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By: Lawrence Jung

Valentina Ziegler: Valentina is the wife of Damon Ziegler. She is a successful human bioweapon under Project GENE, known as Subject Z8-42. Every week she is required to see a doctor who adjusts her memory and monitor her genetic makeup to ensure there is a balance between the dangerous chemicals and human genetics. She has been given a persona of a 28 year old accountant at a major bank. Damon Tiberius Ziegler (Tye): The son of Dr. Caspian Zeigler, The husband of Valentina, a spy who works for the CIA. His assignment was to observe Valentina and take notes on her behavior and current medical conditions. His current cover is a Top Marketing Executive at a famous Marketing Firm. There is also an ulterior motive for the CIA to assign Damon on this mission, it is to observe him. The top brass is aware that Damons father is the creator of the Memory Crown, a device the CIA used often to retrieve information and erase information from the human mind. They are curious if Damons father has left anything behind. Emmerich Oswin Ziegler: The younger brother of Damon. He became a professional soccer player and is a midfielder for the Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC). Caspian Maxfield Ziegler: The father of Damon Tiberius Ziegler (8 years old). Head scientist in Memory Research at Rapture Biodivine Industria under a project known as Project Moneta. He is the inventor of the Memory Crown, a device with its sole purpose it to cure Alzheimer. At a very young age he aspired to change and improve the lives of many through scientific means. As a child his parents had Alzheimer and because of that he had to grow up quickly in order to take care of himself. This lead the determined Caspian to find a cure for Alzheimer to prevent others similar to his situation, to have parents forgets of their existence everyday. Anneliese Sophia Ziegler: The mother of Damon Tiberius Ziegler. She was a loving mother who supported her children aspirations but her relationship with Caspian was strained due to his commitment in his scientific research in curing Alzheimer. Mark/Jake/Sam/Audrey: High school friends of Daemon Ziegler. They were his core group of friends before Daemon went to college. Princess Ziegler: The daughter of King Ziegler. Prince Ziegler: Many Generations later of the Zieglers family line, the Son of King Ziegler. There was an era when there was a revolution in the United States that transformed it from a Democracy to a Monarchy.

Dr. Quincy Pennyworth: A doctor, mechanic and confidant to Damon. Whenever Damon is given an assignment by the CIA, Quincy is always on hand for the latest gadget that will help him with his mission. He is a World War 2 veteran and is trained in a variety of combat techniques. He is the go to man for whenever Damon is in need. Even though Quincy is quite old, he is capable and strong. He is someone you can count on. Dr. Erhard: On the team that helps Dr. Zeigler in solving the Alzheimer problem. He is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University and has his doctorate in Cognitive Science. Dr. Hildebrand: On the team that helps Dr. Zeigler in solving the Alzheimer problem Dr. Delphine Michaux: The lead of her team, Z12. Dr. Michaux had lost her father in the war effort to defeat the terrorist group Independence and have been looking at ways to defeat them by any means necessary. She has been specially recruited for Project GENE for her research in human genetics and chemical compounds. After many trials, her team successfully created the first human clone bioweapon. Dr. Mercier Bianchi: A co-scientist working with Dr. Michaux on Project GENE. His expertise is Neuroscience and Chemistry Dr. Sebastian Schaefeer: A co-scientist working with Dr. Michaux on Project GENE. His expertise is Behavior Science and Human Anatomy. Dr. Zander Fergus: The head director of Project GENE Barnaby Rudiger: The President of Research and Development at Rapture Biodivine Industria. He was in charge of funding Project Moneta at the company and exposed their work to the Department of Defense. Lieutenant Oswin (Rudiger name from first draft): The correspondent from the DoD to Rapture Biodivine Industria in forming Project Memory Refresh. With his lead, he hijacks Project Moneta and change the purpose of the research to memory erasure under the false goal of curing PTSD. Rupert Calloway: Rupert is a private investigator who has been investigating a string of deaths happening in Chicago. He was a police chief for the Chicago Police Department (CPD) of a decade but after taking on cases that he was not able to solve within the confines of the law, he quit and became a private investigator. He is plainly dressed man with a wrinkled white button down shirt and stained beige overcoat. He created a wiki-leaks type site known as With the power of the internet; he brought together people from different backgrounds that are able to look at the data posted by Rupert. This included chemist, scientist, hand writing recognition, photo analyzer and puzzle solvers

Origin Memory In the year 2020, Dr. Caspian Maxfield Zeigler is on a breakthrough on curing Alzheimer disease by creating a device that helps restore human memory. By analyzing techniques in recovering memory in decaying hard drive disk, Dr. Zeigler applied these same concepts to the human mind by looking for the bad memory cells and copying the memory to the good cells. His father suffered from Alzheimer when we was a little child and has devoted his life to finding a cure for this disease. Unfortunately, Rapture Biodivine Industria, the company he was working for, gave minimal funding towards this project (Project Moneta) causing Dr. Zeigler and his co-workers (Dr. Erhard and Dr. Hildebrand) to work late nights in the labs causing him to neglect his family of two young boys and his lovely wife Anneliese. However through his teams perseverance, new break thoughts were made through his animal test subjects that the next phase of testing on humans was ready. A couple years later, when testing on humans was about to begin, the United States government notices this research and saw the development of this device as a way to cure post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars created a generation of soldiers with PTSD that have been causing problems in America. However the military saw other potential uses for this device such as erasing memory to creating false memories. Under the guise of joint research between the DoD and Rapture Biodivine Industria, Project Memory Refresh started however it was still known as Project Moneta publically. Lieutenant Oswin and his team from the DoD continue to assist Dr. Ziegler with his research in curing Alzheimer but have been secretly taking that research and modifying it to see if they can use it to erase or create memories. The DoD has donated some of their men for this project and some have failed to live by the end of it. Tragically Dr. Ziegler noticed that his research has been changed and modified when he entered a testing room where Lieutenant Oswin and other DoD scientist was just wrapping up their experiment. Their subject did not know anything except to breath and the move. The subject could not speak, understand what was being spoken to him or know basic movement like walking, sitting and standing. Dr. Zeigler was mortified by this revelation. With a few phone calls and help from his coworkers, he became a doctor of a different profession. One night, Dr. Zeigler wore his own invention the Memory Crown, with the help of Dr. Erhard and Dr. Hildebrand he erased any knowledge he had regarding Project Moneta and any Biological and Neuroscience knowledge. He then changes his knowledge to a different field of study. He continues to remember his family and kids and time spent with them but nothing related to his research at Rapture Biodivine Industria. Dr. Zeigler left a note to himself of the next steps he should take once his memory was erased. He left Rapture Biodivine Industria and with his family moved to a different state. The DoD did not go after him since they got everything the needed but kept a watchful eye on his family to make sure nothing related to Project Memory Refresh was leaked out. Gene
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The year is 2030 and President Bellwater has signed an executive order to fund a secret weapons project for the Department of Defense (DoD) under the guise of Humanity Improvement Project (HIP). Terrorist around the world have become more inventive in fighting wars beyond kidnapping important delegates and coordinating large scale attacks on major cities. The largest terrorist group known as Independence is on a mission in freeing the world from "government" power and returning that power to the hands of the people. They have been kidnapping ambassadors and blowing up important financial district which cause tremendous fluctuation in the world market. The top governments of the world are trying to figure a way to contain and eliminate this group. Human cloning has become available however the clones themselves do not have a mind of a human. They currently exist as human shells. The general public does not know that cloning humans have been successfully done. With no public backlash on potential human rights violations, the DoD treat the clones like any other tools. With Project Memory Refresh completing its final trial run, HIP has been looking at using clone humans as bioweapons to fight against Independence. Project Genetic Engineering Neurological Enhancement (GENE), under HIP, headed by Dr, Zander Fergus looked at combining chemical weapons and clones. The idea was to allow Independence to kidnap these clones of important people and/or innocent citizens and have them destroy the terrorist group from within. Clones also proved to have other uses like growing organs to repair or replace organs in wounded soldiers. US citizens are tired of war. Blood and organ donations are at an all time low proving to be difficult to save some soldiers lives. Other military heads see clones as a way of creating super soldiers and to use it as a way of showing Americans military dominance in the world. There was some push back to this development as it was looked as catalysis to another start of a Cold War. At a secret research facility, Dr. Delphone Michaux, Dr. Mercier Bianchi and Dr. Sebastian Schaefeer form Team Z12, the name of the lab they worked in. After many trials and error, these doctors successfully created a clone with properties of biochemical weapons. With their help, the DoD created a series of clones with various weapon capabilities but needed to be tested. They have created the Renaturalization Program. Combine with the successful constructed Memory Crown from Project Memory Refresh, this new generation of biological weapons have been given false memories and released into the general public without their knowledge. Biological clones combine with the memories and thought process creates a full human. In the 8th batched of human clone bioweapons, a college-age appearance female, known as Subject Z8-42 was given the name Valentina. Act One Discovery In Chicago, a string of unexplained deaths are being discovered by a private investigator Rupert Calloway. His first case was with a college student whose classmate had passed away. Her college institution gave no explanation and the news didnt even cover it. The police just called it deceased through unusual circumstances. Rupert assumed that the institution didnt want to have to handle a death on their hands and scare parents from sending their children to their university. After covering a couple of crime scenes, he notices a common thread between them. There have been no mentions of these deaths by the media (television, major websites and newspapers). The Chicago Police Department (CPD) just glances over the case and continues to identify these deaths by
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unusual circumstances and was not spoken about again. The bodies of these victims were not returned to their family's (dummies were) but taken by unmarked black Cadillac and never seen again. Rupert wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. Over the course of the year he had discovered a link between the victims and a Dr. Harbinger. These victims needed to see this doctor for various medical issues and the doctor gave them a bottle of pills that would prevent the disease from spreading within this body. Rupert noticed these pills at each of the crime scene and had them sent out to a scientist to analyze the chemical compositions of the pills. However over time, he felt like he was being followed and watched on. When he returned home, some of his belongings would shift locations; some of his mail would be already opened; and there was always a familiar looking person dress in black in the same area where he was investigating. Over time, Rupert became paranoid about his investigation but needed to get this information out to the public. He created a secret, underground website where he posted all his clues and findings under a pen name. This website is a wiki-leak type site known as where users can post information and help each other to deduct information. This included medical records, family background, photographs, fingerprint analysis, notes and other investigative material. In order to increase exposure to this secret site, Rupert sent discrete messages to his other PI friends across the country. He knew he needed outside help to piece together this information. What he was uncovering is something not meant for the public and the government was getting a waft that someone was uncovering their secret defense project. With the help from the people across the country with the use of the internet, these people started to realize that the government was performing secret experiments on people and turning them into weapons. They did not know that these people were full clones with false identity and that there were many more of them across the US. Based on their analyses on the pills that Rupert, they discovered an interesting chemical compound that reacted uniquely to harmful chemicals. This group of people started to try to raise awareness of this to the public but the DoD proved to be effective in masking the movement in revealing this information. Meeting Damon Tiberius Ziegler is a secret agent working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) working on various missions around the world. From a thorough background check, he was carefully chosen as a participant in the Renatualization Program, which he has no knowledge of. To him this was another mission from the CIA. Damon Ziegler is assigned as a loving husband to a beautiful wife, Valentina. Valentina is a biological weapon created from Project GENE with memories and behavior of a working, married 28 year old woman. Damon task was to keep watch on Valentina and report any unusual behavior. He was also in charge in making sure that Valentina attends all her required doctor checkups. To Valentina, he is known as Tiberius and is a top marketing executive. He travels the world to meet the needs of his international clients. This cover allows him to still participate in international spy missions while living with Valentina without her having to become suspicious of his long absents from home. Their supposed first event together was a honeymoon in Hawaii. Many photographs were taken to fill a photo book to have physical evidence to accompany her memory of this time.

Comment [LJ4]: The start of them actually seeing each other was a honeymoon in Hawaii (this is the photograph that Valentina sees in the Dr. House) Helping to decorate the house, romantic moments that causes Tiberius to actually fall in love with Valentina

The first couple of month of this assignment was slow due to Valentina familiarizing herself with her new environment and understanding who she is and the job she was doing, as an accountant at a major bank. The daily doctor checkups continue to monitor her biological signs and tweak her memory to smooth out her adjustment to American society until all her assigned functions felt natural to her. Tiberius treated this as a real marriage. He took Valentina out to dinner, bought her presents, celebrated holidays and made love to her. Over the four years that they have been together, Damon suddenly fell in love with Valentina and create provision in place to protect her during uncertain times. The wedding ring he gave her is a two-way communicator between his ring and hers. This soon became a conflict of interest within Tiberius. Should continue to report on Valentina, reveal the secret to her, hide certain information about Valentina to the CIA or tell the CIA that he has been compromised. It has been a tough internal battle for Tiberius to win at. If he indicated anything to the CIA that he has been compromise, they will reassign him and he will lose the love of his life. If he reveal the secrets to Valentina, she might never want to see him again for hiding such important information from him. During this time Valentina been questioning on her need to constantly see the doctor and the burdens it brings on their relationship. However during her checkups, any signs that show abnormal thought patterns, such as questioning to see the doctor, are adjusted to keep her inline. This prevents her from questioning too deeply about the need to see the doctor. Her biological signs continue to appear at normal and stable states. Tiberius is partially aware that parts Valentinas memories are being reformatted or erased but believe this is part of the plan set by the CIA to protect her in case she has been capture by foreign agents. He does not truly understand the history of Valentina. Act Two Revelation Over time (around 2-3 years since the site was launched), the set up by Rupert has been gaining traction and the general public has been made aware of human clones. Not just that human clones have been created successfully but that many of them have been released in the public. There has been a growing concern about the clones since the investigation by Rupert and the P.I. show that these clones are not complete copies and that their genetics have been modified. Some have theorized that these clones may carry an infection and prove to be a threat to the health of the countrys people and to keep them in line. Others are pushing the government to comment on this development and demand that there be a panel to create rights for clones. Other view clones as just tools and are necessary for the national defense in protecting their children or shielding them for the horrors in fighting a war. Also during this time, an unprecedented amount of clones started to die before they can actually be used as a weapon. Their biological make up started to degrade and it could not maintain the balance of the chemical used for weapons and genes used to create the human anatomy. It proved that there still work to be done in during human clones into walking bioweapons as their life proved to be too short for deployment. The chatter is growing in the web sphere but is still kept silent on national television and major newspapers making some people doubt about these claims and other using it as a point of a government conspiracy. To the DoD, it is proving a problem as senators are demanding the DoD for answers and transparency on the problem. Other governments around the world are being brought to

attention to this development and the start of the secret Clone War begins. The DoD not wanting HIP to be exposed in congress or the public begin to execute a plan that would eliminate anybody associated with this project. The scientist, military, clones in development and secret service agents started to disappear. Break Tiberius was taking Valentina to a really fancy restaurant to celebrate their 4th anniversary of being married together. There was a terrorist attack at the restaurant causing Damon to reveal too much information about himself to Valentina as he saved them from the attack at the restaurant. He had to leave Valentina in a secret underground bunker where all his spy gadgets are located and went on to investigate on who were attacking them and why they were being attacked. Tiberius is unaware of the DoD plan of shutting down The Renaturalization Program under HIP due to the clones failing and public finding out more and more about the program through alternative means. Tiberius was suspecting that the attack was caused by foreign governments out to kidnap Valentina. He just believes that she is an important person that he was assigned to protect and a valuable target by foreign agents. He spends his time tracking down the agents after them and the reason for them being attacked. Journey Left alone in an underground bunker, Valentina walked through an underground tunnel that lead to a secret lab run by Dr. Quincy Pennyworth, a scientist that helps Tiberius in maintaining his gadgets and perform technical tasks to help with his missions. Dr. Pennyworth gave her a new identity to protect herself from being caught by the enemy. She is to be known as Michelle Kipling in the public eye. He cut her long hair and dyed it a light blond color transforming her appearance in addition in giving her fake Government Issued identifications. During her time there she discovers clues regarding her identity and true self. She also discovers the truth behind Tiberius and his profession as she lives in Dr. Pennyworths lab trying to find the next steps to take after being abandoned by Tiberius at the hidden underground bunker. At Dr. Pennyworths place, there are vacation pictures of Valentina and Tiberius and their honeymoon pictures during their time in Hawaii. There is also a large map of the world pinned to a corkboard with pins at various locations indicating the various mission locations. Tiberius was not the marketing working man that she believes he was. After a couple weeks, Valentina began to feel faint and losing energy. Dr. Pennyworth took her to a secret hospital to be checked out. He performed all of the medical analysis himself as he knew about HIP. To his surprised, Valentina was two weeks pregnant and the baby looked healthy. He did not hide this fact from Valentina and told her what was causing her medical problems. She was ecstatic about the news but felt sad that Tiberius was not there to hear the good news. Dr. Pennyworth became Mr. Kipling and took care of Valentina. They worked together to try to track down Tiberius. Knowing the inner workings of the CIA and the various secret organizations existing under the DoD, Dr. Pennyworth perform the balancing act of hiding and protecting Valentina while also continuing work with the CIA. He knew Valentina did not deserve to die and the sort of treatment they were performing on these clones, he finds horrific.
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Also Dr. Pennyworth was concerned about what the DoD would do when they find out she had a child. A human bomb who as the ability to procreate is an exciting and scary discovery however he knew her son would be locked up in a lab forever and horrific experiments will be performed on him just to solve the mystery of this phenomenon. Valentina son grew up to be healthy and smart. The CIA never suspected they were living with Dr. Pennyworth and did not come after them. Forget Tiberius has been traveling the country trying to find the answers to why there were people after him and his wife. He realized something was amiss when communication between him and the CIA became inconsistent and eventually nonexistent. He would call for backup or help but will always encounter foes instead. Fortunately due to his many years of being secret agents, he was able to escape this predicament and was thinking that these foreign agents were tapping into every single communication device he was using to contact the CIA. Over time he suspected that there might be a mole in the CIA that was passing along his location that allows these assailants to discover him. He is used to running a solo mission and be self sustaining. But things were not adding up. How did these people know exactly where he is? What he said. What he did. Tiberius limited his communication with the CIA and over time the organization became less and less trustworthy in Tiberiuss eyes. Eventually he headed back to New York City, the headquarters of the CIA to get to the bottom of this. He had to protect Valentina from both friend and foe and for some reason, the CIA wanted them dead. Tiberius infiltrated the CIA office and was surprised on how deep his mission actually was. Not all the information was at the headquarters but at laboratories across the nations. Through his detective work, he finds out that Valentina is not some important person who got her memory erased to protect her but a human clone with the capacity of murdering hundreds of people. But it went deeper than that. The devices used to erase, modify and create memories were created by his father. He always thought his father was just a regular doctor, not someone who will be working high up in the government. Apparently, according to the report his father originally created the device to cures Alzheimer but the DoD modified it and used it for their nefarious means. His father discovered what the DoD was doing with his invention that he erased his own memories and moved to a different state. However the DoD wasnt going to forgive Caspian for tampering with their progress so they kept a watchful eye on the Zeigler household. They had agents become false family friends in their new neighborhood. Tiberius recognized one of those agents. He remember him coming their home often and he played with him. It was this agent that introduced him to spy films, espionage and protecting ones country. He was the one who got Tiberius to become a secret agent, to experience the thrill of it and to protect his home. This was too much. He loved Valentina, but didnt know where she was. Her ring communicator was not working but could he go back to her and view her in the same light? He was married to a human bomb. Unable to handle all of this, he steals an earlier version of the Memory Crown from the laboratory; Tiberius "erased" his memories and gave himself a new identity under the name Marcus. He performs the operation at Central Park. However this process did not proceed to plan and he turns into an incomprehensible person. People in the park ignore him and he wanders around for days in tater
Comment [LJ7]: The journey of Tiberius finding out the truth of his father (by one of his co-workers), the truth of Valentina through his connections with the DoD. Gets a hold of the memory helmet and changes his identity. Lives in a mental Instruction

Comment [LJ8]: This name is from the First Writing Assignment: Lost Prosperity - it is being retro-fitted into the Zeigler Universe.

clothing. One day a doctor who works at a psychiatric ward took Tiberius in and tries to nurture him back. Reunion One day in the psychiatric ward, after eating pudding his care takers took him to the living space to watch some television. The news was reporting on a terrible car crash. They displayed a picture of the victim. Her face seemed so familiar to him. Flashback happened and came to realized it was Valentina, his long lost love. It took Tiberius awhile to figure out that he was in the ward being treated as a patient. The Memory Crown did not erase his memory but jumbled it up. Tiberius was still a little confused. All he knew was to see Valentina again. Tiberius went to the police station where Valentina's body was being processed. His attire was dirty and messy due to him rushing over to the station. He was extremely saddened by Valentina's death since he was not there to protect her. The police never let him near her body. There was not identification on Tiberius to prove his relation with Valentina and he looked like hobo. During this time was reunited with Dr. Pennyworth who came to claim Michelle Kipling body. It took awhile for Dr. Pennyworth to recognize that the tattered looking man was Daemon, the spy he worked with in the past. He took him in, cleaned him up and explained the situation. Dr. Pennyworth no longer works at the CIA, he has retired and only called once in awhile to be a consultant on their plans but is no longer aware of what is happening. Valentina has been extremely saddened when Tiberius left her. She did not know what to do and spent most of her time trying to track him down. Valentina thought she got a good clue and was tracing it down until she got into a car accident that ended her life. Dr. Pennyworth explained to Tiberius that he has been taking care of Valentina all this time hoping for their reunion. Unfortunately he was only able to discover her due to her death being broadcasted on television. Dr. Pennyworth wanted to tell Tiberius that he has a son but he promised the son to not tell him. The son wanted to meet Tiberius one on one and tell him himself. Future After the fall out of the reveal of HIP, Project GENE and the Renatualization Program there was outrage by the American public. There was nothing that the government could do to spin this in a positive light and the Terrorist Group, Independence, jumped at this opportunity to become the voice of anti government and transform itself into a political action committee (PAC). Valentina son has joined this PAC and moved himself up the ranks earning the position of Executive Director. However this did not completely legitimize Independence as it kept its terrorist connection which they used to manipulate the American public. Over time, Anarchy ensues across America and Independence began to take over the government from the inside by making deals and black mailing important political figures. Even some terrorist fighters infiltrated the ranks of the United States Military and took control of it. This has transformed the government into Kratocracy and the voice of the people became lost. The successor to Valentinas son started to use his wit and words to change the way the public views them and eventually created an air of supernaturalness to his name. Letting people know that he is of noble blood and was born into this world to help them. With the use of nationalism and emphasizing the importance of being
Comment [LJ9]: At the mental institution and sees Valentina on the screen (body on the road) from a tragic car crash. This makes him remember who he is and he goes to find her (where her body was taken). Finds out that he is a father (with a kid)

Comment [LJ10]: Have not figured out the sons name yet. Unsure if I actually want them to meet, something to be said about Tiberius dying before they actually meet (or he gets assassinated when he tries to meet his son since he joined the PAC that supports Independence) The government is still weary about allow independent being a ligitament party. Comment [LJ11]: Writing Assignment Four: The prince and princess Zieglers. Through the undoing of the DoD, the US government falls and the Zieglers are in power. The memory helmet is modified to be used as an entertainment device as it projects the user thoughts in space (so other people can see them)

united, he slowly deposes other members who were against his views and eventually they started to call him King of America. Many generations later this family is still considered to be royalty and his ancestors live in the sky due to heavy pollution on the Earths surface. All of the homes, parks, government buildings are on elevated platforms held up by a single sturdy steel pillar. One day, Prince and Princess Ziegler attended a performance with the use of the memory device which has been engineered to project dreams and thoughts instead of erasing them at an Opera House. A young female performer sits in the middle of the stage wearing the Memory Projection Crown projecting her dreams to the crowd. The Prince and Princess are sitting in the box seats but the thoughts of this young girl became real. The Tiger from her dream jumped into the crowd causing chaos in the Opera House. The Prince and Princess escaped with their flying carriage but the Princess had a similar crown to the young girl and threw it out the window. Epilogue Created by your imagination

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