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January 2009


Hi Sam! How are you? Thanks for your letter, I really liked it. I’m very glad to hear that you are going to the United States with my summer family. I would like to explain my trip, my experience. Everything started when my parents told me that I could take a magnific trip to another country. I set off on my trip the first weekend of July, I was very excited because it was my first trip of the year and also was the first time that I caught a plane. When the plane took off I was afraid. When I arrived in the United States of America a strange family was waiting for me. They took me to their house and it was really strange. I broke down crying because I was alone in another country. At first I was shy and the family spoke but I didn’t answer. I was very well attended by the family and I could see that their appearance was strange but they were fantastic people, they cared and always gave me the best. My parents phoned me often and they could see that I was very happy. In the morning I was in a private high school where we could speak English, every day, after the I went to have lunch with the family. I found out that they have a lot of money and they always took me to different expensive restaurants of the city. I always visited a lot of places and every day I came across new things. It was a fantastic trip, I want to repeat it this summer and I hope that we stay together. Keep in touch! Love Laura XXX

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