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The most famous building in your country

The hottest place you've ever visited

The happiest day of your life

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Your oldest relative

Superlatives Board Game

The longest you've gone without sleeping

The worst thing about learning English The best party you've ever been to

The longest you've gone without eating The most famous person you've ever met The biggest crowd of people you've ever seen The best film you've ever seen

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How to Play
Work in small groups. Take it in turns to throw the dice. When you land on a superlative square, you have to talk about the topic for 30 seconds without stopping. If you cant think of anything to say or stop talking before the 30 seconds are up, you have to move back to your previous square. The student who reaches the finish square first is the winner.

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The best thing about learning English

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The most expensive hotel you've stayed in. The best book you've ever read

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The most difficult exam you've ever taken The most embarrassing moment of your life

The thing you're most frightened of

The coldest place you've ever been to

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The most expensive restaurant you've ever been to

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The most expensive thing you've ever bought

The most exciting thing you've ever done