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Prophecy 2013 Sunshine Unfinished

Prophecy 2013 Sunshine Unfinished

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Published by Sunshine_Bacla_4275
a prophecy speech on the rise
a prophecy speech on the rise

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Published by: Sunshine_Bacla_4275 on May 28, 2013
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Finally! At Last! This is really is it! Hehe.

First of all, I would like to say "Thank You" and "I will always miss YOU" to my batchmates of class 20122013. I will always cherish all the memories (even the not so good ones). We did it guysez! ;) All the struggles in the four years (possibly even more) finally paid off. Now we can finally look back on those moments, smile and say "It was all WORTH IT!" :))

To "Besty" and "Sis": Thank you for the constant support and encouragement. Especially this year, I was able to have the strength to face all challenges because of your support and love. I still can't believe I was lucky enough to have friends like you. Thank you for listening to me vent my anger, chika my problems and share my kilig moments. Haha. With you guys there to keep me sane, I was able to survive those times when I felt the lowest of low. So, Thank You! You don't know how often I thank the Lord for blessing me with friends like you. I love you bes! I love you sis! <3 MwahMwahChupChup!!! ;*

To my PARENTS who've been with me through this journey, I know a simple THANK YOU is not enough to express how grateful I am for all the support and sacrifice you've made. Kung wala mo, for sure, I wouldn't be able to achieve what I have achieved now. Madz, thanks for the early wake up calls and De, thanks for the crazy-drives just to get me to school on time (Hehe.). Without these little things, I'm not sure if I could even survive these four years in college. :)) I may not say it much (kai dili man gud tah "showy" na family. hehe) but always know that I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! <3 I'm sorry for all my shortcomings as a daughter. I admit, I can be a little hard to deal with but still, you stood by me and loved me endlessly. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

To my BROTHERS (Mel & Jay): thanks to all your craziness, I was able to smile in those times where I felt the urge to cry because of soo much pain or frustration from school and from my friends. Although at times, you make me want to cry because of your stubbornness and oftentimes I feel hurt every time you call me "tapulan," "dugai mu mata," "arte," ug uban pa... still, know that despite the pain, I LOVE YOU BROs! That will never change... EVER! :) I apologize for my shortcomings as a Big Sister and for those times na... basta, kabalo namo.. HEHE. Pasaylu-a na lang ni inyong 'ate' kai usahay mu andar jud ni akong pagka-"krung2x". Please know na, I really am doing my best to change my ways to become a better person (an ate that you can be proud of). Sabta lang sa ko ninyo (especially karon) na mu-andar npd akong pagka-"krung2x" tungod sa frustrations in preparing for the board exam. :) Love you again BROs! :*

A special thanks also to the people who made my graduation day possible (aside from mom and dad) Mommy Guyang (Belated Happy Birthday!), Ate Areyat Abellanosa, Ate Mary Kathleen Abellanosa, and

* Finally. Really. and to face all the challenges which I know will make me stronger as a person. yeee. Lord. Thanks for everything! Dahil sa inyo. All these would not be possible without You. Lord.. Lord Thank You for all the blessings and the love you constantly shower upon me. Hahaha. to the Almighty Father. hahaha. to stand back up after every fall. LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! and I MISSHOOO MUCHH!! .. I know this is not the end of my journey. Thank You for giving me the courage to keep on fighting. I'm sorry if I can't reply sometimes. just because you miss me.. I offer all of it in Your Name. Kiber ko sa kanila. nakasmile ako sa cellphone ko na parang tanga habang hinahayaang isipin ng mga tao na nababaliw na ang babaeng ito. I will still have more challenges to come in the future but I also know that with You by my side. THANK YOU! <3 ^_^ . Haha.. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! <3 Mwah! Special mention pud ko sa akong hyskul besties (candz and jess): salamat sa walang sawang suporta. I was able to buy my shoes on time. ka-gilok. Thank You.Ate Marianne Abellanosa. thanks for the unexpected texts jess. I will be alright.. hahaha. All the things that I have achieved. Thank You for the guidance especially in those times I felt like I was all alone.. Na-GGB guro ko at that time. Pero. Basta! Willing akong magmukang tanga para sa taong mahalaga sa akin. Hehe. thanks for the constant support and for worrying about me everytime na mag-gemagema ko sa akong mga GM.

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