Data Copy (Delta 1 & 2 ) Received NAS from Tier3 Attach the NAS to the FileShare in the DC 2 Run the

MDL Migration tool to generate scripts 1 validate the Copy Scripts 0.5 Run the Copy Scripts 1 Validate the Copy in MDL Production 0.5 Generate PSTs (Delta 1 & 2 ) Generate the PST scripts Fix all the Errors. Sign off Data Migration Development of DM tools Receive the new database copy Analyse the new database and modify migration tool 2 Database conversion Manual 3 Dev Verification 2 Test verification of database 4 Migrate to UAT environment 1 Preparation of UAT environment 1 Testing in UAT environment ( Group) 1 Litigation Archive ( UAT ) UAT Completion 5/24/2013 Fix UAT Bugs 5/28/2013 6/30/2013 3 days UAT Bug Regression 6/4/2013 6/5/2013 2 days Server Clean up by Deployment Team 5/28/2013 5/28/2013 1 day Run WACA on UAT Environment 5/29/2013 2 days Generate and Review the Report 1 day Fix the Issue reported by WACA 2 days Deploy Litigation Archive 1 day Smoke Test 1 days Litigation Archive ( Production ) Production Servers Run WACA on Production servers Fix the Issue reported by WACA Deploy Litigation Archive Migrate the MSL DB to MDL Migrate the MDLMigration DB to MDL Smoke Test Back-up for production file share

Striping the ASLs Create a new Index for search Crawl the File Share.

Prepare Training manual for Litigation Archive .

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