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Exam Esign 2013

Exam Esign 2013

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Published by Atoy Valdez
Exam Ensign is an ensign that will make you an examiner.
Exam Ensign is an ensign that will make you an examiner.

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Published by: Atoy Valdez on May 27, 2013
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The Hydrography Department of the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (HD-NAMRIA) is pleased to announce the holding

of its COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION FOR PROBATIONARY ENSIGNS on Sunday, 19 May 2013 at the Hydrography Department, 421 Barraca St., San Nicolas, Manila. The one-day written examination will cover Basic Mathematics, Physics, and Calculus (70%) in the morning and English proficiency (30%) in the afternoon. A weighted average score of 70% or better is required to pass the exam. Those who will pass the written exams, oral tests, interviews and subsequent physical and medical examinations will be appointed as Probationary Ensigns of the HD's Commissioned Service. Successful applicants will be trained to specialize in hydrographic, oceanographic, geodetic surveying and nautical charting. Moreover, they will have opportunities for local and foreign trainings. Starting base pay: PHP 29,945.00 per month.

(421 Barraca St., San Nicolas, Manila.)

      

Bachelor’s degree in CE, GE, ME, EE, EME, ECE, ChE, CoE, MetE, GeoE, MatE, EM, EnSE, AE, MME or BS Degree from Naval or Military Academy recognized by the government Licensed Engineer or Civil Service Professional Eligible (upon hiring) At least 5' in height Vision: 20/20 and free from color blindness Natural born Filipino citizen Preferably single Not more than 30 years old on the day of examination

Graduating students and graduates without PRC License or Civil Service Professional Eligibility may take the examinations provided they comply with the requirements before entering the service. Instructions to Eligible Applicants (complying with all the requirements above) A. Submit resume not later than 15 May 2013 attention to: Cdr HERBERT L CATAPANG Chairman, Examination Board HD-NAMRIA 421 Barraca, St. San Nicolas 1010 Manila or E-mail to: cgsd_entrance_exam@yahoo.com.ph

02-2413494 to 97 or 02-2470369 and look for any of the following: Lt(sg) Carter S Luma-ang.com.00 should be paid on or before 16 May 2013 : Payments in cash may be made through any of the following: 1. RILVERIA. Lt(jg) Bai Dyanna G Sinsuat. Physics and Calculus (10 problem solving items. 2. Lt(jg) Jonathan T Pason. Provide name. pencil.ph and/or b) SMS text 09228816309. food or snacks (optional). Important Reminders 1. Materials to bring .B. solutions need to be presented in the answer sheet 10 pts per item) – 70% 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM – English (70 pts for Antonyms. Lt(jg) Romel M Correa. For further inquiries call 02-2459501. . Western Union Branches Money Transfer Recipient: JULIAN R. Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension. C. ballpen. originating location.00) and the 10 digit money transfer control number through: a) email cgsd_entrance_exam@yahoo. Payments Instructions . JR. 1010 Manila Tel Nos: (02) 2414394-97 loc 117 or (02) 2459498 The name of applicant appearing in the official receipt is qualified to take the exam. amount (P100.Non-programmable scientific calculator. and 30 pts for Essay) – 30% 2. one (1) valid ID. Examination Time and Coverage: 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon – Mathematics.A non-refundable Examination Fee of PHP 100. proof of payment. Lt(jg) Maylord M De Chavez. 09159957018 or 09215599513 Applicants for this procedure may claim personally or through their authorized representative the official receipt at the NAMRIA MSO (item 1 above) or during the examination date. San Nicolas. NAMRIA Map Sales Office (MSO) 421 Barraca St. Analogies.

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