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Science Process Skills Answer Key (Worksheet 111 and 120) Worksheet 111 1a) The faces of ring

magnets A and B which are facing each other are like poles. Hence, they repel, causing ring magnet A to float above ring magnet B. 1b) P N OR 1c) OR S (i) S (i) N Q S N R S N S N S T S N U N S

(ii) N (if P was N) (ii) S (if P was S)

2) There was a magnet in the tip of the flute and at the head of thecobra. When the tip of the flute was brought close to the head of the cobra, magnetic attraction occurred.

Worksheet 120 1a) A and B 1b) Repulsion was observed in Objects A and B. Only magnets can repel each other. 1c) C: iron D: plastic E: steel

1d) Objects C and E are magnetic material because they are attracted to magnets A and B but not to each other. Object D is a non-magnetic material because it does not interact with objects A, B, C and E. 2) A magnet has the ability to attract the unlike pole or repel the like pole of another magnet. However, a magnetic material can only be attracted to either poles of a magnet.