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Shakespeare, William - Sase Sonete

Shakespeare, William - Sase Sonete

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Published by: Anca Anghel on May 28, 2013
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´ equivalences

Pagina de titlu

Sonnets William Shakespeare

Pagina 1 din 26 ˆ Inapoi

S ¸ ase sonete t˘ alm˘ acite de Ilinca Bernea

ˆ Intregul ecran

´ equivalences

ˆ Inchide


Ie¸ sire

´ equivalences
c c c c c Ilinca Dobrescu (Bucharest, Romania) [translation] MAT (Madrid, Spain) [cover Nudo et´ ereo ] Daniel Chiribes ¸ (Bucharest, Romania) [photo] Adrian Rezus ¸ (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) [edition] A ´quivalences / poe `mes [pdfL e TEX – pdf/screen]

Pagina de titlu

2002 2001 2002 2002 2002

Pagina 2 din 26 ˆ Inapoi

This electronic edition is a non-profit publication ´ Tha `n The ˆ `nh] & produced by pdfTEX14.h [ c 2001 Ha A created by L TEX 2ε with hyperref & pdf/screen
A A L TEX 2ε c 1993–2001 the L TEX3 project team et al. hyperref c 1995–2001 Sebastian Rahtz pdf/screen c 2001 Adrian Rezus ¸ [based on pdfscreen] c pdfscreen 1999–2001 C. V. Radhakrishnan

ˆ Intregul ecran

ˆ Inchide

typeset by romanianTEX c 1994–2001 Adrian Rezus ¸ printed in the netherlands – August 20, 2002

Ie¸ sire

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Pagina 3 din 26 ˆ Inapoi William Shakespeare S ¸ ase sonete t˘ alm˘ acite de Ilinca Bernea 2002 ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire rencontres .

´ equivalences oricˆ at de aproape am fi nu suntem niciodat˘ aˆ ımpreun˘ a dar nici ˆ ındeajuns de singuri ˆ ıncˆ at s˘ a putem da de gustul uit˘ arii Ilinca Bernea M˘ a¸ stile adev˘ arului Pagina de titlu Pagina 4 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Pagina 5 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Pagina 6 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu William Shakespeare Sonnets S ¸ ase sonete Pagina 7 din 26 ˆ Inapoi t˘ alm˘ acite de Ilinca Bernea ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Pagina 8 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

´ equivalences 21 So is it not with me as with that muse. As any mother’s child. I will not praise that purpose not to sell. Pagina de titlu Pagina 9 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . Making a couplement of proud compare With sun and moon. And then believe me. my love is as fair. though not so bright As those gold candles fixed in heaven’s air: Let them say more that like of hearsay well. O let me true in love but truly write. with earth and sea’s rich gems: With April’s first-born flowers and all things rare. And every fair with his fair doth rehearse. Who heaven it self for ornament doth use. Stirred by a painted beauty to his verse. That heaven’s air in this huge rondure hems.

Cu dragoste matern˘ a. ne-ngr˘ adit˘ a S ¸ i nici un vers suflat cu praf de aur Nu-i poate fi dublur˘ aˆ ın oglind˘ a. Din flori de-april s˘ a-t ¸i ˆ ımpletesc cununa. Pagina de titlu Pagina 10 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . S˘ a te-nrudesc cu soarele ¸ si marea. zarea. F˘ aptura s˘ a¸ ti-o cˆ ant ˆ ın mi bemol. Prefer s˘ a tac decˆ at s˘ a scriu vreun rˆ and Despre ce simt ¸ si n-am de gˆ and s˘ a vˆ and. C˘ aci te iubesc cu-adev˘ arat ¸ si pur. S ¸ i s˘ a-t ¸i a¸ stern sub t˘ alpi imens˘ a. Eu nu-ndr˘ aznesc s˘ a te cunun cu luna.´ equivalences XXI Eu n-a¸ s putea s˘ a-mi fac muza s˘ a plˆ ang˘ a Pe versuri sm˘ acuite-n chip frivol. S˘ a-t ¸i fac un chip cioplit din cer ¸ si und˘ a.

Authorizing thy trespass with compare. That I an accessary needs must be. And ’gainst my self a lawful plea commence: Such civil war is in my love and hate. To that sweet thief which sourly robs from me. Pagina de titlu Pagina 11 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . and even I in this. Roses have thorns. Thy adverse party is thy advocate. My self corrupting salving thy amiss. Excusing thy sins more than thy sins are: For to thy sensual fault I bring in sense. And loathsome canker lives in sweetest bud. All men make faults. Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun.´ equivalences 35 No more be grieved at that which thou hast done. and silver fountains mud.

noroaie-ascunse-n ape. Se-ntˆ ampl˘ a azi ˆ ın mine ca-ntr-un r˘ azboi civil Chiar ˆ ımpotriv˘ a-mi s˘ a pledez cu ur˘ a. C˘ aci gˆ andul m˘ a tr˘ adeaz˘ a¸ si ap˘ ar˘ a servil A trupului chemare ¸ si-a dragostei m˘ asur˘ a. Tot ¸i oamenii gre¸ sesc ¸ si eu aduc c˘ aint ¸ei Tribut.´ equivalences XXXV Nu pot ¸i sp˘ ala cu lacrimi un r˘ au neizb˘ avit. Cu umbre ce-ar putea meteahna s-o adape. Cum a¸ s putea s˘ a vreau de tine s˘ a m˘ a rup Cˆ and mi-ai r˘ apit ¸ si minte ¸ si inim˘ a¸ si trup! Pagina de titlu Pagina 12 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . F˘ acˆ andu-mi mintea dreapt˘ a codo¸ s al inimii. Exist˘ a viermi ˆ ın flori. Nori ¸ si eclipse-ncarc˘ a al a¸ strilor zenit. tot c˘ autˆ and prin vagi alegorii S˘ a neg c˘ a-ntre p˘ acate st˘ a demonul dorint ¸ei.

I may not evermore acknowledge thee. Though in our lives a separable spite. Although our undivided loves are one: So shall those blots that do with me remain.´ equivalences 36 Let me confess that we two must be twain. by me be borne alone. As thou being mine. Unless thou take that honour from thy name: But do not so. In our two loves there is but one respect. Without thy help. Pagina de titlu Pagina 13 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . Lest my bewailed guilt should do thee shame. Nor thou with public kindness honour me. Which though it alter not love’s sole effect. I love thee in such sort. mine is thy good report. Yet doth it steal sweet hours from love’s delight.

De n-am fi doi n-a¸ s mai putea ascunde C˘ a vina care-o port e-a noastr˘ a toat˘ a. Dragostea noastr˘ a rupt˘ a-n dou˘ a viet ¸i Ne str˘ ajuie¸ ste sufletul proscris. rang. Tu mi-ai jertfi. mˆ andrie. te pot ascunde-n mine S ¸ i-al meu fiind. P˘ astrˆ and secretul ˆ ıns˘ a. Ca doar singur˘ at˘ a¸ tii mele r˘ aul S˘ a-i plimbe-n lume trena prin noroi. Pagina de titlu Pagina 14 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . ˆ ın tain˘ a. s˘ a te bˆ arfesc de bine. virtute ˆ In gura lumii hˆ ad˘ a¸ si neroad˘ a. De¸ si s-ar zice c-am fi doi ascet ¸i Ne r˘ at˘ acim prin dezmierd˘ ari de vis.´ equivalences XXXVI De¸ si iubirea ne preschimb˘ aˆ ıntr-unul Bine-ar fi totu¸ si s˘ a r˘ amˆ anem doi.

By looking on thee in the living day. are bright in dark directed. form happy show. Through heavy sleep on sightless eyes doth stay! All days are nights to see till I see thee. When to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so! How would (I say) mine eyes be blessed made. For all the day they view things unrespected. To the clear day with thy much clearer light. And darkly bright. Pagina de titlu Pagina 15 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .´ equivalences 43 When most I wink then do mine eyes best see. When in dead night thy fair imperfect shade. But when I sleep. And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me. Then thou whose shadow shadows doth make bright How would thy shadow’s form. in dreams they look on thee.

S˘ a-t ¸i ˆ ıntˆ alnesc privirea dintr-odat˘ a! Atunci lumina zilei s-ar preschimba ˆ ın zi S ¸ i dintr-un somn ciudat la viat ¸˘ a m-a¸ s trezi.´ equivalences XLIII Sub pleoapele ˆ ınchise. Numai cu ochii-nchi¸ si te pot vedea. Pagina de titlu Pagina 16 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . S ¸ i m˘ a gˆ andesc ce binecuvˆ antare Ar fi ca-n plin˘ a zi ˆ ıntunecat˘ a. Oricˆ at de mut ai fi sau de departe Umbra ta-mi ˆ ınsenineaz˘ a calea. imaginile-s clare Cu ochii larg deschi¸ si v˘ ad umbre fade. Noaptea ˆ ın vis fantoma ta-mi apare Lipit˘ a de privire ¸ si-n ˆ ıntuneric arde. Mi-e astfel noaptea zi ¸ si ziua noapte. Cˆ and ochii-mi r˘ at˘ acesc absent ˆ ın zare.

Receiving nought by elements so slow. But that so much of earth and water wrought. But ah. No matter then although my foot did stand Upon the farthest earth removed from thee. Injurious distance should not stop my way. As soon as think the place where he would be. Pagina de titlu Pagina 17 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . where thou dost stay. For nimble thought can jump both sea and land. From limits far remote. I must attend. For then despite of space I would be brought. time’s leisure with my moan. badges of either’s woe. But heavy tears. thought kills me that I am not thought To leap large lengths of miles when thou art gone.´ equivalences 44 If the dull substance of my flesh were thought.

a¸ stept˘ ari de¸ sarte. C˘ aci a¸ s putea str˘ abate munt ¸i ¸ si v˘ ai Cu-a mint ¸ii mele fort ¸˘ a c˘ atre tine. N-ar mai conta c˘ a pa¸ sii mei ¸ si-ai t˘ ai Alte meleaguri calc˘ a-n ast˘ a lume.´ equivalences XLIV Dac-al meu trup de carne ar fi gˆ and Nedreptei dep˘ art˘ ari ce ne desparte Nu s-ar ˆ ımpotrivi cer sau p˘ amˆ ant Distant ¸e. Mi-e trupul greu de ape ¸ si coline. Dar m˘ a ucide gˆ andul c˘ a nu-s gˆ and. timpuri. Pagina de titlu Pagina 18 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . ˆ In neputint ¸a c˘ arnii-mi aflu chinul S ¸ i-ncerc prin lacrimi s˘ a fort ¸ez destinul. Pedeapsa dep˘ art˘ arii o ˆ ınfrunt De parc˘ a mii de leghe-mi curg ˆ ın vine.

´ equivalences 66 Tired with all these for restful death I cry. And strength by limping sway disabled And art made tongue-tied by authority. And simple truth miscalled simplicity. And right perfection wrongfully disgraced. As to behold desert a beggar born. Pagina de titlu Pagina 19 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . And folly (doctor-like) controlling skill. And captive good attending captain ill. Save that to die. Tired with all these. I leave my love alone. And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted. from these would I be gone. And purest faith unhappily forsworn. And needy nothing trimmed in jollity. And gilded honour shamefully misplaced.

ˆ Ins˘ a murind a¸ s frˆ ange sufletul dragei mele. Credint ¸a fluturat˘ a-n chip f˘ a¸ tarnic. Virginitatea grosolan vˆ andut˘ a.´ equivalences LXVI S˘ atul acum de toate invoc odihna mort ¸ii. Ieftin˘ atatea-n haina simplit˘ a¸ tii. Calea cea dreapt˘ a pus˘ aˆ ın pericol. limb˘ a de lins mˆ ana puterii. A¸ s vrea s˘ a-mi aflu moartea. s˘ atul de-atˆ atea rele. S˘ a v˘ ad tic˘ alo¸ sia f˘ acˆ and sort ¸ii. Nu mai suport s˘ a tot implor zadarnic. Noblet ¸ea preschimbat˘ aˆ ın ridicol. Unealt˘ a-a saltimbancilor cet˘ a¸ tii. Vraci ce ˆ ımbrac˘ a-n vers p˘ acatul firii. Pagina de titlu Pagina 20 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . Arta. Perfect ¸iunea jalnic oc˘ arˆ at˘ a.

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Ilinca Bernea ieri era mai tˆ arziu decˆ at azi Pagina 21 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ ˆlnirea ınta ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

L. Sala Majestic. ˆ ın octombrie 1997) ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . scenografie): Cum v˘ a place“ de William Shakespeare (la Teatrul Odeon. turneu ” la Teatrul Odeon. Caragiale“ ” din Bucure¸ sti (regie 1992–1996. n. diplom˘ a de licent ¸˘ a 1996) Pagina 22 din 26 ˆ Inapoi regizoare de teatru: stagiunea 1994–1995: regia spectacolului-examen Setea ¸ si foa” mea“ de Eug` ene Ionesco (la Teatrul Odeon din Bucure¸ sti.´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Ilinca Bernea: pseudonimul literar al Ilinc˘ ai Dobrescu. ˆ ın Bucure¸ sti studii: Colegiul Nat ¸ional Sfˆ antul Sava“ din Bucure¸ sti (1988–1992). scena pod) stagiunea 1995–1996: fragmente de spectacol (regie. ” scena pod) stagiunea 1997–1998: regia spectacolului Cu u¸ sile ˆ ınchise“ de ” Jean-Paul Sartre (la Teatrul Maria Filloti“ din Br˘ aila. ” Universitatea de Arte Teatrale ¸ si Cinematografice I. la 21 iulie 1974.

proz˘ a scurt˘ a. e-texte : Ignorant ¸ii. Romˆ ania literar˘ a (poezie: 1991– 1997).. manifest al poeziei libere. cartea ˆneasca ˘ . roman. noesis. eseuri. studii de gen). Iubiri ˆ ın c˘ ama¸ s˘ a de fort ¸˘ a ˆneasca ˘ . dramaturgie original˘ a ¸ si dramatiz˘ ari. cartea roma sti [ˆ ın curs de aparit ¸ie] premii literare: premiu pentru poezie (Ministerul Culturii.´ equivalences activit˘ a¸ ti didactice ¸ si de cercetare: asistent˘ a universitar˘ a la Facultatea de Sociologie ¸ si Asistent ¸˘ a Social˘ a din Bucure¸ sti. Bucure¸ (nuvele). Bucure¸ sti 1997). laureat˘ a a premiilor onc. ˆ ın: Cartea virtual˘ a – 50 de volume: literatur˘ a romˆ an˘ a contemporan˘ a. Bucure¸ sti 2001 [data cd]. proz˘ a. sect ¸iunea Sinopsis (scenariu de film: iulie 2000) Pagina de titlu Pagina 23 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . publicat ¸ii electronice) publicat ¸ii: ˆ ın periodice (poezie. scenarii de teatru ¸ si film). eseist˘ a (filosofie postlacanian˘ a. studii de doctorat (din ianuarie 2001) la Institutul de Psihologie Mihail Ra” lea“ al Academiei Romˆ ane. Scena (critic˘ a de teatru) etc. ˆ ın volume : Legile hazardului (versuri). critic˘ a de teatru): Contrapunct (debut cu poezie: 1990). cercetare curent˘ a (studii de gen) la Institutul de S ¸ tiint ¸e Sociale ¸ si Politice din Bucure¸ sti scriitoare (poezie. Bucure¸ roma sti 1997. redactoare (emisiuni de informat ¸ie cultural˘ a tv. traduc˘ atoare.

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Pagina 24 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Cuprins William Shakespeare Sonnets 7 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 Pagina 25 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran Ilinca 21 35 36 43 44 66 Bernea S ¸ ase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sonete . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ilinca Bernea ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire . . . . . .

´ equivalences Pagina de titlu Pagina 26 din 26 ˆ Inapoi ˆ Intregul ecran ˆ Inchide Ie¸ sire .

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