Consumer needs and goals…..

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others are acquired. • Every individual has needs. .• Needs:. some are innate. most importantly needs underlie all human action. but. There are various synonyms for need such as wants or desires.The term ‘need’ refers to any human requirement.

• Goals :.Goals are sought after results of motivated behavior. . • Goals are selected by the consumers to fulfill their specific needs • Goals can be product-specific or it can be generic. All behavior is goaloriented.

Needs and goals are constantly changing…… • Needs and goals are always growing and changing in response to :  Physical condition  Environment  Interaction with others.  Experiences .

• Goods and services available are changing. and therefore must alter their goals in order to effectively adapt. • The needs and goals of consumers change simply because life and its demands are constantly changing.Factors influencing formation of new goals…. • Consumers often find themselves in a new or unexpected situation. . • Economic environment can also lead to change in goals.

• Globalization • The nature of human being. .