Leadership and Motivation

An AGC Construction Learning Tool

Motivation • Learning Goals – motivational strategies that will improve the performance of your crews • Learning Objectives – identify three general motivation strategies – list specific items that motivate most workers – identify various personality types – use various strategies that capitalize on personality traits An AGC Construction Learning Tool .

General Motivational Strategies • Force – use coercive power – not the best way to motivate people • Enticement – have some reward power • Internal Motivation – comes from within a person – the same concepts will not internally motivate everyone – an effective supervisor can determine what internally motivates each crew member An AGC Construction Learning Tool .

Recognizing Personality Types • The Take-Charge type – readily accepts challenges. perpetually optimistic • The Steady-Eddie type – shows up everyday. accepts authority. • The Cooperative type – cooperates with everyone and focuses on getting the job done • The Happy-Go-Lucky type – enthusiastic. performs at a high level An AGC Construction Learning Tool . etc. solves problems. friendly. is creative. does the job.

Internal Motivational Techniques • Capitalize on strengths • Address weaknesses • Don’t overextend strengths • Job enlargement and enrichment An AGC Construction Learning Tool .

and short-term goals practicing corrective discipline implementing company policies An AGC Construction Learning Tool . “Leading Others” – Be sure you understand these key ideas: • • • • identifying core values setting long. Analyze using the information from this session • To Get Ready for Session 5 –Read Session 5.Using on the Job What You Learned Today • Jobsite Assignment – Identify one person with whom you have had some motivational problems on the job.

An AGC Construction Learning Tool .

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