We have a a preconceived notion that, the world in which we have brought our children is Bad and assume that

, we must defend and protect our children from any conceivable harm that is even remotely possible. In this context,let me tell you the 'Tale of Two Boys' from my school days, down the memory lane by more than 3 decades :During my early school days, one of my class mate , who incidentally used to stand first in the class would have his home work neatly done ,without ever giving any opportunity to the class teacher to complain against him. Rest of the class, used to have their own share of plight in that respect, including me. However, all of a sudden ,things took a u -turn for that boy :) incomplete home work, inability to answer the questions in the class, i mean it was as messy as my life now. Class teacher, habitual in giving the example of this boy to others, was in an embarrassing situation and i did not know how and where from the news leaked, that his father was not well and without any help from him , the boy became as dumb as me ( Although,i used to stand 3rd/4th in the class). The other boy, though unfortunate to have illiterate parents but was scoring good marks in the class in spite of lack of proper guidance at home ,continued to do well.However,we all knew that,he had a huge emotional support from his parents. Today he is a professor in one of the IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology) and our so called First Boy is a lecturer in a general college. Well, I was fortunate to manage admission in a Regional Engineering College and pulling on,as you can see ! I some time wonder, what would have happened , if the role had been reversed,i mean boy 1 with illiterate parents and the vice versa.Don't know ! Too complicated for me .You may think it over. Although our interference in the life caring, we must restrict ourselves to intuitive defensive mechanism to face temporary solutions designed by us, i of children is an expression of love and ensure that, they grow up naturally with the this world instead of the forcibly injected mean the PARENTS.

I believe ,the most important task for parents is to strike a Biological and Emotional synchronization with the children , to understand their need properly and then act accordingly.

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