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The HeliCoil M11x1.5 Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit is typically used in 4.0 and 4.

2 liter General Motors engines including Cadillac as well as many other imports such as Honda and Toyota. With this product, Heli-Coil offers the highest quality and most durable repair available to permanently restore stripped Head Bolt threads. This kit fulfills the need for the most cost effective means for every shop owner and do-it-yourselfer.

Call Emhart Teknologies Customer Service at (877) EMHART1 and request Heli-Coil Part Number 1130.

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Kit contains:

High Speed Steel Drill Bit High Speed Steel Tap Heli-Coil Installation Tool 12 Heli-Coil Stainless Steel Inserts

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M11 x 1.5 Head Bolt Thread Repair
Features & Benefits:
Extended reach installation
Americas Emhart Teknologies P.O. Box 859 50 Shelton Technology Center Shelton, CT 06484 USA Tel: (877) EMHART-1 Fax: (800) 225-5614 Canada: (514) 351-0330 Brazil: + 55 11 3871-6460 Mxico: + 52-55-5326-7100
2011 Emhart Teknologies

Aftermarket Products

Metric Head Bolt Thread Repair

Typically used in Cadillac, Honda, Toyota and other Import vehicles

Stop collar on tool controls the installation depth Custom length inserts (33mm) for proper Head Bolt engagement

AM231 Rev.2 (06/11)