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46 Kanangra Crs. Greenwood, WA 6024, Australia

Ph: 0434841705, Email:


Approved by the PIA Management Committee on 21 st May 2013.

Pakistanis in Australia Inc. is a registered incorporated organisation in Western Australia and maintains presence on Facebook™ through the group page as well as Twitter account @PIAInc.

The facebook page is an open page where members can join after the approval by the administrator(s) of the page. The page is maintained in an open mode and members can post comments.

Anyone who joins the facebook page is required to follow the following principles of communication on the page.

1. To ensure that the post is relevant to the Pakistanis living in Australia and/or prospective migrants to Australia.

2. It is the responsibility of the member to protect his/her personal privacy and of other members.

3. The use of facebook page implies that every member has basic level of understanding of English language. Do not make comments in URDU language as they are not understood by the members whose first language is not URDU.

4. Before posting any comments ensure that the post does not;

a. include personal information of either yourself or of other members in your posts to the page. (for example, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers).

b. use insulting, provocative or hateful language.

c. infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

d. promote commercial interests.

e. incite hatred on the basis of any personal characteristic, including on the basis of race, religion, gender, marital or domestic status, disability, sexuality or age.

5. The administrator(s) of the page and tweets reserve the right to remove any posts and members without offering any explanation.