectional area of the wire Hardness of the wire 21. R 1 is not equal to R 2. 9 .

25 Ω 3. Diagram 20 shows an electric circuit. 10 .06 Ω 0.Calculate the internal resistance of the battery in this circuit. A B C D 0.75 Ω 2008 23. Which diagram shows the correct electric field? 24.07 Ω 0.

6 A 25.3A 2. Which statement is correct about the circuits? A B C D The bulbs in the series circuit are brighter than the bulbs in the parallel circuit The effective resistance of the series circuit is larger than the effective resistance of the parallel circuit The total voltage in the series circuit is higher than the total voltage in the parallel circuit The total current flow in the series circuit is greater than the total current flow in the parallel circuit 11 . Diagram 21.What is the reading on the ammeter? A B C D 14.1 shows a series circuit and diagram 21.5 A 1.2 shows a parallel circuit.6 A 0.

I2. Diagram 28 shows an electric circuit which contains 4 identical bulb. W. Z 12 . Z C X. Z B W. X. Y D X. Which graph shows the relationship between the power. P. Y.26. and Z. X. W. of a wire with constant resistance? 27. and the square of the current. Which hulbs light up continuously? A W. Y. Y.

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