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Exam Title

: Ericsson ED0-001 : Ericsson MSC/BSC Competence Exam

Version : R6.1




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ALB C. EXDAI C.RECRI B. ATR B.RECCI C.REMCI D. SYNIC C.RX.REMRI. GSTEI. SYSFT D. . ALV D.IS. RECCI. What MOs can be tested with a command-ordered equipment test? A.TX. CF. EXDRP D.REMCI. SYFSC Answer:C 4. RELFSW0 B. Which file is used for automatic data dumps and automatic system reloads? A. RELFSW100 Answer:A 6.TX and TS     www.TCTDI Answer:B 3.RELFSW2 D. REPCI.RX and TS C.TRXC. TG.TRXC.TF. Which of the following commands is used to make a copy of backup file RELFSW1 to the oldest file in the SFR group? A.RX and TS B.CF. ASM Answer:B 5.IS.TX.TRXC.REPCI. A rolling database of active and previous hardware alarms can be viewed using________? A. REPRI.com    .TF. Which of the following is the correct command sequence for a CP Fault? A. RELFSW1 C. TG.NTTEI.      1. SYTUC B. Which of the following commands is used to add a device to the route? A. EXDRE Answer:A 2.Prepking. EXDRI B.

RXMSC and RXPLI Answer:D 10. ISPPRINT D. SYRSP Answer:B 11. RLDEI B.Program Store(PS) is affected? A. ALIST C. SDM B. Which of the following commands is used to define a channel group for a cell? A. PRINTPROCESS B.com    . TG. PMR     www. RXMOI and RXMSC C. SGW C.RX and TX Answer:B 7. False Answer:B 12. RLDGI C. Software Error Information can be retrieved by command_____? A. SYRIP C. RLDSI Answer:B 8.      D. True B.Prepking. Which of the following commands is used to print the process control in service performance log data? A. PTRIP B. ALOGLIST Answer:C 9. RLDEC D. RXEST and RXPLI B. OMS and STS measurement jobs for use by the NWS are created with? A. Which of the following pairs of commands is used to replace the software version for the Managed Objects? A.TS. When SAE individuals are increased or decreased. RXMSC and RXPLE D. SYDIP D.

Prepking. SUPRI D.What User or Application part is used for signaling between BSC and MSC in the GSM network? A. None of the above Answer:A 14. RALT B. ANRSI B. RAHEP B. 2 and 8 Answer:D 16. RTLTT Answer:C 17. INAP Answer:A 18. RAHHP C. A real-time ???scoreboard??à of current active hardware alarms can be viewed using________? A. SMIA Answer:D 13. RBLT D. BSSMAP B. ATR     www. MAP C. Which of the following commands is used to specify Routing Cases? A.com    . MALT C. The device type for the time slots on the Abis interface is a/an_____? A. SUSR C. SS7 is made up of a Message Transfer Part(MTP) and a number of User/Application parts. 3 and 6 C. 3 and 4 D. OMAP D. 2 and 6 B. RAHLP D. RAHTP Answer:A 15. Which of the following commands is used to print out the TRH Event Log? A. How many DCP2 are assigned to a GPRS and EDGE radio respectively? A.      D.

APT.and CMS8800 D. Which parameter determines the seizure for an outgoing trunk device? A.Prepking. DIRCP C. ANRAI D.and EM Answer:B 24. ANRSI Answer:C 22. S7LAI D. SP Answer:D 23. Which of the following sets is part of GSS? A.      B. Which of the following commands is used to activate an SS7 signaling link? A. Which of the following commands is used to activate a Routing Case? A. S7RSI B. DICEP D.and RPH B. DICRP B. BR B.and CLM C. S7SLI C.XM. DIECP Answer:B 21. Which of the following commands is used to print the CP EVENT RECORD data? A. ASM Answer:D 19.com    . S7OPI Answer:C 20. ANRPE B. ALV D. MUX. ALB C. P01 C. SPU. APZ. ANRPI C. Which of the following sets is part of GSS?     www. ETC. BNT D.RP.IPU.

BNT=1 Answer:D 29.the CPs should be in what state?     www.RX and TS C.RX and TX Answer:B 28. ANBSI B.TF.XM.RP.and EM Answer:C 25. An EOS is generated D. Hardware alarms can be sent to e-mail as they occur using the application_______? A.and CLM C.IS. Which of the following commands is used to activate the IMSI number series? A. The A-number analysis is started Answer:B 27.API.com    .CF. MUX.TRXC. BNT=2 D. TG. Before starting a lifeline procedurc. The call is terminated B. ALV C. What MOs can be tested with a command-ordered equipment test? A.TS. MGELI D. SPU.TF.TRXC.Prepking. BNT=4 B.and RPH B. ASM Answer:A 30. ANASI Answer:B 26.IPU. TG.RX and TS B. MGIAI C. APZ. What happens after the parameter TTA is triggered in the B-number analysis table? A.IS. ETC. Which BNT is used for international calls? A. TG.      A. BNT=8 C.TRXC.RX. CF. ATRALB B.TX. The analysis continues in the equal access table C.TX and TS D.and CMS8800 D.TX.

ALBALV C. Software/Hardware Error Notice B. Parallel with B executive C. B-number Analysis Tool(BET) C. Number Evaluation Tool(NET) D. RRMSE B.      A. RRTPI Answer:B 34. Recall Notice D. When a fault is discovered in either the software or hardware and corrective action is required.what does Ericsson issue? A. Number Analysis Manager(NAM) Answer:D 32.Prepking. Global and Local D. Correcion Note Issue Answer:D 35. Parallel with A executive B. Separated with A executive D. Notification of Replacement C. Active hardware alarm details can be viewed using_______? A. Parallel with B updating Answer:A 31.com    . ATR B. B-number Tree Manager(BTT) B. RRISI D. Analysis of the B-number tables can be performed by which of the following OSS tools? A. What are the two types of Size Alteration Events(SAEs)? A. SAE and SAF     www. ASM Answer:C 33. Which of the following commands is used to specify the number of resources in a defined transcoder pool? A. RRTPC C. RP and CP B. DS and PS C.

Statistical Measurement Initiation and Administration(SMIA) C. Measurement Result Recording(MRR) Answer:A 41.and MSRN is received via the HLR. During the handling of an incoming call in the GMSC. AXE Configuration Tool(ACT) Answer:C 39. Alarm Removal Tool(ART) Answer:B 40.e. Cell Traffic Recording(CTR) D. GRI D.      Answer:C 36. Alarm List Viewer(ALV) C. Which of the following OSS tools uses MSC functionality? A. Which of the following commands is used to break the 24-hour protection in the B-number analysis table?     www. Bsc Hardware Manager(BHM) C.and distributing them to the OSS database for storage? A. Statistical Data Mart(SDM) B. Cell Traffic Recording(CTR) C. MRNR1 Answer:C 37.Prepking.cabinet/slot) can be found using? A. UPDNA51 C. Specific AXE hardware addressing information(i. ______is responsible for collecting and parsing STS data files. AXE Hardware Configuration Manager(AHCM) B. Software Management Organizer(SMO) D.com    . MALNA51 B. Alarm Status Matrix(ASM) B. Mobile Traffic Recording(MTR) B. A link to the ALEX OPI for details on handling a specific alarm may be accessed through_____? A.Roaming re-routing is started in the GMSC. Statistical Gateway(SGw) D.A new B-number analysis is initiated using the BO(B-Origin) from the______route A. Statistical Routing Manager(SRM) Answer:C 38.

BURRESTORE B. TCP/IP C. Which protocol is used to connect the OSS system to a AXE network elements with an APG-40? A. BURBACKUP D. SWRPRINT     www. Alarms from Managed Objects that has been cleared D. In NWSA. Current fault information about Managed Objects only B.25 B.pre-defined reports are contained in? A. FTAM Answer:B 46. ANBAI B.which is displayed by command RXELP. SSH D. Corporate Documents C. X. FCC_SAVE_TO_REMOVE Answer:C 43. AMBLI C. ISPPRINT B. ANBLI Answer:D 42.com    . ALTST D. Which of the following commands is used to execute and APG software backup? A. ANRAR D. George Washington Answer:B 45. NWS Templates Answer:B 44.is used to see________? A. BUSAVESW C.      A. Personal Documents B. Standard Documents D. CPFLS C. Which of the following commands is used to check the current system software in the APG40? A.Prepking. Information contained in the Radio X-ceiver Administration Error Log Data Table. Historical fault information about Managed Objects C.

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