Insect Observation (10 points) Name Due January 24, 2011 Skim Hickman et al.

(2011) pages 413-415 (spiders, etc.) and 444-470 (insects). Locate an insect (not a spider!) and observe it for a while. What is the common name of the insect you observed? Describe its habitat. _______________________________________________________________________ Using complete sentences pose three testable hypotheses concerning the animal. An hypothesis is an educated guess. 1.



Typed on a separate page, explain how one of these hypotheses might be tested. In Biology you are expected to perform projects of your own design. Choosing an organism is often difficult. Part of your assignment is to visit a pet store or bait shop and inventory the animals that are for sale. This will help you in selecting experimental subjects. Bob’s Bait Bucket 2131 S. Chester is a great source. List common names of five living or dead vertebrates and five living or dead invertebrates (with the phylum in parenthesis) sold at the store you visited. Vertebrates:



Name the store you visited: 2 .

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