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Cape u1 Ia Bookletii

Cape u1 Ia Bookletii

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Published by Nathan Elliot
Cape u1 Ia Bookletii 2013 cic
Cape u1 Ia Bookletii 2013 cic

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Published by: Nathan Elliot on May 28, 2013
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EXPERIMENT 8:- Focal Length of a convex lens (MM


Resonance (AI) .EXPERIMENT 9:.


EXPERIMENT 10:.Damped Oscillations (PD) .

Transverse waves (PD) .EXPERIMENT 11:.Diffraction Grating (PD) EXPERIMENT 12:.

05kg. 250g. This data will therefore be split into two sections: stretching and unstretching. .5mm. To measure data in this experiment. one can determine the amount of work done on the rubber band. and the amount of energy (in joules) lost by the band. The ruler should be accurate to ± 0. it can be noticed that the band does not behave exactly like a spring. A rubber band. The stretch should be recorded in meters. therefore. One should use a ruler (or some sort of straight edge) to find the position of the rubber band on the held ruler —this should be done to avoid parallax. The image (at the bottom) is a representation of the set up. 350g. the progression of masses went: 0g. etc. up to 1. 50g. The device holding the masses in this experiment had a mass of 50g.05kg have been added. Masses should be added to the band in increments of 100g. does not return to its exact original shape after being stretched. 150g.Hysteresis of rubber (ORR) Hysteresis and Rubber Bands Introduction When one performs a Hooke’s Law type experiment with a rubber band. This is an example of a phenomenon called hysteresis. masses should be added slowly and gently. By studying the relationship between the rubber band during stretching and unstretching. made of latex and rubber. Design A retort stand with clamp should be used to hold a ruler and rubber band. Once 1. masses should be removed in the same increments as they were added and the new stretch should be recorded.EXPERIMENT 13:.

Latent Heat of fusion (ORR) .EXPERIMENT 14:.

Thermal Conductivity of glass (AI) .EXPERIMENT 15:.

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