Prayer Mosaic

[Group Prayer Experience]

Hand Prayers
Placing your hand over each hand, pray for the requests written down.

Memorial Stones
Read Joshua 4 On the 3x5 cards write down things you are thankful for. Ideas: who He is, what He has given you, what He has not given you, who you are, the people in your life, things He has taught you and shown you about what He is like, the opportunities He has given etc. Then choose a few to write on rock and place in the middle of the table.

Come to Jesus, Weary and Heavy Laden
Take a piece of string and tie a knot for each thing you have been worrying about. Then spend some time praying for that thing and surrendering the control of it to Christ as you untie the knot.

Spend some time adoring how wonderfully incredible God is. You can use the books or the videos to cause your heart and mind to be in awe of Him.

God’s Passion
God’s passion is for the world to know Him. Spend some time praying for the things He passionately cares about… that the world would know Him. Use the maps to lead your thinking as to things and places to pray for. You can also use the verses to lead you in things to pray for people around the world.

God’s Heart
Pray for the things close to God’s heart. Orphans and oppressed. Use the magazines, newspaper and sheets to give you ideas of what they need prayer for.

When we made the decision to let Jesus forgive our sin and take control of our life, He forgave us for everything we have ever done in the past, present and future. So we don’t confess our sin to get more forgiveness, but to restore our friendship/fellowship with God. Write them down on a piece of paper and then burn it over the bowl remembering with gratitude how God has removed your sin as far as the east is from the west and will never again be remembered by Him.

Hearing from the Lord
Lectio Divina is Latin for holy reading. It is a classic approach to drawing near to God through His Word. It is a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures that enables the Word of God to become a means of union with God and consists of four distinct stages. 1. Lectio: Reading and Listening When we read God’s Word, we should allow ourselves to become men and women who listen as God speaks to us with His gentle but specific nudging. The practice of Lectio Divina requires that we first quiet our anxious thoughts in order to hear God’s Word to us. This is different than speed-reading, or scanning, as we might do with a daily newspaper. 2. Meditation: Meditating Once we have found a word or passage in scripture that speaks to us in a personal way, stop right there. Forget the rest of the chapter. Re-read the key thought, ruminate on it. In this kind of meditation, we don’t “empty our mind” as in Eastern meditation but rather, reflect on it. As you re-read the thought, it may help to emphasize different words. 3. Oratio: Prayer Next, talk to God about what you have been reflecting on. Ask Him questions about it. Tell Him what you think and feel about it. 4. Contemplatio: Contemplation, Acceptance Journal your questions, thoughts and the thoughts that come to your mind after you ask God your questions and compare your thoughts to Scripture. Think about what this would look like practically in your heart and life. Ask God how He would like you to respond to Him. Pick a paragraph or chapter and meet with God. Write down what God opened your eyes to and post it on the wall.

Mission Impossible
“As the Father sent Me, I am sending you.” John 20:21 Jesus’ mission was to bring salvation to the lost so that they would see the Father as He truly is. This is the same mission He gives to all who receive His salvation. This is your mission. Remembering the scene from The Passion of Jesus being beaten and hung on the cross, He did this for people who may never get a chance to hear what He did for them. He gave you a very important mission to tell them. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8 Your Jerusalem: 1. Make a list of the people in your sphere of influence you want to see come to know Christ and stand innocent before Him. Spend some time praying for them. (For God would soften their hearts and give them a desire to know Him and be able to see their sin for what it is etc.) 2. Ask God to give you ideas of how to get into a spiritual conversation with them and then share the Gospel with them. Write down the ideas that come to mind.

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