Stage: Subject

Lower Primary ICT

Year Date

3 16th February 2009

Lesson reflection feedback sheet
Basic Parts of Computer and its functions
Learning objectives
By the end of these lessons pupils will be able: 1. Able to identify different types of hardware such as camera, keyboard, mouse system units and etc. 2. Able to discuss the functions of each hardware (computer devices) during oral questioning in ICT term more than 65% correctly. 3. Able to contribute ideas during discussion with peers during group work’s exercise

Prompts for reflection: 1. What are you feelings about the lesson that you have just taught? In my opinion, the lesson helped pupils to recap their learned knowledge, skills and ideas on the functions of computers devices such as mouse, keyboard, monitor, system units, etc. They are expected to be able to discuss and explain on each peripheral correctly and in complete sentences. The target word vocabulary are such as type-in, display, stores, processes, cursor, etc. Therefore the lesson will help the students to develop their ICT skills (typing skills), writing and reading skills. They should able to work collaboratively with their partners to complete the given exercise. 2. If you taught the lesson again, is there anything you would change and why? I would like to show my students clearly on how to save a document and find it in their pendrives. For those who forgot to bring or didn’t have any pendrive at all, I should provide them with a floppy diskette. So in my next lesson, I should be aware of this problem. 3. Are there any areas you need to pay attention to? (If so, do you need any help? Ask the students who have a pendrive and who doesn’t have it before they start doing their work. So that I can provide and give them at least a floppy diskette in order for them to practise on how to save a document in external / secondary storage media.