Peizheng Tales Synopsis

Peizheng Tales Series Books 1-4 Contents

·18 Lessons focused on speaking English and discussion skills. Each Lesson is made up of three parts. • The use of the “Three Word” psychology technique of creating an image from 3 power words. Students create their own short stories based on these words and share them with the class. • 12 IELTS/TOEFL style topics for a “Speed Dating” type exercise where students try to cover as many topics with as many other students as possible in a limited amount of time. • A story about a “Harry Potter” like Peizheng College. The students read a short story and then discuss the events in the story and if they are relevant in today’s world.

Provide an easy way for ESL students to practice and improve their speaking skills in a group environment and to help them speak more fluently.

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