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winter aboard windsong II


A SELECTION OF FAVORITE MEMORIES OF WINTER 2013 Photos by Sherry Galey and Bob Hussey

Dolphins playing in the Manatee Pocket Sherry Galey

Sunset on the canal beside the marina, HDR Sherry Galey

Windsong II at Mariner Cay Marina Bob Hussey

Sunrise at the marina Sherry Galey

Pelicans, Mariner Cay Marina Bob Hussey

Ibis Sherry Galey

Charles and Angus at Leo's house Sherry Galey

Charles and his shadow at the beach near the House of Refuge, Hutchinson Island Sherry Galey

Beach umbrella, Hutchinson Island beach, textured Sherry Galey

Pool reections, Mariner Cay Marina Sherry Galey

Sherry Times 3 Image: Bob Hussey Photoshop: Sherry Galey

Captain Flash and Bob Sherry Galey

Beach at sunset, Hutchinson Island, long exposure Sherry Galey

Marina in the morning Sherry Galey

Tree-ripened peach for breakfast, textured Sherry Galey

Food and drink on Windsong II, clockwise from top left St. Patrick's Day Irish soda bread Steaming morning coffee Grilled shrimp birthday dinner Sundowners (pain killers)

Roosevelt Bridge, evening, long exposure Sherry Galey

Sunset at Mariner Cay Marina Sherry Galey

Anonymous Valentine's message on dodger Sherry Galey