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SSM40 Implementation Strategy

SSM40 Implementation Strategy

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Build a successful strategy for SAP Solution Manager

Statewide ASUG Chapter Meeting, Oklahoma & Texas February 29, 2008 Winni Hesel, Partner

What we’ll cover › Solution Manager Overview › How to build a strategy › Most FAQ’s on Solution Manager › 1 slide on Enowa

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What does Solution Manager Provide?
SAP Solution Manager
Implementation Administration/ Operations Service Desk Change Request Management BI DEV CRM DEV Solution Lifecycle BI QA CRM QA BI PRD CRM PRD


R/3 QA

R/3 Staging


ECC Upgrade DEV

ECC Upgrade QA

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Implementation/Upgrade Support ASAP Roadmaps and Templates Document Management Business Process Structure (BPML) Project Administration Configuration & Development Mgmt Test Management E-learning System Admin/Operations Support SAP Solution Manager Solution Administration Implementation/ Upgrade Support System Admin/ Operations Support Issue Management/ User Support Change Management Solution Monitoring Service Level Management Business Process Monitoring Global template functionality Issue Management/User Support Change Management Change Request Management Service Desk Solution Manager Diagnostics Repositories/ Directories Repositories/Directories (Foundation for the other areas) Solution Directory © enowa llc. Business Process Repository (BPR) Document Repository Project Repository . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.g. support.. testing. tools on the horizon for centrally managing print and background jobs › Projects. and system configuration Improves are all aligned to a process-oriented business model needed Significantly reduces preparation for upgrades..g.Examples for Solution Manager Benefits › Central toolset for managing SAP landscape makes administrators much more efficient e. central dashboard for viewing alerts. rollouts. IT and business’ understanding of what is › Changes are managed in a more sophisticated way e. . etc. software updates are pushed out and can be reviewed centrally before applying © enowa llc.

. and other solution components in preparation of rolling out to other divisions. configuration. countries. entities › Solution Management  • Technical Quality Management  • Upgrade  • Global Template  © enowa llc.Quick Tour – Implementations & Upgrades › ASAP methodology and content have been integrated into › › Solution Manager ASAP tools have been discontinued New RunSAP roadmap just out Available Roadmaps: • Implementation  For initial implementation For technical system administration activities during implementation and after go-live For the Technical Quality Managers involved in SAP AGS engagements For moving to a new version of SAP For defining scope. All rights reserved.

Quick Tour – (Re-) Document your solution › Structure of your business processes.. attached      A three-level hierarchy representing your business processes. test cases. across systems Replaces the Excel-based BPML Is defined during Blueprint (is a deliverable of the Blueprint phase) Becomes the framework to which other solution components are linked Can adapt SAP standard scenarios provided through Business Process Repository © enowa llc. . etc. in your terms. with configuration. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Quick Tour – Document Management › Load documents to business processes structure nodes Repository products for accepted deliverables/completed work › Manage document development Reviews and approvals. version control © enowa llc. . check-in/check-out.

Quick Tour – Config. Management › Configuration tables and development objects can be linked to your business process structure Currently selected business process Relevant items from IMG in satellite system © enowa llc. . All rights reserved. & Develop.

All rights reserved. .Quick Tour – Test Management › Test Workbench is embedded within Solution Manager Load reusable repository of test cases Integrated with Business Process Structure Can link and execute recorded eCATT test scripts (for testing SAP and Web applications) © enowa llc.

create and deliver standard activity report Central system admin task list Details. All rights reserved. and tracking Via System Landscape Directory Standardize activities across the landscape & set frequencies Attach documentation (e. logbook. instructions per task © enowa llc.Quick Tour – System Administration › Direct access to satellite system to complete activities › Centralized task planning. instructions) Automated task log. . scheduling.g..

Output Administration Associate processes › Define escalation paths. Early Watch Alerts › Centralized monitoring of: System Performance Database Performance System landscape summary report › Business Process Monitoring Monitoring information by business scenario and system component jobs with business › Jobs. automate warnings › Conduct Trend Analysis System availability report © enowa llc. .Quick Tour – System Monitoring › Leverages CCMS. All rights reserved.

consistent data collection and availability Effective SLM is enabled by centralization of administration and reporting activities Early Watch Admin data on SAP systems and info on Java-based systems › Data Integration Incorporates › Reporting & Analysis Central performance history Automated delivery of reports with receiver dependent on performance rating KPI targets. All rights reserved.Quick Tour – Service Level Management › Based on Early Watch data › Centralized. . history © enowa llc.

Quick Tour – Service Desk Creates Message End User 1 Solution Support Searches for Solution SAP Service Marketplace Provides Solution 2 Finds Solution SAP Solution Manager SAP system or Forwards Message SAP Notes database Service products Best practices DB 4 Provides Solution © enowa llc. All rights reserved. Customer’s solution database 3 Provides Solution SAP Support Customer SAP .

All rights reserved. .Quick Tour – Solution Manager Diagnostics Key capabilities: • Central Configuration Display • Central Log File Viewer • Software Change Tracking • Portal Monitoring and Single Activity Trace • HTTP Analysis • JAVA Thread Dump Analysis • JAVA Performance Analysis with WilyTech Introscope • Load tests with Mercury LoadRunner © enowa llc.

. etc.Quick Tour – Change Request Management › Transport Management with workflow control and integrated change administration SAP landscape › Central management of maintenance across › Integrates with Service Desk › Group changes into maintenance cycles. All rights reserved. urgent requests. © enowa llc.

All rights reserved.What we’ll cover › Solution Manager Overview › How to build a strategy › Most FAQ’s on Solution Manager › 1 slide on Enowa © enowa llc. .

All rights reserved. .Key starting point for your strategy I am here I am here I am here I am here Plan Discovery Evaluation Build/Upgrade Implementation/Upgrade Run Operations SAP Solution Composer Scenario and Process Content Repository SAP Solution Manager © enowa llc.

and all of them on different releases? DR1 TRQ DP1 TPQ PPI ERP PRD 2005 DB1 TBQ PI 7. 2x3 SAP APO … let’s say 93 boxes. 2x3 SAP CRM.6c PIN DB1 TBQ PI 7.6C R/3 PRD 4.0 PEX Ext © enowa llc.0 Int Portal DE1 TEQ 7. 4x3 SAP BW. PRD).0 PEX SRM PSR 5.0 DG1 TGQ R/3 PGT 4.0 DC1 TCQ Solution PSM PSM PSM Manager 4.0 BW PBW 3. All rights reserved.0 DL1 TLQ EHS PTR SRM PSR 5.Checkpoint: Landscape size › Landscape: Size matters! Do you have just a single DEV/QAS/PRD SAP R/3 system landscape? Or … do you have 3x23 SAP R/3 boxes (DEV.0 Live PLC Cache .5 DT1 TTQ DS1 TSQ SCM PSC 5. XI DI1 TIQ BW PBW 3.5 DS1 TSQ SCM PSC 5.0 DL1 TLQ BW DE1 TEQ 7.0 DR1 TRQ Live PLC Cache DP1 TPQ PPI DG1 TGQ GTS PGT 7. QAS.0 DC1 TCQ Portal DI1 TIQ PIN 7.

All rights reserved. adding SCM. already on ECC6. having to deal with two carve-outs and three acquisitions © enowa llc. APO in Europe while rolling out SAP BW to Latin America..Checkpoint: Your SAP initiatives › SAP Initiatives: Complexity matters! Single Many initiative. .g. sequential approach. many systems to upgrade at various points in time › e..0 and only want to add BW in 2008? overlapping initiatives by region/division or systems. stabile environment › e.g.

Decision flow to identify your starting point New customer? Yes No Upgrading to a new release or enhancing solution? Yes System performance problems. or downtime? Yes Need better infrastructure for end-user support? Yes Solution change control challenges? Yes 1 Implementation/Upgrade 2 Solution Monitoring 3 Service Desk 4 © enowa llc. All rights reserved. complex landscape. Change Request Management .

present/target solution environment. All rights reserved. Selection of the “right” path for you depends on your biggest pain points.Where do you go next – Three key options selective Solution Manager Functionality complete 1 Reap quick wins first › Use selected functionality company-wide to address pain points that can be addressed quickly complete 2 Integration Benefits First 3 Combined Approach selective 2 Reap integration benefits first › Use the full SAP Solution Manager functionality company areas for selected 1 Quick Wins First SAP Solution Manager Utilization = Starting Point = Intermediate solution = Optimal solution 3 Hybrid approach › Try to reap the benefits of both scenarios There are multiple ways to reach the highest benefit level. and IT strategy. . © enowa llc.

large Installed Solution Manager 3.2 (mainly to play with and do some proof of concept) with some solution documentation included Started initiative to upgrade to 4.0 Started initiative to implement Change Request Management Started initiative to build global template from AS-IS landscape of 3+ regional systems Time elapsed: 18 months from start Owner: Global SAP Competency Center Key challenge: › Getting the business and system owners involved and coordinated across regions © enowa llc.How others did it – Example 1 › Consumer Goods Company . . All rights reserved.

and had 90% of the business processes active that were needed for the rollout Used RBE Plus to populate Solution Manager with the AS-IS (processes) Enhanced the AS-IS by bringing former ASAP project documentation into Solution Manager Kicked off for rollout from the US to Europe and China Time elapsed on preparation for kick-off: 3 months © enowa llc.How others did it – Example 2 › Global Roll-Out Program Identified Installed Solution Manager as the central support tool › Only implementation/roll-out functionality will be used Solution Manager 4.0 Received initial training from SAP (3 days) Identified one SAP R/3 4. All rights reserved. .6c system that best represented the business scenarios.

and close tickets.0 was installed Service desk was initiated to provide their new SAP help desk with a solution to record. . All rights reserved. Solution Manager 4.How others did it – Example 3 › Mid-size chemical company Did not use Solution Manager for net new SAP implementation during 2006 After go-live. follow up. as well as document their SAP solutions › Help desk had not been using any third-party ticket tracking tool © enowa llc.

re-organizing who owns the change control process © enowa llc. .g. All rights reserved. centralization..Summary: Key points for your strategy › Key drivers for strategy definition Where you are in the solution lifecycle Complexity of your landscape and what third-party tools you use What your project/initiative roadmap looks like (alignment!) Everyone’s › Other tips strategies will differ Alignment with your overall IT strategy and your ongoing initiatives is important Your application management organization may require some change › e.

All rights reserved. .What we’ll cover › Solution Manager Overview › How to build a strategy › Most FAQ’s on Solution Manager › 1 slide on Enowa © enowa llc.

All rights reserved.FAQ’s on Solution Manager › What is Solution Manager? A platform that provides integrated content. you need it to access SAP support as well as to access patches. . for all SAP NetWeaver components © enowa llc. and operating your enterprise SAP solutions Basic idea of Solution Manager was to share tools and methods with customers and partners. service packs.. etc. upgrading. tools and methodologies for implementing. and to streamline support between SAP and its customers At › Why do I need it? the minimum. monitoring. supporting.

.FAQ’s on Solution Manager (cont’d) › What hidden costs are to be expected? Additional Cost cost for the Solution Manager landscape › Min.e. RBE Plus service) © enowa llc.or 3-tier recommended for external help to support Solution Manager setup/implementation project(s) Talent not easily found in the market › Very few knowledgeable consultants › Not all SAP partners have adopted SAP’s Solution Manager Solution Manager does not “solve” all problems › Additional cost for new interfaces or “connectors” to third-party tools Getting Solution Manager populated with your AS-IS business processes is a separate service (i. All rights reserved. 2. .

. › How does transport management work in Solution Manager? It’s handled in ChaRM (Change Request Management) › Can you use Solution Manager’s Service Desk Yes. etc. but is never executed or loaded “into” Solution Manager. All rights reserved. without implementing any third-party software? © enowa llc.FAQ’s on Solution Manager (cont’d) › How can I load my “configuration” in Solution Manager? You don’t. Configuration should be executed “through” Solution Manager. CRM.. system itself will stay completely in the respective component system. The configuration of your R/3.

upgrade. or service desk is used › Do “end users” use Solution Manager? Yes. All rights reserved.2. eLearning. etc. have moved into Solution Manager and are now fully integrated and enhanced if … implementation. Most customers decide to do a new install for 4. © enowa llc. Should I upgrade to or re-install 4. . all related tools.0? Upgrade and migration tools not at the level where they should be. › I have Solution Manager 3.FAQ’s on Solution Manager (cont’d) › Has Solution Manager been enhanced to be equal or better than ASAP? ASAP still remains to be the methodology. accelerators.0. project maps.

You can copy it to a project and change it there. © enowa llc. level 1: Business Scenario. All rights reserved. but the Business Process Repository (BPR) itself will remain the same. .e.. › Can the Business Process Repository (BPR) (as delivered by SAP) be modified? No. but you can store your requirements as documents in each project › Can I extend the levels in the business process structure? i. The structure is set and can’t be changed.FAQ’s on Solution Manager › Does Solution Manager help me document and track my requirements? There is no dedicated place for it. level 2: Business Process. level 3: Business Process Step and associated transactions No.

which include updated content for documents. © enowa llc. but Solution Manager doesn’t include one. . Your business scenario/process structure is your BPML. All rights reserved. SP13). › Is the Knowledge Warehouse (KW) within Solution No.FAQ’s on Solution Manager › How does the BPR get updated? SAP provides “content releases” (look for ST-ICO. business processes. etc. accelerators. › Can I export a BPML out of Solution Manager? No. Manager (for managing documents) a full license of KW? You are limited to project documentation. › ASAP used to offer a report to do this. current: 150. which can be exported to Excel.

All rights reserved. the bigger the impact › Implementation teams will be troubled because they will have no access to configuration and documentation – you could re-open SPRO in the component systems … › Monitoring of your landscape is not possible › Tickets/messages can’t be recorded or worked on © enowa llc.FAQ’s on Solution Manager › How do I do sizing for my Solution Manager system(s)? Best resource is the separate sizing guide from SAP (12 page document) available on the SAP Service Marketplace * › Go to Solution Manager  Order Information  Technical Requirements › What happens when Solution Manager is down? The more modules/areas you have live on Solution Manager. .

roadmap. need to be set up Authorization. and landscape Workflow set up . workflow. All rights reserved. Landscape and other basic settings such as alerts. You need to execute basic customizing and maintain your landscape at the minimum. Required X X X X X Significant Config. Required Comment Solution Manager Module Monitoring Service Desk Implementation Upgrade Change Request Management © enowa llc. etc. ticket status. connection to SAP-help. landscape. Moderate settings such as status settings.FAQ’s on Solution Manager › Can you use Solution Manager out-of-the-box without any customizing? No. – tying to affected business process optional Status settings. etc. Moderate Config.

2007) › SAPinsider SAP Solution Manager Seminar Chicago.com/okp * › SAP Online Knowledge Products for SAP Solution Manager. May 19-21 (planned) Copenhagen.sap. All rights reserved. help documents. free for all customers and partners › New book from SAP – SAP Solution Manager Matthias Melich and Marc O. go to … › Presentations. SAP Solution Manager (SAP PRESS. Schäfer. SAP tutors http://service. June 4-6 (planned) Los Angeles. * Requires login credentials to the SAP Service Marketplace .For more info. July 21-23 © enowa llc.

All rights reserved. .What we’ll cover › Solution Manager Overview › How to build a strategy › Most FAQ’s on Solution Manager › 1 slide on Enowa © enowa llc.

All rights reserved.1 slide on Enowa © enowa llc. .

Contact us … › Phone: (610) 296 3641 › eMail: rick.com We have Solution Manager project experience at these selected clients and over 15 more!! © enowa llc.sapsolutionmanagerseminar.com › Meet us at these SAPinsider events: SAP Solution Manager Seminar www. All rights reserved.place@enowa-consulting. .

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