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guide for discipline
guide for discipline

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Published by: juanhuss on May 28, 2013
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LDSA Discipline

General Rules for Management & Control

Violent Conduct Threatening to kick, punch, head butt another player (no physical contact) Push, slap, trip, elbow, kick, chop or step on another player Physical Confrontation (no punches) 3rd man in a physical confrontation (no punches)

1st Offence 2 games 3 games 3 games 3 games

2nd Offence 4 games 6 games 6 games 6 games Hearing 10 games One year suspension. Hearing Hearing Hearing Hearing

Running the keeper (no attempt to avoid) 4 games Deliberate elbow, kick, punch, head butt, choking, hair pulling, chop, or step on another player (with intent to 5 games injure) On year Fighting (punches thrown) Instigator of fight suspension. 3rd man in a physical confrontation (punches thrown) Hearing Boarding (attempt to injure) Substitute entering field to join altercation Any OTHER violent conduct not listed Re-entering the field after ejection 8 games Hearing Hearing

Initial # of games x 2 1st Offence 2 games 2 games 2 games 2 games 3 games Hearing 1st Offence 2 games 1 Year 1st Offence 1 game 1 game 2nd Offence 3 games 3 games 3 games 3 games 6 games Hearing 2nd Offence 4 games DBH 2nd Offence 2 games 2 games

Serious Foul Play Dangerous Tackle Charging Push from behind Running the keeper (attempt to avoid) Reckless boarding (attempt to play ball, no intent to injure) INDOOR Any OTHER serious foul play not listed

Spitting Spitting Spitting at another player

Denying a Goal Scoring Opportunity By deliberately handling the ball By an offence punishable by a free kick or penalty kick

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http://www.asp/ID/18685/SID/2352 Foul/Abusive Language or Indecent Gesture At official or other (i.e. 'you are a f***** a******') At official or other (i.lloydsoccer.e. 'you are a terrible ref') At official or other (i.com/0000pg.e. more than 2 words/gestures) OTHER Foul/Abusive Language or Gesture not listed 1st Offence 1 game 2 games Hearing 2nd Offence 2 games 3 games Hearing 1 game per word Home | LDSA Info and Forms | Registration Information | Men's League | Ladies League | Co-ed League | Links | LDSA Discipline | Minutes Website Content Copyright © 2013 Cindy Powered by Big1Web Affiliated By Dynasoft Communications Inc 2 of 2 2013-05-27 21:37 .

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