Teaching Aids: Interactive Whiteboard, Laptop and speaker. Resources: Smart Mathematics Textbook 5A.

Vocabulary: hundreds, thousands (revising the previous lesson) Date: 16th February 2009 Learning Goals:At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. Multiply by hundreds correctly. 2. Multiply by thousands correctly. 3. Solve word problems involving multiplication.

STAGES Set Induction (5 min)

CONTENT Read table of 6 • •

• Lesson Developme nt 1Phase 1 (10 min) Show presentation on topic “Multiplicatio n” (revising previous lesson) Develop their critical thinking, communicati on and computer skill by playing educational games on Maths. •

TEACHER’S ACTIVITY Pupils read table 6 together Teacher recall topic on multiplication by oral questioning. Group the pupils into 6. Explain by giving examples on multiplying numbers by tens, hundreds and thousands.

PUPIL ACTIVITY ’S • • Pupils read the table 6. They able to answer the question ask orally. Pupils sit together with their other group member. Pupils will pay attention. Pupils will be able to give their opinion. Pupils will be able to develop their critical thinking The students will be divided into six teams which have been named on previous lesson. They will be having a rematch on the interactive games. The first, second and third winners will be gathered in front of the classroom to receive a classroom claps (one of way of motivation) and photograph to be


IWB, Laptop, speaker, mouse

• • • •

IWB, Laptop, speaker, mouse

Lesson Developme nt 2Phase 2 (30 min)

Teacher will open a personal blog where few educational games are linked. On last week lesson, teacher found out that they were having difficulties in their timetable (multiplication). The edutainment will at least improve their problem solving skill. Teacher forms a quick competition by playing interactive games on the topic

IWB, Laptop, speaker, mouse


upload in teacher’s blog (another way of motivation Watch and motivated to do well on next class and learn timetables well.

Closure (5 min) Remaining 10 minutes are for backup time. NB:

Wall of fame (photograph)

Teacher shows last week 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners posted on personal blog.

IWB, Laptop, speaker, mouse

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