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The Gift of Openness:

The generative mechanism of life, like the power of will or the will of desire, is rooted in love. Love, like Christ-Consciousness or the form of a woman, is what is sacred to man. Often, it seems to me like our relationship with the sacred is like that of warrior and tribe, or vagina and hurt-betrayal, rather than seeker and divinity, or solidarity and solitude. Recently, during sex, I felt like I was broken open in a way that made even violence seem holy, ecstatic, and purposeful.

Georges Bataille often wrote using the themes of destruction and madness to provoke an experience of beauty that went beyond the conceptual mesh we become entrenched in. In the moment of reflection, there is a simultaneous sense of remembrance and awakening as if the difference between truth and expression, or reality and representation is as subtle as the potential for self realization.

There is a link between loss, virginity, purity, and psyche. In the journey of the individual soul, it seems like empowerment and surrender go hand in hand while wisdom acts as selflessly as a fish swims, or a river streams, or immortalitys heart beats.

By Sofiya Hyder