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So the title sounds just like the marketing hype and oversell The Anti Hype despises.

Has The Anti Hype lost leave of his senses or has it been a scam all along?

The Guru Fodder gets taken in and spends the usual $47 - $97 to find out how this amazing
feat is achieved.

Well not here you don’t! Keep your credit card in your pocket.

I’ll tell you exactly how it’s done and it won’t cost you a penny or a great deal of time. All I
ask is if you think this useful you spread the word about this site – - and
bookmark this post using one of the Social Bookmarks at the end of the post - fair enough?

In fact, I’ll make it easier still for you by creating a mini-report you can down load and copy
step by step.

OK, before I tell you what to do here’s the proof.

If you do a Google search on “guru fodder” as at January 23rd 2008 you get the following
The top entry is one of mine AND for something I only created and posted online late Friday
January 18th. The title above states number 1 Google ranking in 4 days. No my calculator
hasn’t broken - I just didn’t get a screen shot yesterday - honest. But even if you don’t
believe me - is no.1 in 5 days of interest?

Here’s how you do it.

1. Decide on your keywords. For best immediate impact they need to be

something with low search volume.

I used Guru Fodder & The Anti Hype

2. Create a document with your keywords in the title and somewhere in the body

A Top 10 List is a great idea as lists are very popular. I created a pdf from my document but
you can leave as a Word document if you prefer. Let me know if you if you need help
creating a pdf and I’ll give you details of how to do it - no cost of course.

3. Open an account at - It’s a free service that allows you to upload any
type of document or photograph to the internet as long as you own the copyright.
It’s very simple and you’ll only need a few minutes to get up and running.

4. Upload your document. Again very simple - once your account is open you
simply hit the Upload Documents button, browse to the document on your hard
drive and you’re done.

5. Now create a link to the document on scribd - simply copy the url from the title
bar in your browser - and add it to a page on your website or blog. The scribd
page should be indexed in a few days whether you add the link to your site or not
but since you will want to get traffic to your web page I think this is an essential

I also copied the “embed” coding that you can at but that’s not necessary
for this to work.

6. Check your keywords in a Google search in a few days and you should see some
incredible results.

I did nothing else to get the no.1 position. In fact, this blog had only been live about 1 week
when I uploaded the document so there was no established ranking or traffic to affect the

By the way, here are the results for all of the search terms & keywords after just 4 days:

No 1 ranking for the term “guru fodder”

No 8 ranking for the term “anti hype”
No 4 ranking for the term “the anti hype”
Now, I appreciate no one is searching for those terms (YET… but with your help – go on hit
the “I Like it” button on the left) but the issue is how quickly it is possible to get a very high
ranking using nothing but Scribd.

Go on, give it a go and don’t forget to add TheAntiHype as a friend at Scribd

The Anti Hype