Verb Tense Exercise 2

Simple Present / Present Continuous
A Trekking Journal

November 12, 1997

Today (be)

the second day of my trek around Mount Annapurna. I am ; I just hope I am able to complete the trek. , but I (want,

exhausted and my legs (shake) My feet (kill, really) still) to continue.

me and my toes (bleed)

Nepal is a fascinating country, but I have a great deal to learn. Everything (be) (learn) so different, and I (try) to adapt to the new way of life here. I

a little bit of the language to make communication easier; foreign languages quickly. Although I much yet, I believe that I (improve, gradually) .

unfortunately, I (learn, not) (understand, not)

I (travel, currently) He (be) and (complain)

with Liam, a student from Leeds University in England. ahead of me

a nice guy, but impatient. He (walk, always) that I am too slow. I (do)

my best to keep up with

him. . but everybody (call. also) a new word. They (discuss) the the real differences between life in England and life in Nepal. but he is younger and stronger than I am. Liam (try) to have difficulty learning foreign languages. Every time Tam (say) it. Tam to teach Liam some words to repeat in Nepali. I am just feeling sorry for myself because I am getting old. Liam (seem. not) name of the owner. Unfortunately. Maybe. I (know. Right now. just) (speak) English very well and he (try) him Tam. I just hope we don't get lost and have to ask for directions. Liam (sit) with the owner of the inn.

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